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  1. B

    22mm Copper pipe through flat felt roof

    Howdy Guys Any ideas or suggestions for putting a copper pipe through a felt roof? I have to run a gas pipe up through the garage roof. Through the roof is the shortest, cleanest solution. But, I'm not sure how to seal it well, if indeed its possible. Any suggestions gratefully received. Many...
  2. Z

    Draining down in a flat

    I'm just wondering if anyone had any tips for draining down a heating system etc in a flat where you can't run a hose all the way out so has to be done all within the flat, but doesn't have a shower tray so the hose has to go up and over into a toilet etc. I sometimes use a wet and dry vac but...
  3. M

    Tyneside flat- bathroom drainage issues

    Bit of wierd one but here goes. Live in a Tyneside flat (Think Terraced house split in two). With a modernish kitchen and bathroom extension into the front yard for both houses and this is mirrored for the neighbours. The bath and sink last Sunday in my place were blocked and didn't drain...
  4. T

    Heating in flat issue

    I live in a 2 bedroom flat. The kitchen and lounge are one room. I have a combination boiler for water and central heating. There are standard radiators in all rooms that have TRVs except the lounge/kitchen area, this has 2 smaller radiators with no TRV. The thermostat is on the wall in the...
  5. A

    low water pressure in flat

    Hi, I am a newbie in this forum, so my apology if I posted my question in the wrong forum. The water pressure in my flat has dropped to very low pressure, which allows for only one tab at a time to be operational. It happened end of July and is continuous low 24h. There seems to be no obvious...
  6. D

    London Flat Living: Issues with Leaks from upstairs!

    Hi, I've had 5 leaks from my upstairs neighbour in the last 18 months and I've had enough. I believe that the joint seals are coming to the end of their lifespan as nothing has been touched since the renovation and install over 40 years ago. My questions there a way to identify...
  7. N

    Pipe seal for flat roof

    Hi I want to run a 15mm pipe through a felted flat roof. Does anyone know of a collar or seal I can use to weather it?
  8. A

    Help with moving kitchen to new wall within a flat - can it be done?

    I live in a flat and wish to move the kitchen from one wall to another to make far better use of the space (essentially 90 degrees and up a bit - phot attached). Assuming of course that this is allowed within the lease, I was wondering if this sounds physically possible and a likely idea of the...
  9. A

    Water softener flat help

    Hi all, I moved to a new flat recently and want to install a water softener (same I used to have in my old flat). However I have been told that it will not be possible to install it in the new flat as the cold water and hot water have a different entrance (cold water under the sink and hot...
  10. M

    Flat 12L potable expansion vessel

    I can find lots of the above for Boiler installation, but assume for potable water they would be different internally (lined) due to possible cross contamination to the drinking water, anyone know where I can find one?
  11. B

    Please help - Installing soil pipe over flat roof

    Hi there, let me just start by saying I am looking for some advice on doing my first 'big' DIY project of turning a small bedroom into a bathroom, specifically with the toilet. I want to put the toilet below the window on an external wall which is upstairs and overlooks a flat roof, the...
  12. C

    Burst pipe in my flat

    I have currently had a burst pipe in my flat, I was going away for a long time and I was trying to turn off my main water supply for the flat. I have a unvented cylinder system. First, I turned off the switch for the cylinder, then I turn the handle of the three shutoff valves (one is above the...
  13. G

    Possible "water hammering" in flat....

    Hi All - I have a problem with rattling pipes when water is turned on in my flat. I'm top floor of a 3 storey development (c10 years old) Issue has only been prevalent in the last 8-10 weeks but has gotten gradually worse. The pipes rattle when water is turned on but appears to be concentrated...
  14. I

    Gas issues with a office to flat conversion

    Hi I’m working on a project office to flats conversion. The main problem is the gas. We can’t find a place where to run the guys pipes because there’s no place for a shaft. I just need a little bit more information from some professionals before I’m meeting the client. - if I’m running the gas...
  15. DripsnDropsBognor

    I need a old style sink with flat upstand on back that slots into iron frame

    Had a tap washer job go from bad to worse today. Managed to snap a basin trying to free off a stuck tap worst part is the customer wants what they had which is not very easy to come by... 550mm twyfords. Any ideas? Williams sell a 560mm that looks great but unsure if it will sit on brackets as...
  16. the_d_o_t

    VAT question on the flat rate scheme in relation to charging for materials

    Hi Guys i just want to double check before i go ahead that i have this right, i have just gone on the flat rate scheme for vat and i have just realised that if i pick up and make purchase of a boiler for say £1000 from my supplier and only charge the customer the £1000 that i paid for it...
  17. T

    Newbie Help Please re renovating bathroom in my new flat.

    We have just purchased a small ( 47 sq mtr) one bedroom 2nd floor , centrally situated retirement flat in town centre. Purpose built block in 1998 - original heating/water system. No gas. The flat has two old and ugly yellowing ! original storage heaters , one in bedroom and one in lounge -.
  18. P

    Neighbours flat activates my boiler.

    My neighbour upstairs, when their boiler turns on in the morning and evening my boiler makes a firing up noise for continues for about an hour. Any suggestions? Ps. My water pressure is also affected when they turn on their water.
  19. S

    Combi boiler for 1 bed flat?

    My Daughter is looking to get the Combi boiler replaced in her one bedroom flat. The existing boiler is a very old Vaillant unit which is developing problems - it needs to be reset regularly. She has had quotes from British Gas and from an independent company. British Gas proposed a Vaillant...
  20. G

    Electric Storage Heaters (off gas - 1-bed flat)

    Hi Guys, My brother in law is buying a flat at moment that has old style storage heaters. He asked my advice but it's not something I've ever actually dealt with. He can't get gas and it's only a small 1-bedroom first floor flat. I thought maybe get off Economy 7 and put a new style electric...