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  1. L

    Part drain, complete drain or isolate single rad to fix weeping valve extension?

    Hello Plumbers I’ve replaced a 540mm high cast iron rad with 740mm high, like for like but still a 20mm valve extension was required. All was ok until I've spotted a v small leak (like 1 drip per hour) between the valve nut and extension piece. So I suspect I just need more PTFE + compound...
  2. W

    New boiler but extension still not hot

    Hello, We had an extension built seven years ago. Initially the builders' plumber connected the heating to the house system but this didn't work. The builder got him out again and he created a separate heating circuit from the boiler (ie one circuit for the house, the other for the extension)...
  3. R

    Pipe runs for extension

    Hi, I need some advice, I'm planning small extension (3m) but pipes going like this. How they can be moved to pass all regulations? The blue is manhole on public path just outside my fence. I think I can't build on it as is public sewage. Can anyone advice if can be done as on proposed right...
  4. C

    DIY shower with exposed pipework

    Hi everyone. I'm installing a walk in shower, opening into shower will be on right, mixer value on right, but shower head and drain on left. The pipe work from the shower mixer valve is exposed silver colour pipework. the pipe work will run up from the valve then take a hard left at the ceiling...
  5. I

    Toile pan connector extension

    Hi guys, I’ve got a close coupled toilet wher the waste come out of the back of the toilet then it’s a 90 degree bend to the right where it goes off through the wall. However with the 90 degree pan connector pushed into my soil pipe, the pan connector end isn’t long enough to reach the back of...
  6. H

    Plumbing & Drains For New Extension - Advice Needed Please

    Hi All, I'm due to start building a new side extension on a 3 bed semi, it's across the driveway up to the boundary. We're adding a downstairs toilet and utility room. The existing soil stack will be retained and boxed in with added rodding eye as it's well positioned for the existing 1st...
  7. C

    Should I increase extension plumbing to 22mm

    Ive extended my house and need to run the plumbing, I will tee off from the main house which is 15mm, I'm wondering if it's worth increasing it to 22mm with 15mm tee offs to the outlets, or should I just keep it all 15mm, I'm wanting water pressure and volume to be better if multiple outlets are...
  8. G

    Should a Soffit flue extension kit be fitted ?

    Having purchased a new build, the current boiler flue terminates flush at the wall, the vented spent fumes from the boiler flue is within 300mm of the end of the vented soffit, a strip of UPVC is covering at least 400mm of the vented soffit, should an extension soffit kit be fitted to prevent...
  9. J

    external oil boiler question

    We are buying a bungalow with an external oil boiler. We plan to build an extension, will we need to move the boiler or can it remain where it is meaning it would be then housed in the extension Thanks
  10. M

    Using radiator extension tails.

    Hello everybody! I need your advice regarding that solution: Distance between two radiator pipes(valves not included) 1000mm,standart sizes of radiators are 1000mm and 900mm.If i put TRV and lockshield valve, i would need smaller radiator than 1000mm(I believe old radiator was around 950-960mm...
  11. A

    JG or hep fixings for pipe extension?

    Want to extend a rad. Need longer pipe work. It say H & B on the flexi pipe (10mm) will this be JG or hep fittings. Just need to extend around 200mm. Thanks
  12. L

    Extension direction!

    Hi everyone, I was hoping to find a place where I could some advice to what’s hopefully a straightforward question and this looks to be it :) I have an Intergas combi boiler that has a horizontal extension via my outside wall and to the balcony, all in all about 5 meters in length. Due to some...
  13. J

    Extending Heating in to a Ground Floor Extension

    Just had a new ground floor extension built and the plumber has taken a feed from the main heating circuit from the boiler that runs under our easily accessible ground floor void, run 15mm speed fit pipes back up into the roof of the extension, and then fed back down to each radiator. We have...
  14. B

    Potential drainage issue - next door extension

    We live in a terraced row (SW London) and our neighbours are currently in the process of finalising their extension. There is a potential drainage issue (their rainwater drainage) for which they have advised us of a course of action to resolve it. Before agreeing, we would like a bit of...
  15. A

    Tail extension leaking

    Hi, ive got imperial taps that im replacing with metric ones. Ive got two extensions to screw onto the new taps. After taking the old ones out and fitting new there is a leak coming from the extension. The olive is fine. Ive tried ptfe tape and tightened everything up but there is still a leak...
  16. Bogart

    Port valve cable extension

    Can I ask what you guys use if you need to extend the cable that comes with a 2 or 3 port valve? I cannot find a 5 core or 6 core that has an orange core. All I can think of using is 3095Y cable and sheathing the black in orange sleeve.
  17. G

    Fluctuation in water pressure with electric shower since neighbours extension built

    I have an electric shower which worked perfectly until my neighbours built an extension. Since then my water pressure is constantly fluctuating which has caused problems with the shower. The temperature of the water can be perfect initially but will suddenly change and I’ll either be almost...
  18. B

    Advice Please -Fitting 60cm dishwasher? CW Supply and Waste?? Options???

    Hi All I am looking to fit a 600mm dishwasher, i will be fitting it under counter in a current 600mm 3 drawer carcass (i presume this is ok once all the drawres/side sliders are removed?) From left to right i have sink unit (single waste outlet on trap/u bend), space for washing machine (600mm...
  19. P

    Removing lockshield extension tail

    Hi, I have a standard radiator (1/2" female bsp) on which I'm installing a new lockshield/TRV kit. The lockshield is similar to this: What happens if I remove the nut and everything on its left in the pic, and screw the valve directly into the radiator (with PTFE)? This would simplify my space...
  20. S

    Cold radiator in extension

    I live in a 3 storey 5 bed house. Moved in beginning of March. Every radiator is hot bar one - the double 2m wide 700 high one in extension. Had a heating engineer come out in May, clean system and fit magnaclean. My system is a pressurised cylinder which is on the top floor. I took that...
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