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  1. milleniumaire

    How to fix leaking tap - but not leaking from the usual place!

    Around 4 years ago I installed a Swirl Magellan Bath Shower Mixer Tap onto a bath. This tap looks something similar to the following in terms of the design: Separate hot and cold taps, with pull up to divert water to the shower head. The underneath of the tap and the tap heads actually look...
  2. S

    Replace Kitchen Tap with fix copper pipes with one with flexible pipes

    Good evening, In my kitchen I have got a tap with fixed copper tube that they fit in a plastic but in grey ( see picture1). Can I fit in the grey pipes this tap with flexible pipes? Is there an adaptor between them? What is the name of it? (Picture 2) Thanks
  3. P

    Toilet push flush - how to fix cable back in place?

    Hi , hoping someone may be able to advise - seems like this should be easy... Came home to find that my wife had had a problem with the push button on toilet (sticking). She had taken it apart as below. I understand that the button should push down where I've drawn an arrow and the cable...
  4. Z

    How to fix a squeaky acrylic shower base in a condo?

    Hello everyone, I moved into a condo unit and it came with this nice glass enclosure shower. Its one of those with 2 sliding glass doors on an acrylic base. I believe the brand is Ove Decors, the model is Montebello. So i noticed lately...
  5. B

    How to fix creaking/unstable shower bath

    Hi All, new to this so not sure if I'm posting in the right section. I'll try my best to explain! I have recently had an L-Shaped shower bath installed, and it squeaks and creaks heavily when standing in the 'L' end of the bath. The cause of this problem is that our floor does not...
  6. O

    How do I fix this leaky tap?

    Hello all, newbie here so be kind please. We have a leaky tap in our bathroom and not 100% sure how to go about fixing it. It’s the cold tap that’s causing the drip, but not sure how to take it off and service it. Any help is greatly appreciated. See pictures for the tap 😊
  7. K

    Neighbour refusing to fix her noisy Water supply pipes

    Hello there, I'm new on here and would like to ask if anyone has practical advice. I live in a converted house hence I live in the flat on the first floor and my neighbor on the ground floor. The water supply is via a single supply from the street which splits (either underground or in the...
  8. P

    how fix broken faucet?

    screw broke off. dont want to remove wall.
  9. April Banawa

    Roman bath nightmare, cannot fix the leak

    Hi all!! Deperately in need of some help from someone in the know. I have recently had my whole house refurbished and put a roman/ tiled bath on the first floor. It has been nothing but grief. Everyone is pointing fingers but I need a solution. The area has been tanked twice but it's still...
  10. A

    New Build Advice First Fix

    Hi, I wanted to ask you guys for some advice. How would you advise to run radiator pipes in new build flats? The floors are all concrete, someone advised to run them in the floor before the screed goes in? Your advice and help is appreciated. Thanks
  11. Roy_66

    Loo Cold Feed and Overflow Rework / 2nd Fix Feed Plumbing (Part 3)

    This post just for interest/comment so please only read if you have spare time. Following on from previous post soldering the elbow connection in the wall: Loo Cold Feed and Overflow Rework / Soldering Precuations (Part 2) . . . completed the 2nd fix plumbing as follows: Note the felt...
  12. D

    New build first fix help needed

    Have been sadly let down by a plumber and doing the first fix for a new build. I have questions regarding the correct procedure for chasing in pipework behind what will be dot and dabbed.. Its 3 bed bungalow with 9 radiators in total. I was planning on running lagged plastic22mm flow /.
  13. J

    How to fix leak after installing new kitchen tap

    Recently installed a new kitchen tap, installation went smoothly until tightening the second flex pipe onto the existing pipework when tightening the whole section just started to spin round. It spins in either direction with no direction seeming to tighten anything, not loose enough to turn by...
  14. A

    Ideal Logic Combi Flame Loss problem - advice needed

    Hi! I bought a house with a boiler installed Ideal Logic 30 Combi. I don't have warranty on it, although it's rather new, of 2015. The whole system has been drained flashed and resealed. When I moved in I was just using hot water. When I switched on CH mode, boilers makes a noise before...
  15. H

    New combi boiler or fix current

    So me and my partner bought our first house in May. The previous owners skimped out on every part of the house possible, bodge jobs galore. We have remedied the majority of them. The last area to look at is the combi boiler, it has given us a few problems since we moved in and now coming up to...
  16. D

    2nd fix bathroom advice please

    Hi guys, I'm about to install a new shower bath, basin, toilet and radiator. The plumber isn't able to do the rest of the work and I need it doing asap. I have to do the rest myself this week but I'm unsure what parts I need to finish the job off. I've posted pics of the pipe ends. If any more...
  17. S

    Shower Leak - how to fix?

    Hi all, I'm posting about a shower leak we're having trouble with that I want finally sorting! We're new homeowners of an old 1880's cottage. We've lived here a year and always had a really annoying leak in the bathroom. When we moved in the bath tap was extremely loud. Eager to sort it, I...
  18. D

    Impossible to fix flow problem? 4 grand down so far...

    Hi, Was hoping to get some advice... When I moved in the central heating was not working (they didn't tell us), paid quite a bit of cash to get it looked at, everything pointed at flow problems as the "Ideal" boiler would display flow error code. In the end, the plumber let me down, so went...
  19. M

    First fix plumbing new build ensuite.

    A friend of mine is building as new room separate from his house. He lives 2 hours away from me so was planning to use a local plumber. The guy who was going to do the job has now said he can't, another guy gave a ridiculous quote. So he has asked me to go down for a couple of days to help out...
  20. H

    My first toilet fix and I have problems. Please help!!!

    Hi all, hope you're well. First of all I am trying desperately to fix the toilet myself. I have told the wife I can do it so my reputation as man is at The truth is all was going fine until our ensuite toilet started leaking. So thought I would replace the everything as they were...