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"If Everyone Cared" is a song recorded by Canadian rock group Nickelback. It was released in November 2006 as the sixth single from the album All the Right Reasons. It was released in the UK on 27 November 2006 and the US on 28 November 2006. The song entered inside the Top 40 on the ARIA Singles Chart on 7 January 2007. The song was then released in most other parts of the world in the beginning of 2007. It debuted at No. 50 on the Billboard Hot 100 in late January 2007, and climbed to No. 17. All the Right Reasons was the first Nickelback album to feature more than three top 20 singles in the United States. The song reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot Adult Top 40 Tracks chart.
It was announced that 100% of all digital sales for the song will be donated to the charities of Amnesty International, and the International Children's Awareness Canada.
It is used on Animal Planet's TV series I'm Alive as the show's theme.

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  1. S

    Hi everyone, new to this site

    Hi Just introducing myself to this forum. I'm a wet plumber, started late at the age of 48 (am now 56), so have 8 years of experience. I really love the job, meeting new people and solving problems. I get a lot of job satisfaction from even the smallest job to doing complete bathrooms. My...
  2. F

    Hi everyone, I'm Freddie & new to the forum.

    Thought I head on over here & introduce myself.
  3. J

    Hello Everyone, newbie

    Hi Everyone, I am a newbie, be gentle. Looking forward to reading and joining in all the posts. Jase
  4. A

    Hello Everyone New Here In This Forum...

    Hi, I am new to this forum. I found this forum while surfing on Big G and found some interesting threads here so i joined this forum so that i can participate on those topics. I hope i will have a great time here :)
  5. P

    What van does everyone have?

    As title says really what vans are we all driving?? What is / has been your most reliable van? Preferably that you can fit 1800 x 900 sheets of plasterboard in to
  6. J

    Hello everyone ! Beginners first project.

    Hi all ! just joined and just about to begin my DIY project. I'm renovating an old house and about to begin doing as much of my own plumbing as possible so I will be trawling this excellent forum for info and advice ! Be prepared for some stupid beginners questions - I apologise in advance .
  7. Prime

    Time to say hi and introduce myself!

    Hi all, I'm Stuart, a self-employed plumber starting my own business called "Prime Plumbing & Heating". Have visited the site a few times before and thought it was time to join up officially! Thanks, Stu
  8. elbistan

    Hi Everyone, new to the forum

    Hi to eveyone. From Enfield London. Been working as a Heating Engineer for aboit a year now.
  9. Jamie Liffen

    hi everybody, hi dr nick (simpsons nerd)

    been doing plumbing for 13 year now and gas safe registered for 8, done a bit of everything from house bashing to new build to maintenence. company i work for has won a new contract doing boiler breakdowns, and proceeded to throw me in at the deep end with lots of work ! boiler breakdowns isnt...
  10. G

    Hi everyone looking for some advice

    Hi all, Having some issues with my boiler and the plumbing company are struggling to fix so after some advice. Thanks
  11. W

    Hello there everyone

    I’ve read the forum for a while now and it’s probably time to start contributing! Plumbing and heating, registered with gas safe. Employed atm with view to go self employed in the coming years. Hope the weekend has been good to you all, Cheers!
  12. A

    Retirement disposal.

    I don't know whether its allowed or where to post but I've recently retired and I've got some bits left over that I would like to dispose of, namely 3/4 inch gas governors for appliances and a Rigid chain wrench. Any advice greatly appreciated, sorry if this contravenes the posting regs.

    An actual great tool for everyone

    Hi guys, Anyone thinking of going paperless? Our team has starting using Gaschecker, it's pretty good :) see how it can help you lot: GasChecker Can Help You!
  14. C

    Which water softening unit to use for space heating water?

    Hi, I'm currently looking to move into a new place near London where the water is awfully hard. I've been recommended to get a water softening unit for my boiler... which one would you recommend? Thanks, Cassie
  15. B

    Weep free compression joints everyone??

    Hi guys this is my first post. I was wondering what people think the best way to get compression joints on potable water leak free every time sometimes I get weeps on ballafix valves. Cheers rob
  16. G

    Hi everyone, great looking form

    Hi all, Hoping to pick up some tips and tricks. I'm a keen DIY'er so every little helps. :-) Glen
  17. T

    Plumbase arggggg mugs

    So I get a quote on a 1600-700 bath, all the bits for the swap and a new bar mixer "yes it's all in stock tom I'll reserve that for you" this is on Monday, went in today to collect and its errrrrr sorry tom, we LOST THE BATH!!!!!!!!!! HOW CAN YOU LOSE A FING BATH????? Oh we will try and get one...
  18. H

    Work Pricing.

    Hi everyone i am a Gas Safe Engineer that has decided to go out on my own. Ive had a few jobs come in this week regarding changing central heating systems. The ones i have looked at have all been old back boilers and the customer is requiring a new combi. I understand that everyone is...
  19. E

    Spluttering Mains! HELP!

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if I could pick your collective brains... I live in a top floor flat in a victorian conversion (3 flats below me). The mains water supply in my kitchen spits and sputters out air with the water for the first 5-10 seconds before a steady stream comes out. It...
  20. P

    exposed pipework for mixer valve

    Hello Everyone, I was wondering would it be ok to use these for fixing shower mixer bars and other external mixer valves?

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