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  1. G

    Glow worm ultracom 30cxi ignition problem

    Hi, I am new to the forum and as a new home owner have a rather basic understanding of central heating systems! We have a main house and separate annexe which are supplied by two separate thermostats (Drayton digistat 2) which both run off the glow worm boiler. Without warning our heating did...
  2. B

    Manual for Grate glow santana fire

    Can anyone help me find the manual for the Grate glow santana gas fire please. Cant seem to find it online after hours of looking... :(
  3. C

    Has anyone fitted/ used/ replaced a Glow worm MiGo controller?

    I am looking to fit a remote controller for a customer who lives alone and works away a lot with a Glow worm boiler. I was looking at the Hive controller but see that Glow worm do their own version called MiGo. Has anyone had any experiences of this system - good or bad?
  4. phil hair

    glow worm ultracom 18hxi low flame problem

    hi, Im looking at a glow worm ultracom 18hxi that heats up to mid 70s/80s works for about 20 mins, then goes into low gas mode (one flame on display) and stays there for the rest of time. no heat in the water or rads. I have changed a 3 way valve (which was jammed with the black stuff) I then...
  5. A

    Glow worm/ valliant he

    30cxi combi. Fires up every time on ch demand. Hot water demand fails. Burner lights but doesn't sence flame and locks out. Fault code f1. Have adjusted gas pressure but no change. I feel mixture is all wrong on full power but fga and gas rate is fine. Maybe fan speed all out? On this boiler...
  6. T

    Glow Worm Ultimate 30 C hot water but no heating.

    Hi everyone, hope you're all well and hopefully someone will be able to help with a problem I have. The boiler seems to fire up with heating no problem at the start of a program but will randomly stop heating. There are no error codes on the boiler and the thermostat (Climapro 2RF) shows no...
  7. S

    Does a Glow worm 18sxi need a constant live

    I have a glow worm 18sxi, in having a few problems and my insurance are saying its because it doesnt have a constant live so they wont cover the problem as it was installed this way 13 years ago. So does it have to have a constant live?
  8. C

    Glow worm boiler issues

    Hi, We have a glow worm ultimate boiler (see pics) , we are new to the house but know it's around 20 years old, regularly serviced. Since last week we have had various issues: First the fuse blew, changed it. It then blew again and tripped all sockets. Changed to a 5amp. Hot water and heat...
  9. scott_d

    Glow worm energy boilers

    Anyone fitting these? Can you pay to extend the warranty to 10 years like Vaillant?
  10. R

    Glow worm not heating rads

    Hi chaps, hope you can help I have a Glow worm Ultracom 38cxi, HW is fine but CH is not working I turned it on last week and all went well but I struggled to turn it off so I just shut down everything, it appeared to be back to normal, all lights on, all controls OK, water heats ok, today I...
  11. C

    Glow worm Boiler Ignition Fault

    I am a new poster to this forum - not a heating professional, but a householder looking for advice. please. I have a Glow worm 18hxi boiler with Magnatech installed in 2006 by a local engineer who has serviced it regularly and comprehensively every year - very competent, has done a lot of work...
  12. Steve weightman

    Glow worm protherm 40/50 ci behaving weird

    Hi folks a letting agency boiler I've been asked to diagnose and repair the first visit the fans on but no sparking first thought was aps and the orange light on the pcb was also telling me so it's the pcb with the two fuse. So new aps fitted now I have the orange light to say aps proved and...
  13. L

    Glow worm 24ci not working

    Hi there, we have a glow worn 24ci boiler which won't kick in, keeps flashing 0.4 with a red light above. Have tried to Google it to see how to re-pressurise but nothing has helped. Does anyone have any suggestions please?
  14. Inverness

    Glow worm betcom 4. Making noises

    hi guys, replaced a combi swap a few months ago and customer has contacted me, saying sometimes when they open kitchen cold tap the boiler makes a noise but doesn't fire up? I connected hot and cold correct way if your asking lol. The mains pressure is very high could this be causing problems...
  15. B

    Glow worm ultimate pcb

    went out to a customer and found the pub burnt out. It’s an old ultimate 30ff. Found the replacement part number via glow worm archive and contacted Wolseley to get a price. There does however seem to be a discrepancy. Glow worms part number is for a two fuse pcb, wolsely don’t list the...
  16. R

    Valliant Glow Worm Heater Exchange - Pro Therm 80e

    Hi Everyone, Does anyone know if the heater exchange (0020025264) from a Valliant Glow Worm will fit into a Pro Therm 80e? Thanks Rob
  17. C

    Glow worm Boiler advice

    Hello all, new member, first post.. After some advice on a Glow Worm Flexicom 30hx boiler before I throw more money at it. It is having troubles lighting up when the temperature is below about 5°c. It tries to start as normal, fan runs and you hear a woompf as the gas ignites but it then...
  18. Inverness

    Space saving frame for a betcom 4 glow worm

    Do you know if you can get a space spacing frame to project the boiler further out than hard to the wall.
  19. Steve weightman

    glow worm fuelsaver manual needed

    really would be appreciated if any one has the glow worm fuelsaver 40br installation manual to hand having to do many visits to get it sorted out.
  20. N

    Glow worm 15hxi - dripping water

    Hi, over the last couple of days I’ve noticed that there's water dripping from the corner of the boiler. This only happens when the boiler is in use. Up to now the boiler is functioning and heating water and central heating. I would just like to be advised whether this is going to be a major...

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