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  1. Bogart

    Honeywell EA122 automatic bleed valve

    Am going to fit an automatic bleed valve to replace the knackered manual one. Reading the Honeywell blurb it says it should be fitted on the positive side. Is there any reason for this? and could I not fit it on the negative side?
  2. N

    If I replace CM927 will it work with the existing Relay box?

    Hi. CM927 Wireless programmable Thermostat and Relay box were fitet in my house Sept. 2008. Now the CM927 seems to misbehave, If I buy a replacement CM927 will it work with the existing Relay box?
  3. ian.

    Honeywell Valencia VT117 Replacement Insert

    Hi, I have Honeywell Valencia VT117 TRV with Hive Heads fitted, the TRV insert pins on a number of rads are sticking and I've tried differing lubricants to try and resolve the problem, but to no avail. Do you know of a replacement insert, Honeywell have confirmed they don't sell the part...
  4. N

    How to connect honeywell t5+ to viesmann vitodens 100 boiler.

    I have viessmann vitodens wb1b 100 boiler and im trying to install a honeywell t5+ wifi thermostat. I currently have a 2 wire thermostat with no c-wire. Can anyone help me with directions and or pictures?
  5. B

    Connect Viessmann boiler to honeywell smartfit

    Hello guys Just installed a Viessmann Vitodens 100w and am struggling with the wiring (honeywell smartfit controller). Viessmann say you can just connect the mains power to the boiler, which I've done, and it works. However, there is no pump overrun this way. As soon as demand goes off, the...
  6. S

    Honeywell RF thermostat

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section, can an admin please move it if necessary. My multi fuel room heater/boiler has a Honeywell HCW80 thermostat paired to a R6660D receiver. I'm beginning to think the HCW80 is faulty. It had lost it's pairing with the receiver due to dead batteries over the...
  7. P

    Honeywell Zone valve banging on closing

    Honeywell 4043H1056 just installed to replace ESi which was leaking. HW is banging on closing whereas ESi didn't!! Both are power opening, spring closing. HW was installed in the same direction in the return pipework. Arrow points towards the tank. Is that correct? Need another to replace my 2nd...
  8. T

    honeywell thermostat model cm927 issue with low target temperature

    just turned on my heating for the first time since last winter. the thermostat will not allow me to set a target temp above 9.5 degrees. it just cycles back to!
  9. Z

    Honeywell bypass valve possibly not well

    After x number of years, I looked at this valve as the water was very hot very quickly through the valves. It was set to the white band which didn't look correct. I unscrewed the screw to reset it. It fell out and revealed three loose parts Screw, red cover, and black part with the numbers...
  10. J

    Faulty new Honeywell valve?

    Hi guys just exploring a possibility I’ve replaced a 3 port valve and it’s passing into the heating circuit when hot water is on. Could an electrical fault cause this problem? There is no call for heat on the heating circuit, proved with my multimeter. The heating pipe work next to the valve...
  11. M

    Honeywell ST699 Programmer Problem

    I have a System boiler with a programmable room stat and a still very common Honeywell ST699 basic programmer - ten years old. I know that this crosses over into an ‘electrical’ issue but would appreciate if anyone could tell me if anyone has seen this fault and if it shows shows it is faulty...
  12. S

    Help!! Honeywell CM67 Thermostat

    Hi All Have a Honeywell CM67 Thermostat and Centaurplus C27. Trying to turn the heating back on after summer and it's not working. The Honeywell seems to be working. I increase the temperature on manual mode for example and the little flame appears but the heating does not come on. Hot water...
  13. L

    Replacing Honeywell thermostat with nest?

    Hi all, just after some advice I’m looking to replace my current thermostat with a nest system. It states that’s it’s compatible however wanted to check before purchasing and installing. My thermostat has 3 wires as shown in picture. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  14. A

    Honeywell stat advice

    Can someone recommend me a simple to use remote thermostat? Preferably a Honeywell. Thanks in advance
  15. B

    Honeywell V4043H Weird Problem

    I wonder if anyone can help with this... One radiator circuit is constantly hot even though the room stats are not calling for heat. So the rad circuit is being fed with hot wat er from the manifold if (for example) the hot water cylinder is calling for heat. I suspected a stuck valve so I...
  16. D

    Honeywell ABV setting

    I have an open-vent S-Plan CH system (22 radiators, 2 DHW cylinders and long pipe-runs) driven from a new 35KW Viessmann 100W WB1B boiler. When most TRVs were open, the Grundfos UPS2 15-50/60 pump was struggling to keep an adequate flow through the boiler (the latter modulated and cycled...
  17. J

    Honeywell 3 port diverter snag?

    G'Day fellers. Appreciate your help please: When my boiler fires up it heats the water and radiators regardless of what is selected. I'm guessing that this means the valve is not moving from the de-energised position? Its a Honeywell V4073A. The manual/auto lever moves freely both ways and...
  18. AskFrank

    No lights on Honeywell HCW80 relay unit

    Hi, My Honeywell HCW80 relay unit is not lighting up at all when I press or hold the button. I believe this fault is causing my central heating to have stopped. Looking behind the cover, things look fine, but I'm no expert. What would be the best course of action here? Picture of the relay unit...