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A heating system is a mechanism for maintaining temperatures at an acceptable level; by using thermal energy within a home, office, or other dwelling. Often part of an HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) system. A heating system may be a central heating system or distributed.

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  1. S

    Repiping Central Heating System Advice

    I am repiping my whole house and changing from combi boiler to a 30kW system boiler & 250Ltr or 300Ltr unvented indirect hw tank. Can somebody give advice on my rough plans/sketches for repiping my radiators using 22mm & 15mm. I have only shown the flow line as the return line will just be a...
  2. J

    Old un-pressurised heating system - top up valve

    Hi All, I hope you are doing well. I have old un-pressurised heating system and I need to top up the water but I cannot locate the bloody valve. Where is it? Is it in the attic? I also have this valve with black screw on top. Should this be opened or closed? Thank you
  3. H

    can this be done in a pressurised heating system

    Hi all , on a pressurised heating system is it ok to take a flow and return up into the loft and down again to install new radiator also would it be prudent to put AAV at the high point , thanx in advance . Howy
  4. mattgriff88

    Flushing/Cleaning central heating system?

    Hi I have recently bought a house which is 17 years old. There was a small leak from one of the radiators So I took the pipe off and drained the radiator and the water was black/brown. I took the radiator off and flushed it out with a hose pipe out the garden but it's got me thinking and I...
  5. L

    Why is the pump running 24x7

    My son has just had a new boiler fitted and hes noticed that the pump runs 24x7 even when both the heating and hot water are set to off. He’s also found that when the hot water is set to off on the programe timer, the boiler is still heating up water. I wonder if this is because the engineer...
  6. C

    Renewing inhibitor in underfloor heating system.

    We have a Daikin Air Source heat pump feeding our hot water and under-floor 8 port manifold heating system. The Daikin has just had its annual service and the engineer commented that the water looked discoloured and that the inhibitor needed replacing?? Is this an easy procedure? I'm pretty...
  7. B

    URGENT What is the problem with my oil central heating system?

    Context for issue: Last winter the temperature switch on my boiler shorted somehow, the boiler was then running WAY too hot and ended up blowing/melting a hole in one of the pipes. I repaired this by putting in a new stretch of pipe in and just connecting it to the existing pipes with two...
  8. E

    How to calculate heating system capacity for expansion tank

    Hello want to know on how do you calculate size of expansion tank for closed heating systems . for example 500 meters of 16mm underfloor heating and 4 double ~1000mm radiators , hot water cylinder coil , and oil boiler
  9. M

    Heating issue but hot water works

    I've got a heating boiler which heats up the water in a tank located in a cupboard upstairs and then from there I get hot water & hearing. I get hot water ok but the heating doesn't come on when turning the thermostat to a higher temperature. I've got a 2 way motorized diverter valve which would...
  10. M

    How to design a domestic plumbing and heating system

    I am starting a large victorian renovation and it will involve, (amongst everything else) installation of an entirely new heating and plumbing system. Plumbing, like most trades, seems to have two main aspects; design and installation. The installation part on my last two projects was painful...
  11. Inverness

    How is a 2 zone heating system suppose to be piped

    Hi. A new house regulation for a 2 zone heating system because it's bigger that 150sqm. I'm I right in saying zone 1 should be all of the downstairs radiators and zone 2 all of the upstairs radiators ? I have thermostat room programmer down the stairs and another one upstairs. I think the two...
  12. J

    Cant refill heating system back boiler run off parkray coal fire

    My father has a parkray fire which has a back boiler . He had a leaky radiator, when he was attempting to fix leak the circulating pump (grundfos) was making a rattling noise this stopped once the radiator leak was fixed ( he lost a fair bit of water ) . The problem being now is that the...
  13. D

    URGENT Noisy Nibe VVM300 heating system

    Hi all, I have been busy renovation a house that I bought a year ago during the winter. During the summer we switch off the heating system to conserve electricity as we are not living in the house. I removed some of the radiators during the wall renovations, refitted and bled the system. As soon...
  14. R

    Wireless thermostat issues

    Hi , My wireless thermostat, has become water damaged and is toast , no longer displays anything (long story), it is a boss bps242rf and the receiver is a BR1, can anyone tell me if there is just a wireless thermostat (transmitter) that I can buy that will bind to the existing receiver (BR1) it...
  15. L

    Weird heating system

    Im just wondering if anyone can give me some advice as had 2 plumbers round and still getting same issue. Ive recently loved into a new house and the heating system is doing something weird. It had a new worcester bosch boiler a couple of years ago and heating system seems in good order. But...
  16. A

    Whistling Heating System

    My heating system makes a whistling noises immediately after being turned of or begins to cool after reaching temperature set. I have found a leaking thermostat control, adjusted the pressure on the boiler and bled radiators but it hasn't made any difference. There is no noise at all when the...
  17. ian.

    Ideal Heating system filters insulated jacket

    Is it possible to get an insulated jacket for the magnetic filter which is supplied as part of the Ideal Vouge Max (18kw)?
  18. E

    Cleaning Magnetite in underfloor heating system

    Hi! I have mostly underfloor heating in my house and one new radiator and two old. A bit of metal pipes and three manifolds, but mostly PEX-pipes. The heat source is a Vaillant FlexoCompact 88/4 heatpump. The plumbers which installed the heatpump added Elysator Sanol (cleaning agent) and...
  19. D

    Noise from centre heating system

    There is a noise, like a buzz that starts randomly but usually in the early morning. I can't seem to pin it down to one location. I have managed to record the noise and there is a link to YouTube if I'm able to post that? My heating and hot water are both on a gas central heating system, but...
  20. A

    Understanding gas central heating system

    Hello everyone, We have recently moved to the UK, so really don't know much about gas central heating and boilers over here etc. So this is probably a very basic question but I just don't know! We are moving to a house later this month. It has a "wall-mounted gas-fired boiler for domestic hot...
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