Intermittent fasting, also known as intermittent energy restriction, is any of various meal timing schedules that cycle between voluntary fasting (or reduced calorie intake) and non-fasting over a given period. Methods of intermittent fasting include alternate-day fasting, periodic fasting, and daily time-restricted feeding.Intermittent fasting may have similar effects to a calorie-restriction diet, and has been studied in the 21st century as a practice to possibly reduce the risk of diet-related diseases, such as metabolic syndrome.
The American Heart Association stated in 2017 that intermittent fasting may produce weight loss, reduce insulin resistance, and lower the risk of cardiometabolic diseases, although its long-term sustainability is unknown.
A 2019 review concluded that intermittent fasting may help with obesity, insulin resistance, dyslipidemia, hypertension, and inflammation.Adverse effects of intermittent fasting have not been comprehensively studied, leading some academics to point out its risk as a dietary fad. The US National Institute on Aging stated in 2018 that there is insufficient evidence to recommend intermittent fasting, and encourages speaking to one's healthcare provider about the benefits and risks before making any significant changes to one's eating pattern.Fasting exists in various religious practices, including Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, and Judaism.

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  1. K

    Main 24HE constantly cutting out and firing back up on HW and Heating and intermittent flame failure light.

    I am having a problem with my main 24he boiler where the flame is constantly clicking on and off with the heating and when using hot water. Some times the flame failure light comes on but it ignites again after a few seconds. The plumber has changed a couple of sensors on the boiler and checked...
  2. E

    Intermittent fault on Y plan

    Customer complains of Intermittent heating on Y plan with Stat satisfied. New boiler fitted last year (no permanent live required or fitted previously) on an existing Y plan system. Existing timer was a Randall 103 (no hot water off position as its a timer not a programmer). The customer wanted...
  3. S

    URGENT Intermittent clunking noise in or near water softener

    Noise seems to stop when softener is bypassed, not 100% certain. Noise is intermittent, a thwack/thump we can feel in the inlet pipe. It's only for a few hours a day, and never when water is running. Harvey's water softener is 4 years old and water is from mains, not a tank. Salt is not blocked...
  4. C

    Intermittent heating fault

    Hi Wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction please. We have an old traditional old Potterton E50 boiler with an old Honeywell time switch and a more recent Salus wireless thermostat. I have completely powered down and re-set the Honeywell and Salus a couple of times and...
  5. P

    Intermittent hot water problem wb combi

    WB combi has recently had it's annual service. It has been working reliably up to that point for many years. Now we keep losing hot water - temps on boiler increase over 100 on the display and it shuts down heat. Engineer claims it's coincidental and must be a blocked heat exchanger that has...
  6. M

    WB Greenstar Intermittent lockout issue

    We have an outdoor Worcester Bosch Greenstar 25/32 Oil Fired Combi. We are getting a random lockout fault, code 855 9F. Pushing reset sorts it for a while sometimes an hour sometimes 4 hours. I can't get hold of the engineer that installed it. Is there anything I could try until he responds...
  7. Fluke67

    Baffled by intermittent running CH pump on Heatslave 15/19

    Hi hoping someone can help with this as its beginning to drive me nuts. Boiler generally well serviced and working fine, no problems with DHW. Central heating recently began to occasionally fire up as normal and run until it reached temperature set by flow control thermostat at which point...
  8. E

    Ideal Logic +18, intermittent fault

    Have an Ideal Logic + 18 with intermittent fault. When on demand the display constantly changes from O to C but burner doesn’t start. Can fix by switching Off then On again, but this only lasts for a day or two. As it’s an intermittent fault I’m reluctant to call out an Engineer. Any ideas?
  9. F

    Intermittent smell from toilet

    Hi all We've been experiencing an intermittent smell from our downstairs toilet for the last few months. We've tried replacing the pan connector and have had a CCTV inspection on the drain, but the problem persists. Last week I removed the toilet again and disconnected the sink trap. Both have...
  10. N

    What can cause intermittent flow on hot tap?

    Can anyone advise? The problem is on a hot tap (not as the cold tap as shown) - the water intermittently stops and then goes to a trickle - turning the tap on and off the water then starts again - the next day it goes back to a trickle. I don't think it can be an airlock - is there a mechanism...
  11. P

    Intermittent Hot water issue with Worcester Bosch Greenstar 35 CDI

    I have a 16 year-old Worcester Bosch Greenstar 35 CDi combi boiler, which is recently suffering from intermittent issues with the hot water. I usually get the shout from a family member who’s in the shower and found there’s no hot water. If I’m near the boiler when this happens, I can see the...
  12. L

    Ideal boiler code FU intermittent..

    I have a 4 years old Ideal boiler not a combi but a indirect heating boiler not sure if the model is a "Logic" or what. Anyway after being away for the Winter Nov - May boiler ran well then after a couple of weeks we had a clanging noise after the heating cut off & the boiler screen showed the...
  13. S

    Ideal Isar HE35 Intermittent cut out

    Hi Guys, Jus had a quick question, had a customer call me saying there is no hot water or CH and boiler is flashing L8. Had a look at the MI troubleshooting page which said could be fan error, pcb error or wiring harness. Disconnected the fan connector and was not getting the nominal 330 V DC...
  14. M

    Intermittent bad smell

    Hi I have an intermittent bad smell that's really hard to pin down, I was wondering if I could get your thoughts on it. I can go months without smelling that sulphur smell and then one day it kicks in. Sometimes its really faint, others its strong and lingers. I never know when it will stop...
  15. C

    Leak hard to find - possible pressure issue?

    Hi all Totally new to this forum and hoping for some guidance. Two weeks ago we noticed a brown stain on our kitchen ceiling. Above it is the bathroom and airing cupboard where our hot water tank is. We have a closed system. The pressure had dropped on our boiler and so we topped it up (have...
  16. R

    Rayburn 499k intermittent lockout.

    This Rayburn 499k is serviced regularly. Individual components tested but goes into 'lock out'. It fires immediately when illuminated button pressed on control. There is no pattern to when lockout occurs. It may be several times a day or several days. Any ideas Anyone?
  17. C

    intermittent discharge from the PRV from my Vokera28

    the problem only occurs when the heating is on OVO engineer came and declared it to be a choked heat exchanger and choked hoses, he cant do anything as the insurance doesnt cover sludge. I'm sceptical as there is no shortage of heating, but there is a reduction in hot water temp. My view is...
  18. A

    Ferroli Moderna 102 CH intermittent - help needed

    I have a customer who’s Moderna 102 has been working well until recently. About a week ago the CH would occasionally not come on. The HW is working fine. The customer says the temperature control switch on the front of the boiler doesn’t make as satisfying click as it used to when you move it...
  19. N

    IDEAL ICOS HE24 intermittent LF code

    Hi All I know I know ... another HE24 LF code problem. Fix is replace boiler ;-) My problem is slightly different to other posts I've been reading in that the boiler works fine for 95% of the time. It will often go a few days then we get the LF code. We hit reset and it always always...
  20. P

    Worcester boiler makes intermittent rumbling noises

    Our boiler makes these very loud rumbling noises every 2-3 minutes. We're quite used to them now but they have become a lot more regular over the past year or so (it only used to happen once every half an hour or so) and they can be quite annoying. Our boiler is a Worcester Greenstar 24I Junior...
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