Freezing is a phase transition where a liquid turns into a solid when its temperature is lowered below its freezing point. In accordance with the internationally established definition, freezing means the solidification phase change of a liquid or the liquid content of a substance, usually due to cooling. Although some authors differentiate solidification from freezing as a process where a liquid turns into a solid by increasing the pressure, the two terms are used interchangeably.
For most substances, the melting and freezing points are the same temperature; however, certain substances possess differing solid–liquid transition temperatures. For example, agar displays a hysteresis in its melting point and freezing point. It melts at 85°C (185°F) and solidifies from 32°C to 40°C (89.6°F to 104°F).

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  1. T

    Prevent Outside Tap Feed Freezing

    I had an outside tap fitted by a professional plumber last autumn. During the recent cold weather the feed pipe under the kitchen sink froze and the compression joint where the pipe enters an isolation valve now leaks. The outside tap was covered for the winter by an insulating blanket. I...
  2. M

    How to discharge a rising pumped outlet to avoid freezing.

    Im looking to install a saniflo or similar, with the outlet rising up through a flat roof and into a soil stack above. The problem is, this obviously poses a frost risk. Ideally I would like to have a method of draining back the contents of the pipework above the roof level once the pumping...
  3. P

    freezing 8mm/10mm plastic CH pipe, is it ok?

    Hi, I have a leak on the live side of one of my rads, in the GF loo. Its a condensing combi system, the house is only 5 years old, so fairly new. The leak is at the bottom compression fitting on the lockshield rad valve. The rad is a chromed steel towel rail, and the valve is brass/copper, the...
  4. J

    To install pipe thermostat to prevent freezing?

    A few days ago the Bosch engineer came to house to check the built-in frost protection in my boiler, he said the built-in frost protection is only for boiler; I also should have installed a pipe frost protection or pipe thermostat, as the issue on the day was about built-in frost protection, now...
  5. SMB

    Freezing plastic micro bore 10mm pipe

    Hi, I need to remove a radiator fed by 10mm plastic barrier pipe, in a pressurised central heating system. I can get under the floor to the pipes. Is it OK to freeze the pipe so that it can be capped, so that I don’t have to drain down? Thanks. RB
  6. Z

    How do I prevent water meter from freezing?

    Attached is a photo of my water meter, installed on the inside of an exterior wall. During the winter months, I am living elsewhere. So there is no water movement. Because the basement is unheated, the water meter has been a casualty of freezing even though the water main is always shut off...
  7. D

    Can a mains water pipe be run through an integral garage? It's to feed a washing machine used 2-3 times a week. Is there a risk of the pipes freezing?

    Can a mains water pipe be run through an integral garage? It's to feed a washing machine used 2-3 times a week. Is there a risk of the pipes freezing?
  8. A

    pipe freezing machine??

    hi chaps - thinking about investing in one - not sure to go rothenberger or arctic products...any suggestions? pros and cons? much appreciated! thanks dave
  9. S

    Valiant AtmoTEC no filling loop - please help! Freezing

    For the life of me I can’t find the filling loop anywhere in the house it’s giving me a f22 error code
  10. Bogart

    Anyone used this freezing kit?

    Looking for a cheap freezing kit and came across this for the money looks good. Have used in the past the arctic where one measures out the freeze spray by means of a balance this looks a lot simpler. I just need it for the odd times I may need to shut off a rad or tap...
  11. M

    URGENT Freezing pipe prevention

    I wish to prevent freezing pipes during winter when my house is empty several months I understand there is a special programme for this purpose. Please indicate how to program this on my Bosch CR 400 EMS Control Unit using as little oil as possible. Which is the lowest outside temperature I can...
  12. V

    Stopping condensate waste freezing

    My condensate waste has only frozen up once and caused the boiler to switch off, this was on a particularly cold night. I thought of the following way of stopping the boiler switching off in the event of it freezing up again. The pipe drops out of the boiler vertically and then runs horizontally...
  13. C

    piping to condensate trap to avoid freezing

    I have just had a new combi boiler fitted by an approved and Which recommended installer but I noticed that the condensate trap/soakaway was only 70 mm (should be 500 mm) from the house wall. It was not practical to link to grids which were a full house length away (poor boiler siting in my...
  14. Last Plumber

    Freezing Machine Service,

    How much does it cost to have a Rofrost Turbo Serviced ? Where did you send it ? How long did it take them to get it back to you ?
  15. A

    Vaillant ecotec plus installed and one freezing radiator

    Good morning, Can someone help me please? I've had my kitchen extended and was advised by my builder to buy a Vaillant ecotec plus boiler as it would be able to accomodate at least 20 radiators (I now have 7 and a heated towel rail). The plumber came in and attached a hose pipe to the radiator...
  16. Stanios

    Pipe Freezing

    Hi all, Just been to a job, ceised stopcock no outside isolation, I froze the pipe below stopcock took it off was going to put the new on old nut and olive but alas it didn't want to fit properly as olive was too far down. Only option was olive cutters at this point and I decided to just put...
  17. S

    Freezing 3yr old son's bedroom HELP!

    Hi Moved into a property last year, combi system installed 3-5 years ago. Ready to start ripping radiators out as heating system is doing my head in with hours spent trying to resolve an issue with poor rate of heating on 2 radiators and a 3yr old encased in ice most mornings as a result...
  18. J

    Radiator removal

    Good evening, i was wondering if i could get some advice. basically i have some kitchen units going in against a wall, which currently has a really short but long radiator on it. i had planned to turn off the heating system, fit two freezing collars around the pipes cut and removed old...
  19. P

    Help, I'm freezing!

    Hi. I had a new Worcester condensing boiler fitted two years ago. There are 2 pumps and as it's in a small dark cupboard I only recently noticed that one has a small leak at the join and as a result the pump looks corroded on the outside. It's a very small leak but there is at least one drip...
  20. U

    Please help with re pressuring our boiler

    Hi, I'm hoping someone can help. We tried to bleed the radiators as they were cold at the tops. On the third no water came out, checked the pressure on the boiler and it's at zero. We now can't figure out how to re pressurise it and we have no hot water or heating. It's literally freezing...
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