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A social issue is a problem that affects many people within a society. It is a group of common problems in present-day society and ones that many people strive to solve. It is often the consequence of factors extending beyond an individual's control. Social issues are the source of conflicting opinions on the grounds of what is perceived as morally correct or incorrect personal life or interpersonal social life decisions. Social issues are distinguished from economic issues; however, some issues (such as immigration) have both social and economic aspects. Some issues do not fall into either category, such as warfare.
There can be disagreements about what social issues are worth solving, or which should take precedence. Different individuals and different societies have different perceptions. In Rights of Man and Common Sense, Thomas Paine addresses the individual's duty to "allow the same rights to others as we allow ourselves." The failure to do so causes the creation of a social issue.
There are a variety of methods people use to combat social issues. Some people vote for leaders in a democracy to advance their ideals. Outside the political process, people donate or share their time, money, energy, or other resources. This often takes the form of volunteering. Nonprofit organizationss are often formed for the sole purpose of solving a social issue. Community organizing involves gathering people together for a common purpose.
A distinct but related meaning of the term "social issue" (used particularly in the United States) refers to topics of national political interest, over which the public is deeply divided and which are the subject of intense partisan advocacy, debate, and voting. In this case "social issue" does not necessarily refer to an ill to be solved, but rather a topic to be discussed.

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  1. M

    Toilet syphon nut split issue

    Hi I recently fitted a brand new Macdee syphon into a toilet and 4 weeks later it is broken at the nut which allows it to be serviced. When pulling the handle to flush the toilet I did notice flex in the unit but not alot. Is this a common issue to happen with newer 2 part (serviceable...
  2. jammersp67

    Google Nest E and Worcester 32CDI issue

    Hi all, The Nest E has been installed and working fine for 2 years now. I have a worcester 32CDI Combi about 5 years old. The last day or so, the boiler hasn't been firing up on schedule, so i have investigated and this is what happens; When I click the thermostat up to 19deg's or when it...
  3. M

    Kitchen sink trap/space saving issue?

    Hi all. Any suggestions on what trap/fittings to use on a sink as I need to turn 90degrees as soon as I can? The sink is moving into a unit with space very limited and I can’t just core a new hole. I’ve found a few bits but nothing I can get over the counter at a merchants. Cheers folks
  4. D

    betacom 4 24c problem

    Hi, my Betacom boiler stopped working a few days ago and showed the error message F.28, I tried defrosting the condensate pipe then resetting the boiler and got the same error after about two hours. Then I took the condensate pipe out and let the boiler drip into a bucket, then reset the boiler...
  5. Harper1977

    TP9000 connection to boiler issue

    Hi all, hope your well, been reading some of your answers and you are very helpful, maybe you might be able to help us, I also have the TP9000 programmable thermostat in our kitchen, (new build) and also a thermostat in the main bedroom, I've just got back from a weekend away and found that the...
  6. M

    WB Greenstar Intermittent lockout issue

    We have an outdoor Worcester Bosch Greenstar 25/32 Oil Fired Combi. We are getting a random lockout fault, code 855 9F. Pushing reset sorts it for a while sometimes an hour sometimes 4 hours. I can't get hold of the engineer that installed it. Is there anything I could try until he responds...
  7. Alex1986

    Water pipe running / noise issue

    Hi, I've had an on going issue for over a year now and can't seem to get an answer. Hopefully can get some more information from the forum. If I use the cold or hot water taps in my kitchen or bathroom, 10, 20, maybe 30 mins later it sounds as if the pipes have water running through them, as if...
  8. F

    Ideal 25kw combi boiler issue No heating Just hot water

    I wish to thank the boiler guy for disconnecting Hive for me from the combi boiler. You did a wonderful job of cutting off the heating bit, so now I cannot heat the house but still have lovely hot water coming out of the taps, So luckily I have moved my 76-year-old father out of the house. Turns...
  9. P

    Baxi 105e strange issue, for me

    I’m sure the gurus on here will have an idea what is going on with this boiler. Well boiler suddenly switches off, no ch or dhw, but main power light on no error lights etc. so check all usual suspects all fine, but, check across reset switch and output appears as about 24 volts when I/p to...
  10. Hkphooey

    Weird Hive issue with scheduling

    Hi guys Weird one this, when boiler is firing and heating water if my scheduled rad heating come on also it doesn't heat my rads... BUT here's the weird part if I BOOST the heating the at same time scheduled water is on then it works?
  11. Hkphooey

    Potterton boiler reset issue

    Hi guys I'm having a nightmare at the moment with lazy Homecare BG engineers but that's another story. I'm pretty competent, so looking for a bit of guidance. I have a fsb 30, yes Ive heard all the stuff about these being rubbish. it kind of works ok BUT lately (after a so called BG fix)...
  12. S

    Issue fitting replacement door & frame

    I have a Neo-Angle shower tray, … imagine an oblong with corner cut at 45 degree It’s 1.2m x 0.9m The ‘Roman’ shower door has failed, the only shower door that fits this tray is a now a ‘Roman’ glass frameless style. Ordered it and I have hit a problem Installation is by fixing the vertical...
  13. C

    Issue with oil fired central heating

    Hi. Currently experiencing an issue with our oil fired central heating system. When CH/HW is switched on, the central heating does not always work - the hot water does however without fail. We had the timer set to come on last night but alas, only the H/W came on. After a couple of hours of...
  14. S

    Head scratcher of an issue with CH

    Hi there, I recently replaced a dead central heating pump in my home, so drained down the system completely, fitted new pump and filled up. What I'm experiencing now is a periodic bubbling noise, it starts in the hot water cylinder and makes its way to the boiler which in turn starts making...
  15. K

    Viessmann Vitodens 200-W B2HA heating issue

    Hello! I have a large house, 20 radiators + UFH. Heated house area is about 350 m2. House is class B, it is written in the certificate that house requires 73 kWh(m2/year) for heating. I had my system fully upgraded last year, installed new Vitodens 200-W 49 kW (B2HA) model with Vitotronic 200...
  16. cloudsix

    Unique plumbing issue in a 300-400 year old house

    Hey all, I'm hoping someone might have some unique ideas for me. The Issue We live in a house built in the 1600s. The plumbing has obviously been added to over time. Occasionally, we get a sewage smell from our kitchen sink (when the dishwasher first runs), our upstairs ensuite sink/show...
  17. S

    Vaillant Turbomax ignition issue - but only in the evening

    My ancient Vaillant Turbomax has been operating perfectly for the last few years but this week on Monday night I had no hot water or heating. I switched the boiler off and back on and all was fine again. The system is on a Honeywell system which switches the heating on in the morning for half...
  18. C

    Plumber warranty issue

    Looking for some advice a plumber supplied and fitted a new shower pump 13 months past. The pump has failed and despite it having a two year manufacturer warranty the plumber does not want to know and to quote him "it only has a 3 month warranty max in terms of their liability" They even tried...
  19. L

    New Bathroom Mixer Taps are creating a Water Hammer Issue

    We are renovating our upstairs bathrooms and there is an issue with shutting off the new mixer fittings - all six of them. The matter is holding up progress though it seems no one knows what to do. We built our home about 28 years ago. The only mixer we installed was in the kitchen, all the...
  20. A

    Viessmann vitodens 50 hot water issue

    Hi. I have a viesmanm vitodens 50 but I've noticed it's behavior change recently I think. When running a bath for example, the boiler will fire up and start providing hot water as expected. The temp on the boiler display climbs steadily to about 85 degrees with the burner indicator showing 5...
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