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Increase Allen Lapham (March 7, 1811 – September 14, 1875) was an author, scientist, and naturalist.

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  1. Dan

    How to increase your likes ratio - Tips, and Dan helping you out

    As long as you're willing to put in the work on the forum I can't help you get your like ratios up. I'm adding some 'Like' buttons that will add + 3 Likes per 1 button press. Esteemed will be able to give these out. But not abuse them! They risk losing all of theirs and starting again with...
  2. B

    Please Help - Need to increase water system pressure but can figure out how.

    Hi all, My Logic System 15 boiler has lost water pressure, the central heating has stopped working and I cant figure out how to top it up. In all the videos I have watched on how to do this they have a blue water mains tap next to the black tap on the right which they connect together and top...
  3. Tommy Abdy Collins

    How Can I increase shower drain flow rate

    I have fitted a shower tray using the drain provided which has a 40mm drain. The drain is not coping with the output of water from the shower head. If I fit a larger diameter pipe to the 40mm outlet, will this increase the volume of water being drained? - even though it will start by exiting...
  4. M

    sweating chrome pipe

    the cold chrome pipe to the basin is sweating ever so slightly but dripping onto the skirting board and after 6 months the skirting is blackened , insulating the pipe would look very unsightly is there any lubricant etc that i can apply to help this? thanks in advance
  5. Lofty24

    More than one cold feed to Cylinder

    I have an issue with lack of flow to an upstairs bathroom and wonder if adding an extra feed from the header tank to just above the gate valve would increase flow, I know it will add pressure. I'm also moving the header tank to the highest possible location in the loft as I only have about 300mm...
  6. Dan

    9% increase on fuel prices coming

    This is being discussed on the sparky forum and thought I'd give you heads up here too. 9% increase on gas and elec 9% increase on fuel coming soon. Is there a way to depend on the fuel companies less? Because we really need to start campaigning for it sooner rather than later.
  7. P

    Shower pumps

    Hi I fitted a new mixer shower pump in Feb 2012 to a gravity fed mixer shower. The old pump had worn out, it was a Triton T550. I called triton and they suggested I changed it to the Triton T550i which pumps up to 1.2 bar at 16 litres a minute max. Had a call a few days ago from the client to...
  8. spanner

    Low pressure at hot tap

    To increase height of the cold feed to direct vented hot water system would increase pressure at the outlet! Correct??????????? :bowwow:
  9. M

    Pipe sizes info

    Hi guys Am just after a bit of help. What i want to know is, is there any point in converting the 15mm cold main into 22mm and running it to a 24kw boiler into 15mm then off to the toilet, shower and basin in 22mm also. And then, coming out of the hot in 15mm and converting up to 22 mm for...
  10. U

    booster pump and thermostatic shower mixer valve problem

    Hi Folks I just installed the twin booster on hot and cold gravity supply to increase pressure, everything is working absolutely fine besides one shower that has thermostatic control valve. When tap on it is open pump runs for few seconds then stops. Seems like flow reduced when temperature...