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Doubly-fed electric machines also slip-ring generators are electric motors or electric generators, where both the field magnet windings and armature windings are separately connected to equipment outside the machine.
By feeding adjustable frequency AC power to the field windings, the magnetic field can be made to rotate, allowing variation in motor or generator speed. This is useful, for instance, for generators used in wind turbines. DFIG-based wind turbines, because of their flexibility and ability to control active and reactive power, are almost the most interesting wind turbine technology.

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  1. P

    Bath tap mains fed or from tank

    Hi guys I'm wanting to install an electric shower in my new property what's the easiest way to check it bath tap is coming from mains ? The mains stop tap is located near the toilet in the room underneath me, when I switch that off it shuts all cold water off for every tap in the house. If I...
  2. C

    Flats bathrooms fed by tank?

    Hi guys I did a job today in a block of flats, fairly old place, plumbing was all a bit ropey in this particular flat. The job was to change an electric shower over, I changed it, didn't work.. noticed the water pressure was a bit pants.. I could stop it with my finger on the basin.. thought...
  3. I

    Why is there a blue and a red float for a FOP on a gravity fed tank?

    I assumed that the red ball float was for a header tank on the central heating side and the blue ball float was on a cold water storage tank. I thought the reason for this was only to help identify the tank but after finding a lot of cold water storage tanks with a red float, I must be wrong...
  4. D

    Gravity or mains fed shower?

    I’m replacing my faulty old mains fed electric shower (Mira Sport Max 10.8kW) and am considering going for a pumped, gravity fed electric shower (such as the Mira Elite SE Dual Pumped Electric Shower 9.8kW). The mains pressure sometimes drops enough for the low-flow cut-out to operate or the...
  5. E

    How can I get heat into Gravity Fed UFH system

    Hi folks, I’m in need of some sound advice. We have recently had a ground floor extension and have had underfloor heating (company: JK UFH) installed throughout most of the downstairs. We have a few rads still left downstairs and the entire upstairs is still heated through rads. We have a...
  6. P

    Black tank fed shower

    Have tried everywhere to find a black gravity fed shower. Can anybody please help?
  7. 4

    I want to convert my sons Mains fed Shower to a Pump fed Shower.

    My son has a Shower Room in his long Cottage that is fed by Mains cold water, the hot water is supplied by a local Powerstream Heater. The problem is that when the cold water is used at the other end of the cottage, the cold water pressure drops and the Powerstream low flow cut-out operates and...
  8. I

    Advice needed. Converting gravity fed cold supply to mains fed to supply an electric shower?

    I want to put in an electric shower in my downstairs cloakroom which currently has a gravity fed cold supply from the tank in the loft. The shower I am looking to install needs a mains fed cold supply which I could do by disconnecting this pipework from the gravity tank and connecting the cold...
  9. M

    Installing 1800mm x 600mm radiator fed from above

    Hi everyone, I want to fit a tall rad in my bathroom which will be fed from above, but I would like to keep the pipework to a minimum. Is it necessary to run both pipes to the bottom of the rad, flow to the bottom and return to the top, or will it work with both to the top? I'm not sure as yet...
  10. M

    Install a tall 1800mm x 600mm rad in my bathroom fed from above.

    Hi everyone, apologies if this is a dumb question. I want to fit a tall rad in my bathroom which will be fed from above, but I would like to keep the pipework to a minimum. Is it necessary to run both pipes to the bottom of the rad, flow to the bottom and return to the top, or will it work with...
  11. N

    Gravity Fed Rain Shower

    HI, Looking for some guidance on buying and fitting the right products. I currently have a gravity fed system with a cold water tank in the loft and a hot water cylinder in the airing cupboard on the first floor. The hot water flow throughout the house is not particularly brilliant, but sort...
  12. D

    Improve Gravity Fed Mixer Shower Pump Pressure?

    Hello All, I believe that some time ago I may have replaced the Shower Pump that stopped working after approximately 3 to 5 years or more with the wrong Shower Head Pump type. The Shower is Gravity Fed from the Cold Water Tank in the Loft above the Bathroom where the Hot Water Tank is within...
  13. B

    Advice Needed: Can I install gravity fed toilet, basin and shower in new en-suite location?

    Good morning all, -I would really appreciate your advice on whether it would be possible to have a gravity fed toilet, basin and shower installed in a my new layout upstairs? The detail: I currently own a two bed house (is actually a three bed on original plans) and want to covert it back to...
  14. D

    Flush gravity fed F&E central heating system

    Forgive me is this is a stupid thought! I'm looking to flush dirty water out of an F&E system. Can I attached a hosepipe to the lowest drain off point and simply drain off water outside without turning off the water supply to the F&E tank? So my thinking is that it may take some time but...
  15. B

    Is it better to wire the pump independent of or fed from the boiler?

    It seems a simple question so I hope this is enough info to require only a simple answer for you guys to give. I have an existing installation which was recently upgraded with a new Worcester Greenstar 15Ri boiler. The system is small and is pretty standard open vented with a single zone...
  16. Bengie

    Fed up with the junk on here

    This has to be the most cluttered forum or website I have ever visited, why does the "PlumbersForums.net asks for your consent to use your personal data to:" have to pop up every time you click on something, surely once at sign in is enough. It is so hard to navigate around this site.
  17. trickyguns

    Ideal Vulcan SX / DLX gravity fed boiler - No hot water

    HI everyone, I went to look at a prehistoric gravity fed Ideal Vulcan SX / DLX boiler with reports of no heating or hot water. This is a 4 pipe 28mm pump fed heating and gravity fed water pipes to water cylinder. I found that the heating pump had stopped spinning and found sludge behind the...
  18. R

    Rural Gravity Fed Pipe In River Setup, Any advice appreciated,

    Hey to all in the community, im not a plumber so any advice would be greatly appreciated. I reside in rural ireland and we currently get our mains water fed to us from a pipe which is one 1km long from a stream out the back of our property. It is then filtered with rocksalt, uv, Reverse...
  19. T

    URGENT Mixer Shower and Gravity Fed System

    About 10 years ago we had a new mixer shower fitted. However, the most we ever got out of it was a trickle - even from the beginning. At the time I looked up the manufacturers installation instructions and it says that the showerhead needs to be at least 1 m from the bottom of the water tank we...
  20. J

    wall fed shower head change to 1/2 bs fitting

    we have mira excel bir shower and the shower head is not looking good all the chrome is coming of and we want to replace it. we canot get a replacement as they do not sell the logic bir head anymore it is only available with the full shower? we had bought a difrent shower head but when fitting...
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