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  1. P

    Tankless water heater ( undersink )

    Hello. I notice several tankless water heater units being sold Ebay. Some of the listings show these units fitted under sinks and connected directly to the hot side of a mixer tap. I had been under the impression, that units such as these required an open vent on the outlet side of the...
  2. G

    replacement for simex electric water heater ?

    Hi, I have a large electric water heater, its rusty and leaking at the bottom nr the electrics. I cant see any numbers but its 680 x 450, big enough for a bath.Im guessing it may be 80L but not sure ? I cant find the same online, can anyone recommend a reasonably priced equivalent please , its...
  3. T

    Help with water heater

    Hi all I have a electric water heater and for the last 2 days this box on the flow pipe has been buzzing is this a issue? The box has a lever that’s on auto.
  4. J

    Plumbers paste on immersion heater compression valves

    So did a job for a friend yesterday and made (i hope) a small muckup.. Installed a unvented heatrae sadia multipoint 15 but i used plumbers paste on all my compression elbows about 10 of them i only put it on the male threads. The instructions state that it should not be used as it may...
  5. P

    Water heater issues/noise

    Hello: I have a year old water heater. About a month ago, I noticed that after somebody takes a shower, I can hear the flow of water (through the WH) when another source of water is being used ie; the water dispenser from the fridge or any of the sinks in the house. The sound coincides with the...
  6. N

    Help!! Unvented water heater

    I moved into a property last month and the unvented water immersion heater has been the bane of my life. I noticed hot water was coming through the tundish so called a plumber out. He replaced the heating element and also pumped up the booster cylinder as it had no charge in it. 2 weeks later...
  7. B

    Leaking joint on hot water outlet pipe of unvented water heater

    Hello All, I've got a small leak where the pipe of the hot water outlet of an unvented water heater joins the valve. I'm attaching a couple of photos to give an idea of the set up. Is there a good solution that doesn't involve resoldering the joint? Many thanks.
  8. T


    janus 2/30 .25 years old water heater theremacouple gone universal wont work any ideas if not i ll have to buy a burner unit 300 pound ,any ideas thanks a lot ,tony
  9. M

    Unvented under sink heater

    Anyone seen a valve for a small undersink unvented cylinder that incorporats the pressure relief and expansion that goes out though the hot tap. I will try take a picture tomorrow. Thanks 1579473384
  10. D

    Gas fitting Garage Heater

    Hi. I bought a house that has a pool heater and the gas line for it is shown here. I also want to put a natural gas garage heater in. My question is: is that piece of pipe coming up where it is capped off where the installer will tie into and go up the side of my garage? That back corner...
  11. R

    Will low water flow affect the function of an electric tankless water heater?

    I have a cabin about 300' from my well and about 30' elevated from the well. The water heater doesn't work properly. The flow is low through the tankless electric water heater. Is it necessary to increase the flow? If so, how am I able to do that?
  12. M

    7 litre invented under sink heater

    I was at a job today and notice a 7litre under sink heater was fitted. Because of the size under 10litres do these not need a pressure relief valve and expansion vessl? It didn't have any of the kind. Thanks.
  13. B

    Water heater Programmer question

    We recently moved into a new house & the hot water timing is programmed by a Honeywell ST9100A. I have set the on/off timer OK but am struggling to set it so that it switches on an hour later during weekends ie Saturday & Sunday mornings. I am wondering if I could ask for some simple advice re...
  14. M

    Where can I buy a box spanner for a 1.5inch BSP immersion heater? (2" across flats)

    I need such a spanner to remove a failed IH, and to install a replacement; in a domestic hot water cylinder made by Opus (Cyprus). I am aware that in general the distance across the flats may vary somewhat from brand to brand, despite all having 1.5" BSP threads. In my case, both old and new IH...
  15. S

    URGENT White hairy material around towel heater pipe joint: asbestos?

    I’m wondering weather this stringy stuff (see photos) around my towel heater’s pipe joints could be some kind of fiber/string with asbestos in it? They don’t really look like hemp to me, and I’m a bit worried about it! Thanks
  16. S

    Hibernation of a hot water system with solar water heater

    Hello, I would like to have the opinion of professionals. My family owns a house in a village in Greece, where temperatures do not fall below 5-10 degrees Celsius in winter. The house is located in a location where the water supply is not constant and with low pressure (which justifies the...
  17. C

    Managed to boil my hot water tank with immersion heater...

    Woke up at 6AM to the sound of my hot water tank boiling and a cold sweat as I realised I'd left the immersion on since 6PM the night before. Immediately turned it off and opened the taps in the bath to drain the tank, temporarily turning my bathroom into a steam shower - still not sure if this...
  18. T

    cylinder with blanked heater socket

    I have a copper twin-coil heating cylinder with a blank brass fitting on its top where the immersion heater normally is. It has an internal thread of approx. 61mm, but below the thread is a solid brass plate. My question: is the brass plate designed to be cut out with hacksaw etc, so an...
  19. L

    worcester bosch W11 water heater

    Hi am looking for some help with a water heater that has been driving me crazy. I fitted the Worcester Bosch W11 in a caravan around about a year ago, after fitting this boiler I was having problems with the boiler shutting down occasionally when hot water was flowing so i changed the flow...
  20. cdel2005

    10l water heater pipework check valve

    Hi guys Should the check valve be after pressure reducing valve and before expansion vessel Picture shows existing pipework with check valve before pressure reducing

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