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A joint or articulation (or articular surface) is the connection made between bones in the body which link the skeletal system into a functional whole. They are constructed to allow for different degrees and types of movement. Some joints, such as the knee, elbow, and shoulder, are self-lubricating, almost frictionless, and are able to withstand compression and maintain heavy loads while still executing smooth and precise movements. Other joints such as sutures between the bones of the skull permit very little movement (only during birth) in order to protect the brain and the sense organs. The connection between a tooth and the jawbone is also called a joint, and is described as a fibrous joint known as a gomphosis. Joints are classified both structurally and functionally.

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  1. A

    Clear slime and black bacteria seeping out of kitchen mixer joints

    My mother has been away on holiday for a few weeks and she has a kitchen mixer tap that has a very slow drip nothing significant - been like that for a couple of years. The mixer has a a long spout that can be rotated between sink and drain bowl. She left the house meticulously clean. I came to...
  2. A

    Banging Pipes, blowing off joints HELP!

    So house 4 years old. In that time had 7 pipes burst. Builder fixed first one, blaming cylinder not being serviced. Over the 3 years another 2 went. Builder not interested as out of 2 year cover. Nov last year another went. Plumber came and fixed, said looks like shoddy installation. No sooner...
  3. M

    Old joints are leaking, sealed with hemp - dried out ?

    Hello, I am new to this forum and have a question about some old plumbing around a hot water cylinder. The hot water cylinder wasn't used for 14 years and all pipes were drained. Turned the water to the hot water cylinder on and it seems that all joints on the copper tubing around the cylinder...
  4. M

    Captive compression joints

    Had a replacement boiler fitted 3 days ago. National supplier who subcontracted out to a regional Plumbing Company who sub-contracted it again to a smaller firm. Fitter was Gas Safe registered but the quality of his workmanship was poor. He worked flat out but by 8.30pm he was rushing to...
  5. Roy_66

    Soldered Joints Rough / Grainy Finish at top of Joint (Lead free Solder & Mapp)

    Some pictures first to illustrate my Question (I understand as new poster I can't yet put them in direct). Outside picture: Photo by Roy_6666 And cut open (this is topside): Photo by Roy_6666 Can anyone give me view please on how to get better (smoother) soldered 15mm joints (I'm doing my...
  6. T

    Outside pipework and connections

    Firstly, Im not a plumber but like to tackle anything in my own house. I want to plumb in a USA type fridge to the cold water supply in the kitchen. The floor is tiled and i dont want to lift them. The best route is outside through the kitchen wall under the sink.... under the decking fir...
  7. J

    old blue plastic 15mm pipe with glued joints?

    Hi all, My customer would like new kitchen taps. The hot is piped in copper. But the cold is piped in an old, blue plastic 15mm pipe with glued joints. A previous plumber has warned her the pipe is old, cheap and brittle, with a high chance of cracking and leaking. To change the tap, he'd need...
  8. J

    PTF Tape and Compression Joints

    Can anyone tell me whether PTF tape used on a compression fitting would degenerate? Also, where a plumber undoes the nut on one end of a compression joint is it correct that the connection at the other end of the joint will NEVER in any way be disturbed? The above queries may sound a bit odd...
  9. B

    Weep free compression joints everyone??

    Hi guys this is my first post. I was wondering what people think the best way to get compression joints on potable water leak free every time sometimes I get weeps on ballafix valves. Cheers rob
  10. S

    Solder joints.

    Hi, I recently had some work done in my house and had to ask the first set of builders to leave part way through the project, a second company completed the work. After discussions with the new plumbers, we decided that the plumbing work done by the first firm had to be redone. They carried out...
  11. B

    22mm Compression to 1/4bsp

    Hi all I've been trying to find a 22mm Compression to 1/4bsp fitting for my garage compressor installation. Do they even exist? I can't seem to find one anywhere. I know I can use a 1/2 to 1/4 adapter but I would like to eliminate as many joints as possible. Cheers
  12. Best

    How to solder vertical joints

    Have a laugh at this video teaching you how to solder a vertical joint properly. Amazing how some people are so confident and think they can use their expertise to enlighten others. Seems I have been doing it all wrong. :smile: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=cHjFOTGueQc
  13. R

    Compression Joints

    Working with a contract heating engineer today and a couple of his rad valves had minor leaks. I attempted to nip them up but they were so tight I couldn't. I removed one of the TRVs and the copper had been severely crushed. I then tried telling him that he was overdoing it and it really...
  14. D

    slight leak from bath tap tail connector

    Hi, Noticed slight black water stain on edge of ceiling and top of wallpaper in lounge. Identified this as directly beneath bath on upper floor Removed bath panel and could see slight leak from hot tap pipe where it connects to tap tail.(furthest away and hardest to get to). I am...
  15. R

    smelly joints?

    I dont mean to sound like a ponse, but the smell of jointing compound just doesnt wash off easily for me. I'm talking that typical type that you have to mix that top layer of fluid in between uses.. What brand / type is there that doesnt have that bloody smell ?
  16. N

    Asbestos flue on Warm Air

    I recently called a local gas engineer to service my warm air heating and issue a new gas safety certificate. One of the engineers put a smoke pellet into the heating system and looked into the loft. He came down saying there was some smoke escaping into the loft from the flue somewhere in...
  17. C

    Possible soldered joint issue?

    Hi guys Just inspecting another bit of work I recently had done and I've noticed that one of the soldered joints that were done has quite a bit of extra solder spilling out of the joint, just looks a bit messy/raggy if that makes sense.. all looks full of solder but not nice and smooth like...
  18. W

    What tape for sealing flue pipe joints?

    Hi there, I was just wondering what sort of tape would be used when sealing the joints to a metal flue pipe system? Would closure plate tape be enough or do you need foil tape? Cheers in advance :-)
  19. D

    How to fix FloPlast PE-X Barrier Pipe leaking joints (elbows)

    Dear All, Recently installed two new radiators at home with FlowPlast PE-X Barrier pipes under concrete floor. at the time of testing one of joint (Pipe/Elbow) leaked , so i replaced both inserts and elbow, but still worry me ,what would happen if that happen again? as I will be using...
  20. R

    Bathroom waste - unsure of where to put sealant?

    Hi, I am new to the forum and wondered if anyone had any advice on how to seal my new bath trap to the bath. I'm a keen DIY'er but have attended a few plumbing courses, but I have to admit I am scratching my head a bit on where to put the sealant. Its a Duravit bath and waste. There...
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