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In commutative algebra, a branch of mathematics, going up and going down are terms which refer to certain properties of chains of prime ideals in integral extensions.
The phrase going up refers to the case when a chain can be extended by "upward inclusion", while going down refers to the case when a chain can be extended by "downward inclusion".
The major results are the Cohen–Seidenberg theorems, which were proved by Irvin S. Cohen and Abraham Seidenberg. These are known as the going-up and going-down theorems.

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  1. Lou

    UPDATE: Plumbers apparently not meant to be going to customers homes unless emergency callout?!

    UPDATE: Plumbers apparently not meant to be going to customers homes unless emergency callout?! This was after further questioning to the prime minister. I'm trying to find the actual video or article for you.
  2. J

    Why is my cooker going out after a few minutes on my country duo 75

    Why is my cooker going out after a few minutes on my country duo 75 thanks
  3. D

    Rads going cold after about a week of being hot

    I guess this is going to be an airlock problem but I have tried to deal with it and I am getting nowhere. I have two rads at the end of the heating run and they get cold when others around the house are hot. Even though we live in a bungalow we do have a loft conversion with two rads upstairs...
  4. S

    Boiler not turning off

    Hi there I've got a Valliant echo plus 28 combi boiler and what I've noticed is that when I set the thermostat target to say 20 it keeps on going( not everytime tho) I changed the stat to a nest thinking that might be the problem but noticed that again when I set it to 20 I would look an hour...
  5. B

    Hello.. Plumber, going back on the tools??

    Hello All My name is Bill and have been a plumber for 35years. I have just returned from Australia where I was working as a plumbing inspector for 12 years! I have returned to the UK ( Ireland actually) and am considering getting back on the tools (probably just maintenance) .. Interested to...
  6. CorgiDirect

    Who's going to Installer 2019 ?

    Hi All Who's going to installer 2019 at coventry ?
  7. Ian10261

    MIRA 415 going cool intermittantly.

    Got called to sort out a Mira 415 going hot and cold intermittantly. First off checked filters, none in it and water at basin is hot. Changed cartridge in shower valve and its still doing the same thing according to the customer. System is mains pressure via a Worcester HiFlow, customer seems to...
  8. C

    Trianco Eurostar combi boiler going off

    Morning all, Can anyone shed some light on said boiler? It’s going off on unexpectedly. This is only the second time it’s done so in 3 weeks, boiler doesn’t go in to lockout. The first time was just after having heating oil tank topped up, but far as I can see oil is flowing freely to pump. The...
  9. M

    Going Self-employed, advice.

    Hey everyone. Hope you all had a good Christmas/New Years. I have to turn self-employed due to financial reasons on my bosses part. It kind of suits me to be honest because even though I've been working for him I have missed out on a lot of days over the years due to there being little work...
  10. A

    Advice for going self employed.

    Hi everyone, as the title says I'm looking at going self employed, I'm 31 and worked for 2 companies over the past 14 years so feel it's time for me to take control and be my own boss. Naturally I'm little nervous about what to expect and my biggest worry is keeping the work coming in. Most...
  11. C

    Gas Safe Costs Are Going Up

    Hi, I was talking to John this weekend and he told me from next year he’s putting the gas safe registration prices up. For instance for, non web registrations is going to be £280, paper registrations uses up more man hours. The main registrations for new gas safe applicants will be £420 for 1...
  12. D

    No water going to radiators

    Hi, non combi system and 7 radiators. 1 radiator swapped with system drained. All back on but no water going to any radiator. Any ideas? The little tank has water in it and stays level even after the drain.
  13. B

    Bristan Shower going hot and cold

    I have a Bristan Mixer shower that keeps going hot and cold, I have replaced the cartridge and non- return valves but still have the problem. In the same bathroom, but over the bath, I have another Bristan shower which is the same model which worked okay until I changed the cold feed non-return...
  14. S

    Going to be nvq2 but still not allowed to DIY at home?

    I was hoping for some clarification, I've just moved into our first home, and there a lot I want to do with it. One job is to install a wet room/small corner shower. I am currently employed as a general maintenance guy, and so a lot of plumbing at work. I'm confident I can do all the work...
  15. S

    Heatline C24 pressure going too high

    Hello, We have a heatline C24 boiler & when the heating is on the pressure gauge is going up into the red to as high as 3.5bar, When the heating is off it sits at around 1.3-1.5bar. I turned it off & waited a few hours for it to settle & drained some water via a radiator bleed valve to relieve...
  16. R

    Boiler going on randomly salus RF300 stat

    Guys first time in here I got anew boiler fitted about 7 months ago with aforementioned stat boiler all working well but about a month ago I got back from hols n it started to fire up itself no flame indicated on remote but receiver lite green as if getting a signal I reset the boiler & stat...
  17. mrhill32

    Advice please on Shower going hot cold hot cold

    Hi all, For some reason my shower will not stay hot, it is hot for about 30s and then will go cold for about 10s and repeats this. I have read forums and people say it could be the heat exchanger needing a clean or a sticky diverter valve but the taps for the sinks etc aren't doing this so...
  18. Savva

    S- plan with one valve on the flow & the other on the return...what's going on?

    I have a customer with an open vent s-plan system. One of the 2 port valves is on the flow and the other on the return!!! whats that about? Never seen this before, both Heating & HW seem to be working. The boiler needs replacing & I really want to understand how the system works before doing any...
  19. G

    going from 22mm pipe to 28mm?

    We have a fairly long loop of secondary return pipe from our h/w cylinder. The pipe is 22mm for about 3metres then increases to 28mm for the loop, then returns to 22mm for the last 3metres to the tank. We have to re-route this run and I'm wondering if there is any reason why it cannot all be...
  20. S

    Without lifting floor and adding a 90 bend. What can be done here.

    Like the title says, what can be done here without digging up and moving the sewer bend back. There was and old toilet here for over 30 years and only getting replaced now. There was a flexi on it and also sitting up on a concrete base that's been removed. I know what im suggesting isnt...

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