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flow rate

  1. R

    Does air lock affect flow rate in UFH

    Hi all, having issues with my underfloor heating . Flow doesn’t stay hot as return just stays cold even though boiler is operating as it should . My question is does an airlock reduce the flow rates ? I can get good flow 4+ ltr / min through the loops but still the return and hence flow stays...
  2. M

    Thermal store combi boiler, hot water flow rate.

    Can anyone tell me the hot water flow rate on a thermal store combi boiler? As opposed. To a 40kw combi that will deliver nearly 16litres per minute. And any recommendations for a good thermal store boiler thanks.
  3. T

    HIU Flow Rate Dropping

    Hi All I live in a new build block of flats. We all have HIUs. This model. Type 2 HIU Connection for Primary & Secondary Heating Circuits - Switch2 - The entity that owns the system didnt maintain it very well so they just had to flush the whole...
  4. L

    low flow rate, undecided on options.

    Hi I have an old property with a Low flow rate coming in from Mains. Old black imperial pipe from a long run. This is not a simple job to replace so looking for other options. It currently has 5 bar on standing but drops off as soon as one tap or shower is used. <1 bar. The property is being...
  5. J

    Higher Flow rate required

    Hi there, I'm away to first fix 3 x 1 bedroom flats. There is is One Cold supply in basement below flats, the pressure/flow rate isn't great. Without getting council to Install a bigger service is it possible to install a pump or Cold main booster to give adequate flow rate to these...
  6. J

    Higher Flow rate needed

    Hi there, I am about 1st fix 3 x 1 bedroom flats, small 15 litre water heaters under basins and sinks. Electric showers. Problem is there is One 25mm (poly) cold feed with low pressure. Without involving Council for Larger supply to property is it possible to install a suitable pump...
  7. A

    Version boiler flow rate.

    I have decided to go for the Version boiler when I get my system upgraded but I currently have a Glowworm 35 store which gives lashings off hot water which ilike, so I'm looking at the 111-w as its the same performance as the glow worm, I did initially go for the 100w button I was a bit...
  8. townfanjon

    Gas flow rate table. .

    Guys , do any of you fine chaps have the figures for 35 mm copper tube flow rates ( 3 , 6 , 9 meters etc etc ) only one I have goes up to 28 mm . Cheers in advance
  9. R

    Flow rate of 20mm MDPE

    Hi Not sure if this is the right forum but i wanted advise on flow rates coming into a house. I have an incoming blue MDPE 20mm pipe that terminates into some kind of connector that goes to 15mm copper. From here into a stop tap and then to the rest of the house. Testing the flow rate at...
  10. T

    Flow rate on Intergas Boiler

    Hi I am thinking about buying a small intergas boiler. The HRE 24/18. It is a 17kw boiler but the house i rent out is a 2 bed terrace. It has a bathroom with bath and a shower over it run off the boiler. My concern is the low Flow rate on this boiler. Has anyone had any issues with it .
  11. Richard Lindsay

    New boiler flow rate not improved

    Just had a new 35kw boiler installed. Everything working well except that I expected the hot water flow rate to be improved. I had a 20 year old 28kw boiler replaced. The new boiler is rated for 14 litres per min of hot water. I measured the outside tap and get 20 litres per min at 2 bar. The...
  12. M

    poor flow rate for multiple showers

    My sons house has three showers but none seem to be any good water pressure seems ok(2.5bar) but flow rate about 10ltr min but it drops off if a second tap is opened ,the house is 150mtr from the road so a long newish 25mm supply pipe from main supply ( which just to make it a bit more a problem...
  13. S

    Water flow rate calculation - not enough water for 2 showers

    We live in a new build and have a 150l unvented tank attached to an Ideal Logic Heat H15. The house is 4 bed, approx 1500 sqft and has 3 toilets, 1 shower and 1 bath. We don't have excessively long showers, maybe 20 minutes in total for both of us. Sometimes we can get 2 showers but we rush...
  14. R

    Flow rate at a shower

    I'm sure this is a basic, but I can't get my head around it right now. I'm trying to work out what sort of flow I can offer a customer in a retrofit situation. I'd like to be able to say 'option 1 will give you x litres per minute' (stated x being slightly lower than calculated, just in case).
  15. D

    Incoming mains 3bar flow rate 16litre permin

    3bed house 2 shower 2sink 11rads What size combo boiler please
  16. J

    Pipe size and peak flow rate for converted flats

    Hello everyone, I have a building to be converted to 8 residential flats. It will be 7 one bedroom and 1 two bedroom flats which have one bathroom, one kitchen including washing machine but no dishwasher in each flat. I submitted the application to the water company to add 7 more water meters. I...
  17. Tommy Abdy Collins

    How Can I increase shower drain flow rate

    I have fitted a shower tray using the drain provided which has a 40mm drain. The drain is not coping with the output of water from the shower head. If I fit a larger diameter pipe to the 40mm outlet, will this increase the volume of water being drained? - even though it will start by exiting...
  18. L

    Can anyone help?? New kitchen tap

    Hello, I'm a DIY'er I've bought and fitted a new kitchen mixer tap, hardly anything comes out from either the hot or cold when turned On, just a constant dribble, I've got a combi set up all pipework is run in 15mm, The bath and sink taps are okay, although if the cold tap is running on the bath...
  19. M

    2004 vokera Linea 35he dhw flow rate?

    Hi guys as above does anyone know what the dhw flow rate was on a vokera Linea 35he fitted in 2004. This is the current boiler fitted (I believe, as paperwork does not state capacity and nowhere on the boiler is there a GC number, kw rating or serial number. Aswell as the fact the original...
  20. S

    Boiler flow rate versus shower unit.

    We've just replaced our old Vaillant combi boiler with a new Worcester. The domestic hot water supplies a shower unit and three mixer taps. With the Vaillant the DHW worked fine but not so with the Worcester. When using any of the mixer taps, and particularly the shower, the boiler keeps...