1. J

    Honeywell ABV DU144 and DU145

    Is there a reason for the apparent completely different settings on these. For example if I require a flowrate of 480LPH at a pump head of 6M then I set the index on the DU144 to 0.5 But I cant see how this is achieved on the DU145, even if I set the index to 6, the minimum flow is almost...
  2. D

    Need advise on how to decommission a wired Honeywell programmer ST699

    Hi I have a Honeywell ST699 programmer which is working fine but I want to learn how to decommission it (disconnect it from the rest of the system). Currently I have a Honeywell Home Single Zone Thermostat (Y87RF2024) and I am thinking to get the Honeywell Home Mobile Access Kit RFG100 to get...
  3. D

    How do I wire up this Honeywell T3R Thermostat?

    Hi, I live in a really remote part of the Highlands, so paying for a plumber (or electrician?) to do this will be brutally expensive, so I need to do it myself. I have a Grant Combi 26e boiler. I'm replacing the old thermostat with a new one. Although the boiler is a combi, I think the old...
  4. ShaunCorbs

    Honeywell 2 ports 22mm

    I’ve got 9 going spare does anyone need any not doing singles just bulk either 4s or 5s etc
  5. H

    Honeywell Underfloor heating controllers

    Hi there, I'm considering having my heating system controlled by Honeywell Evohome. I have a question about the underfloor heating controller.... I have a single zone water underfloor heating in the kitchen. The controller is currently a Wunda. I've never been all that happy with it because...
  6. M

    Honeywell Evohome Insertion Sensor

    We have a Megaflo CL210 Cyclinder along with Evohome hot water kit and have come across a problem. We have had solar installed and a Myenergi Eddi solar diverter for hot water but when the Honeywell was originally installed they removed the bottom thermostat probe and inserted the Evohome...
  7. ian.

    Honeywell 10mm TRV compression inserts wanted

    I have Honeywell Valencia TRVs 10mm pipe size, I’m making mods to accommodate larger rads and it looks like the 10mm compression insert is special to Honeywell as all available inserts are 15mm to 10mm which do not fit as the compression nut has a 10mm hole, not a 15mm. Anyone know if you can...
  8. C

    Replacing Honeywell Smartfit system.

    I’m about to replace my Honeywell Smartfit system with a conventional 2 channel heating pack (I’ll need new valves to replace the low voltage Smartfit units). I was initially looking at something basic like the Drayton Twin Zone Heating Control Pack, but would prefer a wireless stat if...
  9. samwardill

    Honeywell Evohome with 2 zone heating

    Is there any advice on using Honeywell Evohome with 2 zone heating. Honeywell support are pretty useless and give conflicting advice. They suggested I ask my installer (but my installer suggested I ask Honeywell). I found a support article on the Honeywell Resideo website by Googling...
  10. M

    Honeywell ST6400C programmer Honeywell T6360B1028 Room thermostat fix

    I have a Honeywell 7 Day Electronic 2 Channel Programmer ST6400C programmer and a Honeywell T6360B1028 Room thermostat . My programming is on the on position. I turn my thermostat off. But it turns on after 10 mins . How do I fix this?
  11. R

    replacement for a Honeywell CM927

    Hi, Does anyone know what product is a good replacement for a Honeywell CM927 wireless thermostat controller and BDR91 Relay Box that controls my electric underfloor heating? I assume it needs to be another Honeywell product and the T4 wireless thermostat but I haven’t found any guidance on...
  12. S

    Changing Danfoss HPA2 for Honeywell

    I have a Danfoss 2-port valve model HPA2 (which has suspect motor issue) I can get Honeywell 2-port valves & motors much cheaper & easier as local Trade place stocks Honeywell. Is there a direct equivalent Honeywell motor activator? ....... so I could just swap the synchronous motor over ? or...
  13. I

    Honeywell Evohome hot water control for new boiler

    Looking for a quick bit of advice since I'm trying to wrap my head around what work I need done. Right now I have an old conventional boiler that heats my hot water tank. The water tank has manual open/shut valve so that I can only heat the water tank and not the heating. I'm replacing this...
  14. A

    Honeywell v Alternative

    Hi, I am having to replace the powerhead of a Honeywell 22mm Motorised valve, model is a Honeywell V4043H1056 (272848) it is not that expensive retailing at approx £72 but Corgi do one for £42, is the Honeywell worth the money, the one I have has lasted less than 10 years! Thanks Andy
  15. D

    Honeywell T6360 Thermostat

    Hi I have changed my Honeywell T6360 thermostat to a Salus T105RF wireless thermostat. There was three wires going to the original honeywell thermostat. One of these being the supply and another going to the boiler. I wasn't sure what the other wire was and so didn't connect up. Now the Salus...
  16. M

    boiler will not communicate with reciever

    . ideal logic plus c30 , hot water fine boiler wont communicate with reciever honeywell stat sends signal reciever turns on ,will not fire boiler up
  17. M

    Honeywell Evohome with Worcester Bosch Greenstar System Boiler

    I need a little help if possible as I am trying to check that my current system is running efficiently but not really sure how to check, sorry if this is a long one and I have tried to contact a Honeywell connected specialist but they dont seem interested unless installing a new system and the...
  18. J

    Honeywell CM61 'Smart' Replacement

    Honeywell CM61 'Smart' Replacement - Hi am looking to replace my old CM61 with a smart version, any advice?
  19. samwardill

    Use of microswitch on Honeywell 2-port valve for auxilliary pump

    My boiler struggled to circulate throughout my house so my heating engineer installed an auxilliary pump a few years ago. On a recent service he identified that the auxilliary pump was not working. He said that it was down to the motorised valve and he wants to charge £350 to replace it. He said...
  20. Stiltz

    Honeywell Controls Fault?

    Hello everyone! Since the cold weather started I’ve noticed that the Programer (Honeywell ST9420C) isn’t working properly. It doesn’t turn on/off in the auto pre set times in the C/H mode. It works correctly in the auto pre set times in the H/W mode. The C/H is effectively on constantly...

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