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    Fault on ferroli falcon 2

    Hello, I have a ferroli falcon 2 boiler (yes it is pretty old). A few days ago the hot water started going hot and cold when running. Monitoring the boiler, the demand light works fine. When the water gets up to temperature every 10 seconds or so, the boiler stops for a fraction of a second...
  2. J

    Ferroli 32c He no hot water

    Ferroli 32c he (combi) So after having a 2 week holiday, we have come home to no hot water. It just cycles on off every second. Heating working fine and have to use it for the water to be hot. No fault codes. Clicking noise in the pcb on trying for hot water? Things I have checked. Diverter...
  3. P

    Ferroli system boiler CH comes on when HW called

    Hi, would appreciate any thoughts on the below. I have an almost 10yr old Ferroli Modena 32S HE system boiler. (I am aware of their reputation! ) 2 weeks ago HW went lukewarm. When HW was called, the rads came on. The cylinder motorised valve has been replaced today, but it's not fixed the...
  4. W

    Ferroli optimax pcb blow

    Ferroli optimax 25 OV Pcb blew after turning on after pump replacement. Nothing on display blank.power on board ok. Fuse not blown? Hence Could also be ignition dcfo2.1 pcb? Could this also blow? May need to replace both? Awaiting refurb Display board. Any advice many thanks
  5. N

    ferroli 901 boiler heating venturi

    I have an ancient ferroli 901 optima that due to recent redundancy I am unable to replace , for a good while now there has been short cycling issues , things I have checked and ticked off the check list , temp sensors on pipe , heat exchange , pcb (replaced) , one suggestion however was changing...
  6. T

    Ferroli instant water heater

    Hello, I have a Ferroli SKY F 14 instant water heater that shows error A01. Once I hit reset the water heater fires up normally and modulates the gas and the temperature with no problems. Once the water is turned off, and stays off for a while, once it is turned on again the first time it...
  7. B

    Ferroli boiler 27C HE

    FERROLI BOILER..im struggling with a clients 27C HE....water leaks from condenser pipe all the time the heating is on ..when its off the pressure drops down completely but there's no apparent leaks anywhere ....HELP
  8. A

    Ferroli DOMIcondens HE HIVE WIRING HELP.

    Hello I am a diyer, I am looking at fitting a hive thermostat to my boiler but can't see a wired diagram of where the wires of the hive go on the boiler that's the only part I am stuck on so if anyone could help would be much appreciated.
  9. D

    Ferroli DOMI Compact F24D

    Looking for a replacement system flow pipe for the Ferroli DOMI Compact F24D listed as number 10 in the user manual. If anyone has a pipe from an older boiler they can let me have please let me know asap
  10. A

    Ferroli Moderna 102 CH intermittent - help needed

    I have a customer who’s Moderna 102 has been working well until recently. About a week ago the CH would occasionally not come on. The HW is working fine. The customer says the temperature control switch on the front of the boiler doesn’t make as satisfying click as it used to when you move it...
  11. F

    Ferroli fault every Sunday

    Hey there. We have a Ferroli boiler in our commercial premises. It is set on a schedule for 9-5 Friday and a few hours on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Every Sunday morning we come into an error code of A01. I know what the code means but what I wanted help with is why does it happen on the...
  12. B

    Replacing Ferroli Optimax HE 31C Flow Restrictor

    So far, despite the obvious reputation, we’ve been really lucky with our Ferroli Optimax HE 31C. Only had two replacement diverter valves fitted in its life so far and very little else has gone wrong but has been regularly serviced so hopefully will last a little bit longer HOWEVER a small drip...
  13. N

    Ferroli 901 short cycle

    good evening, I've got an issue with my ancient however well maintained ferroli 901 boiler, it short cycles, it stays on for 35 seconds, then shuts off for approx 10 seconds and repeats all day, this never happened last winter, just this winter since turning it back on. When turned on is...
  14. seanadams121

    Ferroli f34 fault for my sins

    Hi. Does anyone know the cause and solution to the f34 fault on a ferroli? The manual is saying its the low voltage error and to check the supply. Im assuming that its correct as installed and this is a pcb fault. Has anyone had any experience with this fault before i go out tomo? Cheers lads
  15. M

    URGENT water seepage Problem ( Ferroli domicompact c30d )

    Hi everyone i have this problem with ( Ferroli domicompact c30d ) water seepage any advice how can i fix it ??
  16. B

    Anyone used Ferroli 50l unvented, any good?

    I’m talking about the wall mounted water in/out at the bottom, small unvented cylinders. I have used Hyco 50l powerflow unvented, they come with all the controls for just under 400. Anyone have experience of Ferroli SEV 50 l unvented as they seem quite a lot cheaper, 240.
  17. D

    Hive Active Heating Thermostat & Ferroli Domicompact F30 combi

    Afternoon all, bit of a long-shot. My brother in-law is an electrician. I’m and average DIY-er. we’ve installed a Hive Thermostat onto my boiler, which is a Ferroli Domicompact F30. everything is wired in: hub connected to router/internet receiver connected to power & boiler thermostat...
  18. B

    Ferroli HE 31C - Pressure is showing as almost 2, but get F 37 error everyday

    Hi all, I have a Ferroli HE 31C boiler, and in the last days, every morning I need to re pressurize the boiler to get the heating/water running. (Showing F 37 error) The pressure gauge shows around 1.7, but doesn't seem to move when "re-pressurizing" When re-pressurizing, I open the valves...
  19. B

    ADVICE please - Adding pressurised Leak Sealer to Ferroli Combi?

    Hi All I have a Ferroli Domicondens F24 and it's slowly losing pressure after a few days, i can not find any leaks anywhere so looking to use a pressurised can of Sentinel Leak sealer - Sentinel LS Rapid Dose Leak Sealer & Adaptor 300ml -...
  20. M

    Ferroli myra C24 problem

    My heater is showing an error code F07 ( parmeter card anomaly) as soon as I start it. Any help to solve this issue. Thanks
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