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Freeze-drying—technically known as lyophilisation, lyophilization, or cryodesiccation—is a dehydration process typically used to preserve a perishable material or make the material more convenient for transport. Freeze-drying works by freezing the material and then reducing the surrounding pressure to allow the frozen water in the material to sublimate directly from the solid phase to the gas phase.

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  1. T

    rothenberger eco freeze stopped working

    Hi can anyone help my eco freezer not going lower than -4 tank is full and no air locks help is it dead
  2. C

    Freeze master or Rothenburg rofrost

    Hi all, Freeze master 280 or Rothenburg rofrost 28?? Which is the better and why?? I have read that the clamps with bungee straps on the freeze master can get into awkward spots but what's the reliability like on both? Figure if I'm going to be spending around £800 I may as well ask the people...
  3. W

    Freeze Master Machine 350D

    Freeze Master 350D machine. A bit hit and miss, hence the price - could do with servicing, or it's possible to send them to Freezemaster for complete overhaul. £200 including carriage.
  4. moonlight

    Freeze master servicing

    I think one of the arms on my Freeze master may be failing? It seems to take longer to freeze. Has anyone had theirs serviced and how much does it cost? Thanks in advance.
  5. Stanios

    Pipe Freezing

    Hi all, Just been to a job, ceised stopcock no outside isolation, I froze the pipe below stopcock took it off was going to put the new on old nut and olive but alas it didn't want to fit properly as olive was too far down. Only option was olive cutters at this point and I decided to just put...
  6. X

    Holding a 3 port valve

    Hi is it possible to hold a vaccum with bungs and change a 3 port valve, and it is 3 openings and I believe you can only have 2 openings, if not does anyone have any other solutions without draining down, or any other tips. thanks
  7. N

    Magnetic Filter Location

    Good morning all A quick question where do you install the mag filter on an external boiler installation? I know ideally it should be on the boiler return at its lowest point before the boiler. I am just a bit concerned about freezing etc. As I don't want it installed in the loft either which...
  8. P

    What's The Minimum Length Of Pipe I Need To Get A Freeze Kit On?

    Bit of a tricky one. The stop tap in pavement is very old and does nothing. Water co says 10 months to come out and replace!!! The stop tap inside the Victorian house is under an access panel in floor inside front door as the tap is in void under ground floor. The pipe from under garden is lead...
  9. T

    Electric pipe freezer

    Honestly are they worth the money? I keep looking at them wondering if one will save me time. I always have a couple cans of freeze squirt on the van don't tend to use a great deal. Has anyone got one and its it of much use
  10. M

    Condensate pipe

    I have a 32mm condensate pipe sticking out the wall for a combi. It comes out the wall about 1m from the ground. It then needs to turn left and travel 3m where it will join right at the bottom of a soil pipe through a strap on boss. My question is - can I put the 3m bit (as long as it is...
  11. P

    spider main

    on a dry rot/damp job, ripped the kitchen out today, the main stop tap and pipework is corroded quite bad, (ill add photo tomorrow) id like to swap the tap but can not find a external tap anywhere, I know its a spider main but cant find the tap, any ideas
  12. F

    Rothenberger Eco pipe freezer

    Morning all I've had my Rothenberger eco pipe freezer kit for about 1 year now, it was 2nd-hand when I got it but had only been used a couple of times. All was fine when I first got it & I've used it about 30-ish times since. With no real problems. But I needed to freeze 2 15mm central...
  13. T

    Electric Pipe Freezer

    Any views on which is the best, most reliable and most efficient? Last I heard it was the freeze master. Are there any new contenders to the crown?
  14. J

    Freezing pipes

    hi not posted for a while, i have a lockshield to change tomorrow and have to freeze due to size of system only using disposable stuff any help or advice much appreciated how much distance do you need before the valve to freeze it thankyou in advance :)
  15. G

    Rothenberg pipe freezer

    Does anyone own one of these and what's your verdict on performance. Thinking of getting one
  16. Neil T

    pipe freeze near boiler

    i've got a job coming up to install a rad in garage conversion near to the boiler. was thinking of freezing the pipes to T pipework off to rad to save draining system but was wondering what minimum distance should be from boiler, as dont want to do any damage to the boiler? was also looking at...
  17. M

    Pipe freezing

    Alright guys, going to get a kit or take advice otherwise Basic use everyday, what would be best one to get, baring in mind I have never used one but think if I had I would use more, What do you lot think!!??
  18. J

    Unvented D2 Pipework.

    Does the discharge pipe from Tundish have to be sleeved when passing through a wall?
  19. P

    Leaking pipe in ceiling

    I'm back with another question. I'm going to repair a leaking 10mm heating pipe tomorrow. Water has rotted the plasterboard ceiling so will be accessing the pipe through the ceiling. It's a big system in a 5 bed house so don't really want to drain the system. I can't decide whether to bung the...
  20. K

    pipe freezing kit

    Hi all any one know of a decent pipe freezing kit out there dont want to buy a rubbish one something that will do up to 28mm thanks

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