1. Lou

    Have you ever installed a double toilet cubicle?

    I recently visited one and was amazed! Got me wondering if anyone on here had installed one and what your thoughts are on them?
  2. VirtuosicVirtuoso

    Newly installed immersion heater suddenly stopped working after a week. What could be the issue?

    I've recently replaced an immersion heater for a direct cylinder, for 2.75-3kW. The new one seemed to be working a week before I got a callback. I checked the resistance of the immersion heater, and it read 19ohms, and the voltage on the live and neutral read 230V, but there was no humming or...
  3. F

    Replacing an installed megaflow system with a combi-boiler when current boiler needs replacing

    Home owner looking for some advice pls. We have a megaflow system which we are considering removing as the tank takes up a lot of space and we don’t find we are using more than one shower or bath at a time. Our plan is to do this when the current boiler needs replacing (probably in the next...
  4. RenzoPan

    Was my smart thermostat installed incorrectly? Or what is the issue?

    When I set it to be on via phone, light A comes on (telling it to be on), but light B won’t come on, so the boiler doesn’t start. I either need to set A on and off several times via phone, or turn it off and on again via switch (C). When I set the water to be on, it works instead, and green...
  5. W

    Can I have single zone central heating when pipe installed for 2 zone?

    A bit of clarification - I have extended a 3 bedroom semi detached and at the time central heating pipes were going in I told the plumber could I have 2 zones - one for bedrooms upstairs and another for the living areas downstairs. Now the plastering has been finished and I am costing the combi...
  6. C

    Water Hammer after new bathroom installed

    Hi I've recently had a new bathroom installed. I've noticed when I flush the downstairs loo there was a hammer type noise under the bathroom floor when the cold feed for the loo turned off/ same with the washing machine. So I turned off the mains water supply. Opened the highest tap first...
  7. I

    new property, iFlow + navian installed incorrectly?

    I have a Navian boiler with an iFlow air system that provides air around the house via high velocity conduit. It's just over a 1 year old property and I just moved in and found the heating suboptimal. I have had a plumber indicate the system is designed and installed incorrectly, which the...
  8. S

    Dangers of incorrectly installed boiler

    We are renting currently boiler in active for more than 3 weeks no despite landlord having 6 engineer visits It just stopped working had a fix lasted two weeks then off again. so know getting onto a 5 week issue. No current gas safe certificate in place boiler installed to low with not a enough...
  9. A

    UFH - Is this Installed Correctly?

    Hi - please help me. I think our UFH is installed incorrectly. Please see pictures (if anyone needs more images I can take them). UFH-Full-View-Labelled - The problems we have are. The heating takes FOREVER to heat the rooms. The circulation pump is running all the...
  10. O

    Washing machine installed correctly?

    Hi there, We have noticed a funny smell coming from behind our washing machine - on investigation it looks like the waste pipe is leaking where it meets a solid plastic U - now what I want to know is if this is installed correctly? The waste pipe runs downwards from the top of the washing...
  11. S

    New boiler - questionable install

    Hi, i have had a new boiler installed and they have left the property without completing full scope of works. Also have plugged the boiler into an extension lead on top of a toilet. (I will try and add a picture) Any advice if this is ok or not please
  12. J

    Vent pipe size for vented cylinder installed in 2005-6

    Hey, having searched this forum and last building regs (2000) from around that time... Any idea what the correct size is for a vent pipe for a vented hot water cylinder, gravity fed? I.e. the one that is continuously rising back up to the cold water feed tank for the cylinder? Have discovered...
  13. W

    New cartridge in but shower head still leaks.

    Just installed a new Moen shower cartridge. The shower head still leaks. What is causing this?
  14. I

    Is my flue installed incorrectly?

    Hi guys and girls. So…. Bought an apartment in a conversion rather than new build. Since buying it I’ve been experiencing headaches, sickness and dizziness. At the time I just thought I was coming down with something but then a TV engineer came to install an aerial in the loft and he showed me...
  15. Geolo85

    redo of newly installed kitchen sink and drain line

    Contractor sub installed my new single kitchen sink and garbage disposal wrong. Sub had a "blank slate" with this reno as I made the dining room into a new kitchen. With water running, water fills to top of interior of garbage disposal and then disposal never fully drains once water is turned...
  16. J

    W. Sussex - destrat pump to be installed

    Need somebody competent with pipework in awkward places to fit a destratification pump and appropriate nrv's to a dhw cylinder. Only the plumbing not the electrics
  17. Strebor

    What could be causing bubbles in heating after newly installed combi?

    This is a weird one, for sure... I had an old Vaillant combi replaced by a new Worcester Greenstar 4000 by Boxt. It was as simple a job as you can imagine - direct replacement... my house is a simple 2 up 2 down semi - nothing remotely complicated. However for the last two months since it was...
  18. J

    Unvented cylinder installed but no G3 qualification

    I had an unvented cylinder (and gas boiler) installed by a Gas Safe Register engineer. He later informed Gas Safe Register which issued me a gas certificate. But Gas Safe Register told me I should have a Building Regulation Certificate for unvented cylinder installation. But the gas engineer...
  19. A

    Rehau manifolds installed backward

    Had a contractor come out today for in-floor heat not working. I have 2 zones each with Rehau manifolds supplied from a single pump and neither zone worked. Contractor felt the pump had failed and replaced it only to discover that the system still did not work. After much consideration...
  20. G

    Grohe Sense Guard (automatic valve) - Anyone installed or use them?

    Hi Folks, Has anyone got any experience of the Grohe Sense Guard? It's been on the market for several years but seems that there is virtually no feedback on it for the UK. So either it's so wonderful that nobody feels the need to complain - or maybe nobody has installed one........ I'm in a...

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