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  1. D

    How do I repressurize my boiler (Intergas kompakt hre) ?

    edit: found the way to connect the hose to the regular tap. Dear everyone, I am trying to figure out how to add pressure to the boiler. I've read the manuals online and this is what I found: Connect filler hose to cold water tap and fill hose with water until no air bubbles present. Connect...
  2. V

    UFH heat starvation?

    Hello guys. I am having a number of issues with my Central Heating system. It was commissioned in July 2019 whereby the heating was not turning on (via the room stats) due to the summer weather understandbly. I only noticed these problems in the winter when my heating expectations were not...
  3. H

    Use of an Intergas Xclusive24 on O.V systems

    Hello Can the Intergas Xclusive 24 boiler be used on an Open Vented system - I've been guided to the fact that the ''X'' and Echo RF ranges can only be used on a pressurized/closed system
  4. G

    Intergas boiler thoughts

    We heard about Intergas boilers from a family member who has just had one installed. The gas fitter he used raves about them saying how reliable they are. What are you forum members thoughts on them? . Only having 4 moving parts is appealing. The Rapid 32 model looks good value at around £700...
  5. S

    I've settled on an Intergas boiler.

    I have posted a few times, mainly regarding my indecision to go for either an Ideal or an Intergas open vent boiler. Having taken note of comments here and having, today, visited [with my installer] a local Plumbase shop to see the area Representative/Contracts Manager displaying an Xclusive...
  6. T

    Flow rate on Intergas Boiler

    Hi I am thinking about buying a small intergas boiler. The HRE 24/18. It is a 17kw boiler but the house i rent out is a 2 bed terrace. It has a bathroom with bath and a shower over it run off the boiler. My concern is the low Flow rate on this boiler. Has anyone had any issues with it .
  7. S

    INTERGAS. Use of Fitting Kit / Offset Flue on an HRE Open Vent boiler

    Hello, from South Devon. Firstly - I'm not a Gas Safe RGI. I'm considering my options to replace a 23 year old |Ideal Classic FanFare 50,000 kw open vent boiler which works OK but could well terminally fail and I want to be prepared (I'm thinking another fan, gas valve or PCB would be the last...
  8. DjClubber

    INTERGAS HRE 28/24 Combi

    Admit, not any experience with these but am really disappointed with them. Called out to rectify Hot Water going Hot then Cold, was thinking Plate and usual Boiler. Then get there no Plate and conversation with Intergas Tech stating only way to get working is hook up a Power Flush to the Hot...
  9. M

    Help: Intergas Boiler: Has my filling loop been installed

    Hi All. We've woken up this morning to zero hot water and my diagnosis is that the (Intergas HRE Compact SB) boiler needs to be repressurised. (It's only a year since install, so I'm a bit surprised but...) We didn't have a lot of handover from the installer and, having taken a look, I'm...
  10. J

    Intergas HRE 28/24 Combi boiler on Melamine/Ply board?

    Hi all, I have tried to email Intergas about this and they still haven't got back to me!! I have a plumber installing a new boiler and want to know if i need to remove the melamine board the previous boiler was on and fit a ply board then cover with plasterboard to get over the combustible...
  11. S

    Is this a good partnership Honeywell Evo Home and Intergas

    Hi All I have a Honeywell Evo home in my house. It's connected to an 11 year old Potterton Gold HE28 system boiler and unvented Cylinder. The house is a solid brick house with a rear extension and loft . 5 bed , 4 bathrooms around 3000 square feet. The rooms retain heat at different rates...
  12. R

    Intergas Boilers flue integrity

    Do the newer intergas boilers have air / flue integrity test point on the flue. The last one I got didn't but I was told they were planning to change the design.
  13. F

    intergas or viessmann? Maybe something else!?

    So, I need a system boiler. 5 bed, 2 bathroom, 3 underfloor zones(25sq m/26sq m / 12 sqm), 2 radiator zones(upper and lower), hot water(mains pressure 250ltr oso). I was looking at a viessmann, then an ideal gen2, however have been looking into the intergas system boilers. Are they that good...
  14. king of pipes

    Intergas intouch installer app

    Anyone downloaded this app and registerd on It asks you to enter coc number any ideas what that is ? Any advice welcomed cheers kop
  15. R

    Intergas Combi Boilers

    I've just installed an intergas 36kw RF and up until today i've never come across one. I was impressed on the simplicity of the install but there doesn't seem to be a lot to them. I'm looking at changing from Worcestor to another brand because they are getting very expensive and its getting...
  16. T

    Intergas Kombi Kompakt HR 36 / 30 - really a problem?

    Hi, An engineer came to do a service of the boiler in a house I bought last year. It's the first service I've done of a boiler that is about 8 years old I think. The boiler has had previous services as per manufacturer recommendation. The bloke who came took about ten minutes to tell me...
  17. P

    Intergas boiler and Nest Thermostat

    Hi, hope this is the right place for this question. I've got an Intergas Combi Compact HRE 28/24 and have just had a Nest Pro installer in to put in the third generation thermostat. The Nest is wired into the boiler and there is no other thermostat but the boiler is ignoring it and just...
  18. king of pipes

    Intergas demonstration

    Attending a demonstration of their boilers tonight dont know anything about them some installers love em some not so keen my only experience is back up and parts can be expensive and a pain to get sorted , anything else i should be asking cheers kop
  19. T

    Intergas boiler fault

    Oh dear My thread was closed by the closed minded moderator and the nonsense that I need a 'Registered Professional Gas Engineer' engineer to answer a question. I have never met a more arrogant bunch of knuckle draggers as you lot who tar everyone with the same brush. Forum? my arse it's a closed shop for people who can't get...
  20. B

    Intergas boiler- automatic bypass

    Hi all, I'll be installing my first intergas boiler and wanted to know if it comes with a built in automatic bypass or will i have to install one bearing in that the radiator in the hallway will have no trv as that's where the roomstat will be installed. also, will 1 bypass suffice where you...

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