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Help Needed (Russian: Нужна Помощь) is a charitable foundation that helps other charities and social projects in Russia. The mission of the foundation is systematic development of charity in the country and change of public attitude towards solving social problems.
The foundation systematically implements projects aimed at interaction and development of all parts of society related to solving social problems. The main goal is to strengthen the nonprofit sector in Russia, so that employees could maintain high professional level; the number of charities and NGOs would be sufficient to address the needs of vulnerable population; and finally, all citizens would be actively involved in solving social problems.
The foundation works as a fund of funds, fundraising for other non-profit organizations, including charitable foundations. While it helps other organizations, it does not provide targeted assistance to beneficiaries. All projects supported by Help Needed are being carefully verified.

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    old waterpipes and new toilet installation help needed

  2. Z

    Bidet installation. Help needed..

    Hi.. I am after advice on installing a bidet in a toilet with the water valve hidden inside the cistern. I am renting. Is there anyone with a creative way to go about this without drilling the cistern? If that doesn’t make a lot of sense, let me know and I will add a photo. Thank you very...
  3. D

    Connecting values to towel radiator help needed

    Hi there. I’ve installed a new towel radiator and I’m trying to fit the valves but I’ve come unstuck and need some help. I’ve bought new angled valves to replace the old ones but I can’t connect them. I think I’m missing something. They are the right size to screw into the bottom of the...
  4. R

    [Please Help]Cold Water Tank Replacement Cost-Am I Being Ripped Off?

    Hello Everyone. I humbly come to post needing your advice on a rather urgent issue I have regarding my cold water tank in the loft. Basically, a few days ago I noticed a patch of yellow in my bedroom ceiling. I then went up in my loft to find that the water tank was leaking. I called a plumber...
  5. J

    Wiring Help Needed replacing a Horstmann C27 with Flomasta 7635

    Hello - I'm a relatively new owner of an old house here in France that was updated by the previous owner who lives in the UK. He used one channel of a two channel Horstmann C27 to control turning on and off the electric water heater. Given that I'm from the states, I'm not all that familiar with...
  6. R


    Hello we are currently doing our living room, it is back to plaster no skirting etc.. our current radiator has pipes on show down the wall and along the skirting. but we'd like to chase them into the wall and change the radiator roughly for a similar size. Should we chase them in exactly how...
  7. A

    Ferroli Moderna 102 CH intermittent - help needed

    I have a customer who’s Moderna 102 has been working well until recently. About a week ago the CH would occasionally not come on. The HW is working fine. The customer says the temperature control switch on the front of the boiler doesn’t make as satisfying click as it used to when you move it...
  8. M

    Primatic Cylinder help needed

    Hello everyone Before I succumb to this problem I’m reaching out for some help. There’s very little info on the web and I can’t get hold of a manual. The system is ancient but we’re not ready to renovate to a greener option for another 12 months so hoping to keep it going. Moved in with the...
  9. R

    Hot Water Heat - Help Needed

    Hi....I have an older 2 family house. It was built in the 50's and is clearly not the best insulated which when combined with the old steel frame casement windows makes it drafty in the winter. The downstairs is 3 bedrooms, living room, dining room, bath (1250sf. 10 ft ceiling) plus it has a...
  10. P

    Y plan system 3port actuator issues

    Hi After a home emergency insurance call the engineer to replaced the actuator motor a the 3port shoes (I watched him replace it) he plugged the header tank so he didn’t have to drain the whole system and replaced the whole motor and the shoe all be it a different model but it did the job...
  11. S

    Help needed to complete my Gas Portfolio

    Evening all. I am looking for an engineer to help me complete my portfolio. It is mostly completed , I just need to do some flue flow + spillage, some purging, 1 install and then any AR / ID + inoperable Gas Safety controls which may present themselves. I am professional, hard working and...
  12. S

    Baxi Boiler keeps losing pressure.

    Hello all, My boiler is a fairly new installation (just under a year) and the pressure constantly drops at night after the central heating has been on. I only just re-pressurised the boiler last night to 1.4 bars and the boiler lost all of the pressure after being on for only a few hours...
  13. S

    URGENT Boiler needs to be re-pressurised

    Hello all, Our Main combi boiler is flashing a blue light with the error code of 118. I know that the boiler needs to be re-pressurised but I’m unsure which taps to use. I would like to attach an image but I can’t see a button for it. If anyone could help me I’d really appreciate it, thanks...
  14. S

    Shataf not working properly, help needed

    Morning all, I recently moved house and miss my shataf (hand held douch spray for washing my backside after using the toilet) I bought one from Amazon but once connected to the mains via an isolation valve, the hose gets very pressurised and becomes stiff and the trigger becomes difficult to...
  15. V

    Help needed. Toilet tank flash valve access/flapper replacement.

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows it this kind of flush valve can be opened to access the flapper to replace it? The water from the tank is leaking into the bowl one drop at a time and i thonk the rubber flapper os not sealing properly. Can this be ooened in anyway to access the flapper...
  16. M

    Strong gloss/varnish smell from back of oil fired boiler- help needed asap. Live in Mawnan near Falmouth.

    Very strong varnish/gloss smell from behind oil fired boiler. Was strong kerosene smell for a week, last 7 days strong gloss/varnish smell. Needs sorting asap. Thanks Mark Mawnan- Falmouth
  17. D

    Replacing radiator with towel rail - help needed

    Morning all. Wondering if you can help. I'm re-doing my bathroom and thought I'd replace the radiator with a towel rail. The plastic pipes seem to be speedfit (or similar). I can't see a brand on them and they say 15mm (but they're clearly 10mm). The current pipes won't stretch to the new...
  18. L

    How do we manage a new combi boiler moving in to the loft and relocating the kitchen so the cooker is the other side of the house? Help needed please?

    I need some advice… Our gas meter is currently in the garage conversion and runs under the stairs into the kitchen where we have the boiler. We want to do the following things: 1. Replace with a combi boiler and move to the loft. We are a semi detached house so need to the pipes run up from the...
  19. C

    Help with a leak after sealing bath

    Hi, hope someone can help My 1st time of resealing my bath.( after falling in the water twice while doing behind the taps😂) I left the water in bath for 30 hours after and then discovered I have a leak after taking a shower. Can I put more sealant over the fresh sealant or is there something...
  20. R

    Help with drainage smell downstairs after loft conversion completion

    Hi, I’m really hoping someone can help me please or at least point me in the right direction. We had a loft conversion finished last year and moved up into it December time. It included en-suite with shower and bath. When we first used the shower the following day found a huge wet patch on the...
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