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An inlet is an indentation of a shoreline, usually long and narrow, such as a small bay or arm, that often leads to an enclosed body of salt water, such as a sound, bay, lagoon, or marsh. In sea coasts, an inlet usually refers to the actual connection between a bay and the ocean and is often called an "entrance" or a recession in the shore of a sea, lake, or river. A certain kind of inlet created by glaciation is a fjord, typically but not always in mountainous coastlines and also in montane lakes.
Complexes of large inlets or fjords may be called sounds, e.g., Puget Sound, Howe Sound, Karmsund (sund is Scandinavian for "sound"). Some fjord-type inlets are called canals, e.g., Portland Canal, Lynn Canal, Hood Canal, and some are channels, e.g., Dean Channel and Douglas Channel.
Tidal amplitude, wave intensity, and wave direction are all factors that influence sediment flux in inlets

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  1. L

    Loo leak (from inlet)

    Hi all. I noticed today that some stains have appeared on my downstairs hall ceiling, just beneath the en-suite - there is a large sort of brownish or rust-coloured patch just about where the shower tray is and then a much paler patch over to the right, roughly below where the toilet pan sits...
  2. O

    Cisterns continuously leaking into bowls (two slightly different scenarios)

    OK so disclaimer – i'm a millennial who hates DIY – BUT I sincerely want to learn and acknowledge I need to get over the embarrassment of not knowing a lot. The main thing is I don't want to be ripped off by plumbers so I need to figure this stuff out. So... I have two push-button toilets both...
  3. C

    Gledhill inlet control valve leaking on pressurised system

    The plug on the opposite side of the red cap with 4.5 is leaking. I have tried tightening it but unsuccessful. My postcode is BA3 4JL, west of Radstock in Somerset. Hopefully a plumber would like the job - social distancing guaranteed during the job! 1587214286 Plumber found, please cancel...
  4. C

    Leak from cold water inlet relief valve

    I have a pressurised system with a Gledhill inlet control valve. There is a red cap with 4.5 Bar written on it and at the opposite side of the cap is a black, octagonal 'bolt head'. There is a drip from that about every 3 seconds. I have tried to tighten it down but it appears stuck and I...
  5. J

    Shut off water on twin inlet H block

    Hi all, Apologies for horrendous terminology and lack of knowledge but I need to remove a vertical radiator which has a H shaped block as shown in the attached image. It seems obvious on my traditional radiators, but on this one I cannot see how to shut off the water to the radiator. Thanks...
  6. Bogart

    Leaking bottom inlet on toilet cistern.

    Just fitted a new WC and all okay except I cannot get the bottom water inlet to seal. It is a Fluid master setup. It drips from between the cistern base and the plastic nut not between the nut and the thread. It came with a flat washer, have even tried 2 washers, came with a spare in case...
  7. R

    Strange Water Inlet Valve

    Hi all, Our boiler water pressure has dropped and I need to refill to get it to work again but the valve on the water inlet pipe is very odd and I can't find a tool or key to turn it. Does anyone recognize this and know what and where I can get a key? Any help, much appreciated. Rob
  8. D

    Replacing Shower Mixer with inlet nuts concealed behind cups

    Hello. I'm intending on replacing my 20 year old Hansgrohe Shower Mixer. As seen in the photos, the inlet nuts are concealed beneath the cups that screw onto the pipes. Most modern mixers have the nuts visible and in between the mixer bar and the cups. Will I be able to replace the mixer...
  9. K

    Hello all - please help - dishwasher inlet into sink tap

    Hi, All I am a DIY enthusiastic kind of guy and in a bit of pickle. I live in a rented place and have no plumbing for a dishwasher. Need to know if I can connect inlet of a dishwasher into tap of my sink I saw some item on eBay like below Washing Machine Faucet Quick Brass Water Tap Hose...
  10. F

    Washing machine inlet pipe leaking, water pressure too high?

    Hello all, first time poster here, I have looked but don't see this issue mentioned. My old washing machine inlet pipe was leaking, not surprising given it was over 30 years old. It looks to have been a slow leak from the meeting between the rubber pipe and plastic connecter at the machine...
  11. A

    Replace toilet inlet valve

    Hi folks. Almost certainly a stupid question but can I replace a bottom entry inlet valve with any generic version as long as it is 1/2" like the previous one and the dimensions of the mechanism fit in the cistern? The current valve is a roca which I would need to order and wait for but can pick...
  12. H

    Caleffi Inlet Control Valve Hissing

    Hi Forum, There is a Caleffi Inlet Control Valve (1 piece) connected to the hot water cyclinder and the cold feed, that is periodically (every 5 mins) hissing air, out of the grey catridge, when the hot water is heating. - I've search around for an explanation without luck. I don't...
  13. Bogart

    WC cistern water inlet

    Am trying to fit new WC for daughter. First problem is that the 1/2 inch water inlet hole is a tad too small to fit the fill valve thread. There is a slight lip on the ceramic that needs removing. Tried a half round file gave up with that. Any recommendations as to what to use to remove this...
  14. P

    Favourite WC Inlet valve

    Grrr..I used to swear by Fluidmaster pro but now I prefer the Viva brass tails or the Flomasta brass tail and only fit a Fluidmaster if I can just slide a new one on. Torbeck forget it unless nothing else fits, Jollyflush only if its the only one left in my van. Those part 3 plastic ballcock...
  15. R

    Shower inlet blocked. White maggot like substance

    Hi Looking for some advice. Once a week I have to turn off the water supply and clean the inlet of the hot water on my shower. It is a pressurised heating system and no other hot water appliance is blocking only the shower. I have attached some pictures. Is this a shower problem or do I need...
  16. N

    Grohe inlet valve(Grohe Rapid 3 in 1)

    Hi, if anyone can advise me on the following i would be grateful. The images attached show the water inlet/isolation valve that comes with the grohe 3 in 1 toilet frame. The large connector appears to be 1/2" male and is tapered. the instructions are not clear what fitting this should connect...
  17. S

    Problem with Cistern Inlet Valve

    Water was seeping out of the overflow and it was quite an old valve in the cistern so i replaced it with the modern (adjustable ) equivalent Torbeck Adjustable Height Fill Valve Bottom Entry I'm not a plumber but it seemed such a simple job, and at first it seemed to work fine... but i've...
  18. S

    anti flood inlet hose

    busted a hose on a new dishwasher. The pipe inside bent so much back it cracked a little. Had to cut into it seeing as it already had a small break. Seeing as the flexi is running into the back of the dishwasher, is it ok to remove the back, disconnect and just shorten the pipe and cable where...
  19. F

    Leaking water valves to a dishwasher - advice

    Morning gents First timer here - hoping for some advice. I replaced a cold water inlet hose yesterday for my dishwasher after discovering a v slow leak that had led to water pooling on the floor. Also noticed the hot water inlet wasn't capped so capped that off, too. However, after having...
  20. M

    New toilet inlet valve dripping into cistern...not closing off properly

    I'm after some advice. After months of water dripping from the fill valve into the cistern I tackled this yesterday. I found that the flush seal had failed and the close coupling looked like something salvaged from the Titanic. So I bought and fitted a new Opella bottom entry fill valve (ball...

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