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fill valve

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  1. M

    Rubber or fibre washer fill valve connections

    Any one started using rubber washers on copper tap connectors instead of fibre?
  2. L

    Loo leak (from inlet)

    Hi all. I noticed today that some stains have appeared on my downstairs hall ceiling, just beneath the en-suite - there is a large sort of brownish or rust-coloured patch just about where the shower tray is and then a much paler patch over to the right, roughly below where the toilet pan sits...
  3. M

    Why is my fill tube leaking?

    Hey guys, My fill tube is leaking into the toilet tank. I am unable to understand the problem. Even after flushing and many hours later, water keeps on dripping from end of full tube. It has always worked, and the fill tube was never attached to overflow tube. What is the cause of this dripping?
  4. A

    Fill valve identification

    Hi all Anybody know which fill valve this is? I've got a leak coming from the top of it causing a continuous flow into the bowl; though I need some ideas on which fill valve it is before taking it apart! Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Aled 1591615088 You can see where the water is...
  5. P

    Bottom Fill Valve Advice

    Hi All, I've tried replacing my broken fill valve this afternoon with a Flomasta FA1090. I got my old one off fairly easily (although my main stop cock is stuck, I can't turn it so I just used the stop valve) but this one won't fit due to it's low height and the bob being too low. It catches...

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