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An inlet is an indentation of a shoreline, usually long and narrow, such as a small bay or arm, that often leads to an enclosed body of salt water, such as a sound, bay, lagoon, or marsh.

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  1. B

    URGENT Leaking PHE inlet block on Heatslave II 25/32

    Heatslave II 25/32 water leak from PHE Inlet block. When DHW PRV fitting was removed a white flat seal/washer was found in 3 pieces. This seal is not listed on any diagram. It sits ahead of the rubber o ring item 45 on drawing and has has the same ID and OD as the oring but is made from white...
  2. K123456

    How far can slab cold water inlet be from shower tap - 1200mm?

    The hole in the slab for cold water shower tap inlet is 1200mm away from where it needs to be. Is this a problem? The bathroom is on the second storey (concrete slab) and it looks like the builders may have put the plumbing for the shower inlet about 1200mm away from where it needs to be. Is...
  3. J

    Can't connect cistern inlet connector because of inlet filter

    Hi. I think the title says it all really. I was just lining up pipework and stuff and noticed that the Speedfit 15mm X 1/2 BSP tap connector won't connect to the cistern inlet because the inlet filter protrudes out too far to allow the rubber washer on the connector to sit against the outer...
  4. R

    Cold water tank inlet problem

    Help. This is the second time the fibre washer on the ball valve inlet has split and flooded the house. It's a recent tank. First time tit happened I assumed the valve was defective and replaced it. But obviously not. I think the tank just has to much flex. The (plastic) backing plate seems...
  5. A

    what is it with Ideal Standard inlet valves

    The usual problem of quarter turn inlet valves not shutting off, so I eventually found replacement diaphragms 32mm... and although they fit properly, the water still does not shut off. If I lift the float up I'd have thought the water should shut off but it makes no difference. So I tried the...
  6. S

    Black Inlet pipe stopcock

    Main water inlet pipe stopcock seized. Have tried freeing it to no avail so looking to replace it. It's very old as you can see on the attached pictures. I've bought a 25mm stopcock and have a 1" to 22mm reducer. I can't get the reducer to fit over the black pipe as pictured and I'm beginning to...
  7. N

    Overfilling cistern - floating mechanism not halting inlet

    Hi everyone, First time poster, go easy on me! My toilet cistern seems to be overfilling. It's a narrow plastic cistern (not important I imagine) and thankfully the overflow pipe is doing its job. The floating mechanism is working in that it's moving up and down, though it has a lot of...
  8. K

    Leaking toilet inlet - More ptfe or Joint compound?

    Ive fitted a new bottom entry fill valve to our en-suite toilet but i cant stop the dribble/leak from the inlet connection. Ive added a fair bit of ptfe but its still leaking, tightened it to its maximum etc and still im getting a dribble. Do you think i need more ptfe, add some joint compound...
  9. J

    How to convert current mixer valve tap to a cold water supply inlet.

    Any plumbers can advise the best way to convert the current mixer valve tap to cold water supply inlet for electric shower. I have mixer valve tap , I would need to install a new electric shower on shower area wall .Currently is the mixer valve tap. I want to know how to do before I ask the...
  10. A

    How do you find out what side is the inlet and outlet on a radiator?

    Hi, I have a radiator with two lockshield valves how do I tell what side is the inlet and what one is the outlet ?
  11. S

    Noisy stopcock / mains water inlet pipe

    Hi there, Would really appreciate some help please. Had this problem for a few weeks now and it is quite annoying and owing to the loudness I'm surprised the neighbours haven't complained yet. I keep getting intermittent vibrating / buzzing noises on the mains water inlet pipe where water comes...
  12. H

    "Designer" radiator inlet and outlet issue.

    I've bought 4 new rads to replace existing ones. They are all singles and have inlet marked on lefthand side. The problem is that the existing pipework (microbore, plastered in-wall) has the inflow sometimes on the right and sometimes on the left. As the rads are singles I can't reverse them...
  13. D

    Are 15mm inlet pipes okay for this?

    Hi all. I'd appreciate if anyone can tell me whether this shower will work with the two 15mm pipes (150mm centres) I have coming out of my wall? Thanks. https://victoriaplum.com/product/mira-realm-erd-thermostatic-mixer-shower
  14. T

    My double flush toilet has developed a fault. It won't stop filling eve when I pull the float arm right up. I have replaced the inlet valve diaphragm

    My double flush toilet has developed a fault. It won't stop filling eve when I pull the float arm right up. I have replaced the inlet valve diaphragm but this has made no difference What else can i try?
  15. J

    stabilizing the inlet supply pressure on a promax combi

    I have a Potterton Promax combi 28 HE A and it runs a pump when cold taps are turned off and there is a slight change in inlet pressure. I am thinking of putting a pressure reducer or non-return valve and/or an arrestor on the inlet pipe. I tried putting an arrestor on all the cold taps and...
  16. S

    Conceala cistern problems with inlet valve

    I have an issue with my concealed Ideal Standard Conceala cistern Just don't seem to be able to fix this - the problem is intermittently that the inlet valve will dribble, making a hissing noise. It's been doing this for a while and assumed it was because the syphon seal was leaking very...
  17. B

    Anyone know which diaphragm is in a Roca inlet valve?

    Is it torbeck, fluid master, regular ball valve or its own special one? I’m talking about that one in the lauras which has an oval float in a shroud.
  18. M

    Trouble connecting water inlet connection to plastic pipe

    Hi, I bought a new sink and it has a 1/2" water inlet pipe but d previous pipework for the kitchen sink is very weird and to be honest I'm not sure exactly what connection I need or what what item I need for to make this work. please could you help me understand what fitting I would need as I...
  19. P

    15mm inlet on shower pump

    Hi, I am fitting at Stuart turner shower mate eco 1.5 bar. My question is, can the inlet be from a 15mm source? The provided flexible hose that comes with it is 15mm. I just cant get get to the 22mm pipe easily. What are your thoughts? Cheers
  20. N

    wooshing noise from toilet inlet when hot water is running?

    The toilets are make a whooshing sound when i turn on the hot water tap in the house , this only started a few days ago. The hot water coming from the tap pulsates as well, not a constant regular flow. The Mira gravity fed shower also makes a screeching sound. The cold water flow is fine. We...