1. S

    Hibernation of a hot water system with solar water heater

    Hello, I would like to have the opinion of professionals. My family owns a house in a village in Greece, where temperatures do not fall below 5-10 degrees Celsius in winter. The house is located in a location where the water supply is not constant and with low pressure (which justifies the...
  2. C

    Managed to boil my hot water tank with immersion heater...

    Woke up at 6AM to the sound of my hot water tank boiling and a cold sweat as I realised I'd left the immersion on since 6PM the night before. Immediately turned it off and opened the taps in the bath to drain the tank, temporarily turning my bathroom into a steam shower - still not sure if this...
  3. T

    cylinder with blanked heater socket

    I have a copper twin-coil heating cylinder with a blank brass fitting on its top where the immersion heater normally is. It has an internal thread of approx. 61mm, but below the thread is a solid brass plate. My question: is the brass plate designed to be cut out with hacksaw etc, so an...
  4. L

    worcester bosch W11 water heater

    Hi am looking for some help with a water heater that has been driving me crazy. I fitted the Worcester Bosch W11 in a caravan around about a year ago, after fitting this boiler I was having problems with the boiler shutting down occasionally when hot water was flowing so i changed the flow...
  5. cdel2005

    10l water heater pipework check valve

    Hi guys Should the check valve be after pressure reducing valve and before expansion vessel Picture shows existing pipework with check valve before pressure reducing
  6. D


    Hi, I have a 6 months old hot water cylinder (vented) to which there are top and bottom immersion rods fitted. Only the bottom was connected so I have just put in a "sink/bath" change over switch. The bottom one works fine but the top one trips the RCD when the thermostat is in the on...
  7. P

    Fitting a small undersink water heater

    Hello Everyone I will be fitting a vanity unit into a downstairs shower room, there is only a cold water pipe and I need to fit an undersink water heater for the hot water. The vanity unit will be occasional use, and I need to fit it within the vanity unit as the client does not want to see...
  8. justin tuijl

    Instant hot water heater before or after pump?

    Hi, I have a bespoke system in an old building I did myself. At the moment I have the pump before the instant hot water heater. I wondered if it would be better to put it after the pump? So it pumps cold into the heater, rather than pulls hot out of the heater. Thanks for any help.
  9. P

    Mixer shower feed through heater

    Hi all.Could I feed an en suite mixer shower from a loft cold tank through an inline instant electric heater and twin impeller pump.If so would the pump go before the heater or after.I would appreciate any other idea's if mine is not feasible.
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  12. D

    LP522 programmer and water heater always on

    Good morning everyone I am facing a problem with the hot water/heating programmer Drayton (LP522): although there are two different programs for the CH and the HW, the latter is always on. In other words, when the heating system is on the water heater receives the hot water coming from...
  13. S

    Oso unvented water heater, leaking and brown marks?

    So for whatever reason i went into my cupboard today where this Oso unvented water heater sits, so while in there i hear a faint dripping noise, i look and notice i see some drops of water dripping from one part of the heater.. i also notice some scorch/brown marks on different areas mainly near...
  14. Husk24

    Immersion heater/constant or timed?

    Hi All I have a 200 litre water cylinder which I heats up the water using my gas boiler. This was already in my house when I moved in it 3 years ago. Until recently I have had the timer on from 6am- 9pm every day with temp of around 60 degrees. As I have had my new boiler installed and nest...
  15. batwad

    Why disconnect an immersion heater?

    I moved house a few months ago and am slowly but surely figuring out its nuances. Wouldn't it be wonderful if houses came with wiring/plumbing diagrams that showed how everything connected? Anyway... I've got what I understand to be a pretty standard gravity-fed vented heating system, with...
  16. D

    Instantaneous Water Heater advice

    I would like some advice on an Instantaneous Water Heater that can provide hot water for a bathroom sink and a kitchen sink (1 heater, 2 appliances). The hot water pipe length from the heater to each appliance is roughly 2 metres. This will be for a small outbuilding and so the bathroom sink...
  17. R

    Portable Gas / Superser Heater issue

    Morning all I have an issue with a very old (~ late '70s) Superser gas heater that has just cropped up following a bottle change. In short, it seems that the gas supply is too much and the pilot light will not stay. When trying to ignite the flame seems very aggressive and as soon as the...
  18. C

    Connect instant water heater to shower.

    Hi Folks I am revamping my bathroom and need some advice. I fitted a hot and cold pumped system to my shower which has a Hansgrohe thermostatically controlled valve for when I have loads of hot water. I am fitting a 9.8kw instant heater on the wall beside the shower to feed mainly the sink...
  19. T

    heater exchange baxi duo tec ????

    before i buy a new boiler can anyone give me peace of mind please got a 10 year old baxi dou tec that's losing pressure within a few hours/. replaced expansion tank and prv which helped for a week but now just as bad condensing pipe running all of the time and radiators constantly got air in...
  20. S

    G3 for 15ltr undersink water heater.

    Any G3 guys on here. Been asked to fit a 15ltr undersink water heater . But wanted to check so you need G3 qual to fit it? Cheers