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gas engineers

Gas Safe Register is the official gas registration body for the United Kingdom, Isle of Man and Guernsey, appointed by the relevant Health and Safety Authority for each area. By law all gas engineers must be on the Gas Safe Register.Gas Safe Register replaced CORGI as the gas registration body in Great Britain and Isle of Man on 1 April 2009 and Northern Ireland and Guernsey on 1 April 2010.The purpose of the Gas Safe Register is to protect the public from unsafe gas work. It does this in two main ways, operation of the Register itself e.g. ensuring that the list of competent and qualified engineers is accurate and up-to-date, inspecting the work of Gas Safe registered engineers and investigating reports of illegal gas work. The second area is to conduct public awareness campaigns to raise awareness of gas safety issues.

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  1. G

    Commercial Gas Engineers Required - Various locations - South England

    We are looking for Commercial Gas Engineers to join a Major company on various projects around South of England primarily working on Gas Service / Mains replacement activities. Excellent Salary and Benefits, permanent position. Relocation payment can be discussed. Please get in touch if...
  2. P

    Adverts and Subscription?

    Hi, I've subscribed but still plagued with adverts. Does it take time to activate? Thanks, Paul
  3. F

    URGENT Gas safety certificates

    Hi all gas engineers. While doing landlord’s gas safety , if gas hob do not have data badge or manual . How can we test it for safe to use ??
  4. P

    Gas Engineers - charge out rates - West Midlands

    Hi All My husband and I are re looking at the finances for the business and I wanted to ensure the company still remains competitive with prices charged. So I was wondering what roughly everyone charges as a day rate around Birmingham/West Midlands Experience over 15 years, gas and plumbing...
  5. J

    Looking for experience

    Hi guys I’m hoping I find some luck here, I have currently finished my MLP gas course and soon to go in for my ACS exam for my CCN1 in a few months. I also hold my city and guilds in plumbing level 2, vented and unvented certs. I am currently looking for a few days of work experience where by I...
  6. J

    Conflicting advice from different gas engineers, confused!

    Hi, I'm posting here really for a second opinion as we're a bit confused right now! I'll try and be brief. We're renovating a house which we've completely stripped back, as part of the renovations we had a local gas engineer company come out and run new pipework for our gas supply, hot and...
  7. G

    Plumber & Gas Engineers - Dunstable, Luton, Milton Keynes

    About Us: Gas safe registered and Green Deal Approved, Absolute Plumbing and Gas Solutions Ltd are a leading provider of plumbing, boiler and central heating services within Luton, Milton Keynes and Dunstable to domestic and commercial sectors. Most of our professionals have 25 years of...
  8. Sid Viscous

    Self isolation exemption for gas engineers?

    Evening chaps, anyone happen to know if gas service engineers are exempt from self isolation if they've been abroad? I've checked the Gov website which mentions workers in the gas supply industry but it's a bit vague. Also checked GS website, again not much help...
  9. J

    Gas patio heater service

    Anybody know local firm in Edinburgh Scotland who can carry out a service to a gas patio heater. Tried out the usual cleaning of pilot etc but burner ignites for minutes and starts giving a roaring noise and yellow flame. Could it be a gas/air mixture problem. Thanks.
  10. T

    Recruiting Gas Engineers (Domestic) and Site Installers

    Recruitment opportunities available. If you’re an experienced gas engineer or plumber in the West London area, then please do not hesitate in contacting us. As a growing business we have regular positions become available. We have 2 companies both focused on different aspects of plumbing and...
  11. Windy

    Document bag/forms/stickers

    I have just passed my ACS and am looking for some kind of zipped folder for my gas books/forms/stickers that's easy to open and take on the road. can anyone suggest one?
  12. A

    Flues (AR and ID) would like to lnow what fellow gas engineers think of this grey area

    Horizontal and vertical flues Existing installations no clips on extensions definitely AR? Or defect? Bit of a grey area, also self tapper screws? Ar or defect? If flue has neither but is solid would you leave on?
  13. E

    I am looking for help to complete my gas course

    Hi all hope all is well I am 24 with a NVQ L1 & L2 in plumbing, I wanted to further my skills and become gas safe, I have started college and have completed all my theory and practical in class and I have hit a brick wall. I had someone that was gas registered and now has had something come up...
  14. J murton

    Need my boiler moved any reputable gas engineers in tonbridge area

    Hi Can anyone recommend a good gas/boiler engineer in Tonbridge, Kent who would move my boiler. It’s currently in the kitchen and id like it outside in the outbuilding/old outdoor toilet which is literally 2 foot away. Thanks
  15. I

    Gas Engineers > What is the correct procedure attending a boiler breakdown?

    Hi there guys i know this might sound like a silly question. I am a new learner (not qualified yet) and i just want to know the correct procedures on what you should do in an event of a boiler breakdown. For example lets say if the boiler is leaking... Do you Isolate water and gas to the boiler...
  16. M

    This could help all Gas Engineers and Plumbers!

    Hi All, my name is Matt and I am from the heating industry, over 30 years. Please read this as it could definitely help your business. I'm a member of An app already and I've found it great, especially receiving the rebates on products. I've copied this article from another forum (actually a gas...
  17. M

    This could help all Gas Engineers and Plumbers!

    Hi All, my name is Matt and I am from the heating industry, over 30 years. Please read this as it could definitely help your business. I'm a member of Tradehelp already and I've found it great, especially receiving the rebates on products. I've copied this article from another forum (actually a...
  18. T

    jealous gas engineers

    I have noticed all the gas engineers putting people of from going into the trade. Why can you guys provide some assistance instead of always complaining that there is no money in it? As a property developer, I know how much you guys can make. We all know the real reason is you guys are...
  19. L

    Plumbers and gas engineers needed in north london

    DELTA are looking for experienced plumbers and gas safe qualified engineers in north london to cover residential boiler installations, repairs, services, landlord gas certificates, water softeners, nest thermostats & general plumbing maintenance's.
  20. M

    Looking for Gas Engineers across the Country

    Hiya I work for a Gas Fire Manufacturer based in Stoke on Trent as the Service Supervisor and we are looking for engineers across the country who would be interested in taking on our gas fire warranty work. If this would be of interest please drop me a message and I will send you some more...
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