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A gas-filled tube, also commonly known as a discharge tube or formerly as a Plücker tube, is an arrangement of electrodes in a gas within an insulating, temperature-resistant envelope. Gas-filled tubes exploit phenomena related to electric discharge in gases, and operate by ionizing the gas with an applied voltage sufficient to cause electrical conduction by the underlying phenomena of the Townsend discharge. A gas-discharge lamp is an electric light using a gas-filled tube; these include fluorescent lamps, metal-halide lamps, sodium-vapor lamps, and neon lights. Specialized gas-filled tubes such as krytrons, thyratrons, and ignitrons are used as switching devices in electric devices.
The voltage required to initiate and sustain discharge is dependent on the pressure and composition of the fill gas and geometry of the tube. Although the envelope is typically glass, power tubes often use ceramics, and military tubes often use glass-lined metal. Both hot cathode and cold cathode type devices are encountered.

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  1. T

    Can I use push fit type tap connectors on toilet fill valve

    Hello, I have a troublesome fixed 15mm copper pipe with isolation valve going to my toilet fill valve. It's too tight for a Flexi hose. Can I use a push fit tap connector instead which will give me more flexibility in fitting?
  2. davidwf

    refill tube in fill valve

    Hi, I have just installed a combination all in one WC/small basin…. Out of the fill valve there is a small tube which emits a lot of water during the refill (I believe it is known as a refill tube) and is connected directly into the overflow tube that drains into the pan, Googling suggests...
  3. M

    Concealed cistern fill valve.

    Has anyone got an idea what make concealed cistern this maybe? I need a new full valve for it. Thanks
  4. P

    How fix new fill valve plastic part?

    Hi, one of the two hooks on my toilet Torbeck fill valve has broken, and so the float can't connect. I've bought a new fill valve, however it's incredibly difficult to access underneath and replace the whole valve. I therefore just want to replace the plastic part that has the two hooks...
  5. R

    Cistern Fill Valve Drip

    Hello everyone, I recently had a combi boiler installed and with the new pressure my old cistern system also needed updating to accomodate. However the fill valve contantly drips when filled, is this normal or is it a easy fix i can do myself? Thanks Rob
  6. M

    3/8s toilet fill valve

    If a toilet has a flush valve with a 3/8s thread. Does this mean the hole on the cistern is smaller? I want to fit a 1/2 threaded one in it.
  7. J

    Fluidmaster - Fill valve

    Had a issue with a Fluidmaster fill valve plastic 1/2" fitting. After being installed with a B&Q slimline toilet had to keep adjusting as when filling always slightly overflowed. Checking today to ensure no debris was the issue, their was none though right replace unit. However on closer...
  8. A

    Identify boiler fill valve

    Hi, Our boiler pressure has dropped and there's no fill valve underneath. Do you think it could be one of these hoses by the cylinder in the hot press? *********/a/WtBYytE Thanks.
  9. G

    Cistern fill valve - very low pressure

    Hello, does anyone know of a side fill valve that works in very low pressure situations? I installed two separate new side fill valves on my concealed cistern today, a Fluidmaster and a Dudley, both didn't seal properly. From reading reviews and forums it looks like it's due to the very low...
  10. R

    Flomasta Bottom Entry Fill Valve won't stop filling

    Hi all. I'm having issues with the Flomasta bottom-entry fill valve in a toilet; the 'float' comes up but doesn't have any effect, it simply won't stop filling, leading to water constantly flowing down the overflow. The cistern is in a sealed unit so without ripping the whole thing apart is only...
  11. W

    Geberit slim cistern fill valve

    To get the latest geberit fill valve in to a slim cistern - disassemble and remove the part with "ears" that makes it too fat for the cistern width - then reassemble. Use the clip from the old fill valve to reattach.
  12. moonlight

    r&t toilet fill valve A1250 not filling properly

    I have a friend that has fitted a toilet from Island bathrooms. The customer bought the toilet their self. There seems to be a problem with filling. I went and looked myself yesterday evening. first flush fills as quick as you would expect when the water is turn back on. Flush again and very...
  13. D

    Flowmasta bottom entry fill valve

    Every time the Flowmasta refills with wate rit makes a very loud long groaning noise. Any ideas as to what causes it and how I can stop it (other than buying a replacement)?
  14. D

    Toilet Fill Valve

    Well this is a bit embarrassing, i am a plumber but took early retirement about 22 years back, things have moved on considerably since then. About three years back i fitted a comfort toilet in our cloakroom, a couple of years later the fill valve broke, well not exactly broke the washer failed...
  15. G

    Flomasta bottom entry fill valve with 5mm thick Poly Cistern

    Flomasta fill valve bottom entry with brass shank, v 1.1 Looks great but the instructions say the cistern thickness at the bottom mounting point must be min 8.5mm. Just a diagram - doesn't say why. My cistern is a concealed one made of polythene or something like it, and is only 5mm thick...
  16. P

    Cockball fill valve toilet .

    Just replaced old cockball valve due to it filling slow when turned water on it filled fast first time second time still filling slow any idea's
  17. C

    Toilet cistetn fill valve

    I am planning to replace the fill valve on my toilet cistern. The valve that I have bought (Fluid master pro45b) has a foam gasket that seals the valve to the bottom of the cistern. Fluidmaster say that this is adequate, but my wife, a pessimist, thinks we should also use a sealant as the foam...
  18. G

    Geberit 360 fill valve not shutting off, but can't access the screws under cistern

    Hi, So I have a close coupled toilet and all the screws and everything are totally inaccessible. A few weeks ago the cistern started to leak into the pan, I've just changed the big silicone washer that's under the flush valve and the problem is still there. I'm thinking it's the diaphragm on...
  19. M

    Rubber or fibre washer fill valve connections

    Any one started using rubber washers on copper tap connectors instead of fibre?
  20. L

    Loo leak (from inlet)

    Hi all. I noticed today that some stains have appeared on my downstairs hall ceiling, just beneath the en-suite - there is a large sort of brownish or rust-coloured patch just about where the shower tray is and then a much paler patch over to the right, roughly below where the toilet pan sits...
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