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  1. Plumbase Spares

    Your guide to BS 7593:2019

    Richard Crisp, Technical Project Manager at Fernox runs through the changes to BS 7593:2019 and explains what installers should do to ensure compliance: CLICK HERE to find out more
  2. CorgiDirect

    Water Regulations Guide From CORGI direct only £19.80 VAT FREE

    This is the essential guide to the legislation affecting water supply installations in the UK. Incorporating DETR Guidance and Water Industry Recommendations; this contains clear and detailed illustrations in colour throughout. Contents include: The Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations...
  3. M

    Horstmann Wiring Guide App

    Anyone been able to download the above, I can't seem to find it.
  4. T

    Underfloor heating

    Hi, is there a good book covering all aspects of underfloorheating? Cheers
  5. L

    Ribbed pipework after bending.

    Hi its me again. I am using the pipe guide on a hand held bender, but still gettin ribbed pipes on a 90 degree bend? Why is the bend not a clean 90 degree sweep? thanks!:tounge_smile:
  6. P

    Cooker Switch & Socket Distance from Gas Hob?

    Hello I need a little help, I cant for the life of me find what the Gas Regulations on the distance of the sockets / cooker switch need to be from the hob. IET Recomendation is 300mm but thats a recomendation only. From what I can find gas reg wise again recomendation of 300mm & fire...
  7. S

    Rothenberger pipe bending guides

    Hi, I have some rothenberger pipe benders and I have now just lost my second guide for it, as the guides are so expensive to replace I was just wondering if there are any cheaper brands that will fit my pipe bender. many thanks :)
  8. V

    Solar Heating Design & Installation Guide

    Good day everyone , can anyone tell me where to get a copy of the above guide please ? I have tried the CIPHE as it is their publication and I am a member , but they dont have any copies as it is being Updated . I think it was published first in 2007 . Or an...
  9. Meady

    Power flushing

    Can someone write up a step by step guide of how to do a powerflush on an open vented heating system. I've got a rough idea How to do them but just want to make sure as a mate of mine has asked if I can do one for him. Cheers
  10. W

    Room stat for a Glow Worm Ultimate 60f

    Help plaese. Is it possible to fit a room thermostat to a glow worm ultimate 60f? None of the manuals i have seen seem to mention it. I know the boiler is old but as it aint broke it dont need replacing. Any help would be a great help
  11. Z

    why is my baxi duo tec 2 combi Ga not letting me set the sensor curve

    Hi Does any one know why is my baxi duo tec 2 combi Ga does not let me set the sensor curve. For information, I have an outside sensor fitted (the recommended one). If you review the installation & servicing guide it suggests that the CH temperature reading normally displayed in the display...
  12. M

    Central heating pipe sizing

    Hi does anyone know any good websites or books that deal with sizing of central heating pipework?
  13. T

    Free Honeywell wiring app

    For all you modern guys (and gal) who use smart phones, this may be of interest App Store - Wiring Guide for Domestic Heating Systems by Honeywell It comes out for andriods in January.
  14. P

    Copper Pipe Bending

    Hi, Can anyone help? I am using a new Heavy Duty Pipe Bender and the 15mm pipe is throating/rippling. I am putting the guide on so I can't see where I am going wrong. :banghead: Thanks Sue
  15. A

    Please HELP!

    Hi, I have a MAIN Multipoint FF boiler. When I switch it on the green light flashes a couple of times then stops, then comes on the RED light and stays on constantly. In the background, there seem to be a fan or pump sound running. Please help with a diagnosis?? Link to User & install guide...
  16. D

    Worcester Bosch 350 combi

    Hi guys, looked at a boiler last night. quite funny, I stopped in my local curry house for a take away and noticed everyone was wearing their coats. Anyway, went into the kitchen which was chaos, and looked at their pig of a boiler. The DHW side has been capped off and next to it they have...
  17. C

    Problems with Huppe partially framed showers

    Hi I don't know if anyone may be able to assist but I am having problems with two Huppe shower enclosures that have just been professionally installed. They cost close to 2 grand each so I would expect decent quality and would therefore be interested to see if anyone out there has had similar...
  18. N

    Back boiler/fire

    Hi, Just need an issue cleared up with some of your help. If i have my gas ticket for boilers, when taking out a back boiler does this allow me to replace the fire and leave it working or will i need my ticket for fires to do so. My guess is that i would. Just thought i would see what u...
  19. D

    help with leadwork

    Hi just got asked to do a lead valley for customer but dont really do much leadwork but the way things are not to keen to turn them down any advice on overlap at top,methods etc thanks
  20. I

    Drayton Digistat 3 Thermostat/Climate Control Issue.. Please Help!

    Hi guys, am hoping someone will be able to help me out here as to the cause of my problem... I have a Saunier Duval Combi Boiler located in the loft to which is attached a wired Drayton Digistat 3 Thermostat climate controller located in the hallway near the front door! My problem is that I...

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