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Fernox is a British multi-national water treatment manufacturer with its operating headquarters based in Woking, United Kingdom. The company has been manufacturing facilities across UK and Europe and offices in France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Hungary, China and the United States, with plans to expand further into Eastern Europe and Asia. Fernox was established in 1964 by Peter Muetzel, and currently operates as a subsidiary of Alpha-Fry, Ltd., which is in turn a subsidiary of Platform Specialty Products Corporation.

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  1. CorgiDirect

    Have you seen this excellent price on the Fernox F1 Central Heating Protect 500ml ?

    Have you seen this excellent price on the Fernox F1 Central Heating Protect 500ml ? Only £13.17 ex vat. Check out the full range of Fernox product here -
  2. CorgiDirect

    Excellent Prices on Fernox Product

    A leading manufacturer of water treatment chemical products, central heating system filters and plumbing consumables. Excellent Prices on Fernox Product. Take a look today #gasengineers #watertreatment #chemicals
  3. Plumbase Spares

    My Chemical Romance - Fernox F1 Protector & F3 Cleaner, a Match Made in Heaven

    My Chemical Romance Here, Claire Lopez Marketing Manager at Fernox explores the relationship between chemical water treatment and in-line system filters – and why they should always be used in combination. The use of high-quality chemical water treatment and in-line system filters is widely...
  4. Plumbase Spares

    Your guide to BS 7593:2019

    Richard Crisp, Technical Project Manager at Fernox runs through the changes to BS 7593:2019 and explains what installers should do to ensure compliance: CLICK HERE to find out more
  5. R

    Fernox TF1 compact valve leak

    I've got a Fernox TF1 compact fitted in the airing cupboard, and discovered this evening after the boiler had no pressure that it is leaking. I've seen previous threads about this where it leaks from the cap however mine appears to be leaking from the bottom inlet valve, not on the filter itself...
  6. CorgiDirect

    ADEY, Scalemaster and Fernox Filters Now Available - Excellent Prices

    Adey Magnaclean Professional 2 Chemical Pack Only £72.99 Ex VAT Many more filters in the range VIEW FULL RANGE HERE
  7. CorgiDirect

    Best Prices Online For Fernox Products From CORGI direct

  8. CorgiDirect

    Fernox heating system chemicals, filters and equipment now available

    Over 35 Fernox heating system chemicals, filters and equipment now available from CORGI direct View Range
  9. D

    Fernox Tf1 total filter reversed flow

    Hi all, am new to this forum & hoping for assistance with new installation of Fernox TF1 Total filter. Have a new Intergas Rapid 25 boiler installed by Registered Gas Engineer but he's installed the filter with reversed flow. The return pipe drops behind boiler to 500mm below boiler and the engineer...
  10. S

    Fernox TF1 drain valve won’t open

    hi chaps, anyone had an issue with the fernox TF1 bottom drain valve ? Just gone to drain it for the 2nd time and it’s not opening fully - just getting a small drip. The spindle that you turn with the plastic cap just spins and spins, it doesn’t feel like it’s doing anything internally. It’s...
  11. P

    Fernox DS3 dilution query

    Hi All, Posted on here last month re Essex Flange but due to other things not been able to start the job. Now have everything ready to go, but need to descale the HWC and pipes to ensure that the cylinder walls are scale free. I have 2 x 2kg of DS3 but not sure if I need to use it
  12. L

    Central Heating Filter's - Experiences, thoughts, reflections, tips n' tricks.

    This thread is aimed at exploring members experiences, thinking and reflections - in the area of choosing and servicing CH filters (Magnaclean, Fernox etc). I think there are many people that need help in selecting a filter that is worth choosing over the long term, but I also hope to open the...
  13. scott_d

    Fernox TF1 Omega filters

    Anyone fitting them? What do you Think?
  14. C

    Leaving Fernox F5 in system

    Hi all, First post here so go easy on me. I've got British Gas homecare and just had them out for a boiler problem as it kept overheating, he diagnosed a blockage in the gravity flow pipes so all the heat was kept down at the boiler end. To cut a long story short he advised a powerflush (for...
  15. T

    Fernox Mixing?

    Hi all, Old open vented 3 position diverter system. I needed a drain down, clean out etc about 6 months ago whilst some other work was done and the system was filled with 4L of Fernox MB-1. Once the air was removed from the system ( which being a bungalow has never been easy ) it performs quite...
  16. G

    Ideal Logic + 24 Problem

    Hi guys, so quick question regarding an ideal combi... The boiler has been loosing pressure and gradually been getting worse. So last week i decided to replace the worst rad in the house and pop a can of fernox in the system whilst I was at it. Picked up a replacement PRV yesterday as I was...
  17. Eyespy999

    Inhibitor preferences Suregraft / sentinel

    Hi there, I normally use Sentinel x100 for replenishing central heating inhibitor, a bit pricey however I have seen a product called sure graft at plumbase, just wondering what people think to it. Looking at the state of some of the central heating contents I have drained down recently...
  18. T

    Power flush vs magna cleanse

    Evening lads, what's people's views on a adey magna cleanse? I use a fernox power flow and I rate the unit. Keep debating about getting a magnet filter to speed the process up. i keep looking at the adey magna cleanse and I like the look of it but my issue is a power flush pumps a high velocity...
  19. stani

    TFi demo jar

    As anyone else received one of these from Fernox? at least now I can show people how they work before we fit them.
  20. B

    3 Way zone valve started banging

    Hi guys, New to the forum but thought I’d best get on top of this problem I’ve been living with for a while now so require some advice please. Although a common problem can’t find the answer to my specific situation. Finished building the garage two years ago and had a new pressurised Worcester...

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