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For the usage of the phrase "by inspection" in mathematics, see List of mathematical jargon#Proof techniques.

An inspection is, most generally, an organized examination or formal evaluation exercise. In engineering activities inspection involves the measurements, tests, and gauges applied to certain characteristics in regard to an object or activity. The results are usually compared to specified requirements and standards for determining whether the item or activity is in line with these targets, often with a Standard Inspection Procedure in place to ensure consistent checking. Inspections are usually non-destructive.
Inspections may be a visual inspection or involve sensing technologies such as ultrasonic testing, accomplished with a direct physical presence or remotely such as a remote visual inspection, and manually or automatically such as an automated optical inspection. Non-contact optical measurement and Photogrammetry have become common NDT methods for inspection of manufactured components and design optimisation.
A 2007 Scottish Government review of scrutiny of public services (the Crear Review, 2007[1]) defined inspection of public services as ". periodic, targeted scrutiny of specific services, to check whether they are meeting national and local performance standards, legislative and professional requirements, and the needs of service users."
A surprise inspection tends to have different results than an announced inspection. Leaders wanting to know how others in their organization perform can drop in without warning, to see directly what happens. If an inspection is made known in advance, it can give people a chance to cover up or to fix mistakes. This could lead to distorted and inaccurate findings. A surprise inspection, therefore, gives inspectors a better picture of the typical state of the inspected object or process than an announced inspection. It also enhances external confidence in the inspection process. See section 4.12 of the Crear report.

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  1. Stu-B

    Registration Inspection Event

    Got letter from GS last month asking me to attend a registration inspection event, it was yesterday held at a local hotel conference room. Basically a power point presentation session with a small assessment at the end, all based around IGEM/G/11 unsafe situations procedures. About 25 fairly...
  2. P

    Inspection trap and rusted chamber cover

    Hi I have an old inspection trap which is fed both from my bathroom and outside surface drainage which then enters an old brick inspection chamber. The inspection chamber is then also fed from from both mine and my neighbours toilet foul. The inspection chamber cover is severely rusted because...
  3. D

    Gas safety certificate

    First post so apologies if its in the wrong place. If a gas grill on a gas cooker doesn't light due to no gas is it classed as AR as flame picture cannot be determined.
  4. E

    Gas Safe probation inspection

    Hi, I'm new to the forum. I have my Gas Safe inspection coming up on Monday and this will take place at my house. I will be carrying out a service on the boiler and doing the basic checks. Even though my background is fires and fireplaces. But the fire has been capped off a while ago. Note...
  5. P

    gas safe initial inspection

    I have my initial gas safe inspection coming up after successfully completing my ACS a few weeks ago - and, it's fair to say i'm slightly nervous. Not particularly because I think i'm not capable of doing the various process' you have to follow, but doing them in the right order, whilst under...
  6. M

    Gas safe probation inspection

    Any one recently had one of this? Are you asked to show jobs you have completed? Or just quized on your knowledge?
  7. P

    Gas safe inspection at hotel

    Got a gas safe inspection at a hotel next month anyone been to one One whats it like.
  8. J

    Gas safe probationary inspection

    Hi I've got my probationary period inspection from gas safe coming up and was wondering if anybody had any advice? What questions do they ask or want you to demonstrate? Can't help but feel a bit nervous Thanks
  9. K

    Probation gas inspection

    Hi, I've recently passed my domestic gas and now have an inspection in a month . One at my home address and one at a job . I've recently done a combi boiler so I've got a job to show him . Was just wondering what sort of things he would be asking and sirtbof things the inspection will consist of .
  10. T

    Toilet Flush Handle Advice, Please

    I have concealed toilet cistern which has flush handle that goes through the inspection panel (my poor design). Because the spindle has to be fixed inside because of the lever arm I have to break the tiled inspection panel each time I need to inspect. My question is: is it possible to obtain a...
  11. S

    RE: New PCB for a HE24? Or time for a new boiler?

    An interesting move that - to close down a thread before I had the opportunity to thank everyone for their contributions. I completely understand your hard line against offering advice to non-qualified 'have-a-go' DIYers. Its an obligation to disuade people from meddling with dangerous...
  12. Robert Tyrrell

    OFTEC re- inspection

    This is probably a daft post but I've got a re-inspection this Thursday. I started back up with them 3 years ago - how time flies :) The thing is that I can't remember what it is they need to see at the inspection, other than going through the service/installation/commissioning etc. Do I need...
  13. B

    Probation inspector appointment

    Hi guys Help please, I have received an inspection appointment after couple of days from registration as a business .which wasn't my intention .( wanted just a license ). And I was wondering what part 1 and part 2 all about? , and haven't done much work alone most of the work I did was with an...
  14. D

    inspection cameras?

    any advice on best at reasonable price, please
  15. E

    adding new WC ground floor

    hi :) please help Im adding wc in extension in garage. running new underground soil pipe along side of house to TEE into current pipe that runs straigt across path & manhole other side of fence its about 4.5m run do I need inspection chamber at both ends adding pics & where would rodding...
  16. E

    inspection chamber/ access ??

    hi all Ive dug trench to add new wc in garage the run is about 4.5m long im going down inside out the wall bend 90 degree add inspection chamber then straight 4.5m run to Tee into current pipes that run into manhole other side of fence. do I need another inspection chamber where I old pipes...
  17. C

    Gas Safe Inspection

    Had my gas safe inspection this week! All went well as usual!
  18. bogrodder

    Oftec inspection

    I recently done my Oftec training, 101,105 and 600. It has cost me a bloody fortune...:32:Books, upgraded liability to 2 million, new fga, workmanship insurance,registration.....etc etc Right, this coming Thursday morning I've got my initial inspection. Apparently wants to check insurances...
  19. J

    got my first gas safe inspection coming up (1st since registered)

    Not long got my own gas safe card and now got my probationary inspection coming up I haven't done much gas work since college and my work placement as I am studying 2days a week. Any ideas on what they may ask or what they may want to see? Would they let me do a service on a boiler...

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