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Efficiency is the (often measurable) ability to avoid wasting materials, energy, efforts, money, and time in doing something or in producing a desired result. In a more general sense, it is the ability to do things well, successfully, and without waste. "Efficiency is thus not a goal in itself. It is not something we want for its own sake, but rather because it helps us attain more of the things we value". In more mathematical or scientific terms, it signifies the level of performance that uses the least amount of inputs to achieve the highest amount of output. It often specifically comprises the capability of a specific application of effort to produce a specific outcome with a minimum amount or quantity of waste, expense, or unnecessary effort. Efficiency refers to very different inputs and outputs in different fields and industries.

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  1. M

    Help!!??? pump pumping over

    Hey guy's, if you look at the picture i uploaded you can see 3 pump positions A, B, and C. A is where the pump was but was not working well as was under gravity. B is where he moved it to but it ended up pumping over F&E cistern. C, is where he thinks it will solve the problem? Can you guy's...
  2. S

    two fingers up by the french again ???

    Hi guys,i have been lurking on the site for a while but this is my first post. I recently had a conversation with a british friend of mine who has a home in rural france where i fitted a central heating system a number of years ago.The original Ferroli Modena boiler always played up on dhw and...
  3. C

    viessmann vd200 boiler

    Alright lads i'm putting in the heating and hot water for my sisters new house and was wondering what you think of the viessmann vd200 system boiler. We tend to fit valliant, alpha or biasi. i've never fitted a viessmann before and was wondering if you had any thoughts. I've been reading up on...
  4. H

    Boiler size

    I'm about to get central heating installedI in my large 5 bedroomed house. Because of the size of the property, the plumber has recommended the Worstecer Bosch Greenstar 42 cdi. This has a central heating output of 30kw. I have two concerns about this. 1. I did the calculations myself and I...
  5. C


    Taking my ACS on my monday 27th of july so wish me luck shall i take a lucky gonk?? lol
  6. R

    open fire backboiler connections

    Hello, I'm currently trying to figure out the plumbing in our house ready for some fairly major work and having removed a panel covering the pipework to the back boiler on one of the open fires I've found something I wasn't expecting. There seem to be two pairs of pipes going into the masonry...
  7. Dan

    Boiler Manuals | Gas Boiler Manuals | Free Downloadable Boiler Manuals

    Please Link To Any FREE Boiler Manuals We'll try to get a bit of a database going here Ariston Boilers Glow Worm Boilers Worcester Boilers Baxi/Potterton Boilers Ferroli Boilers Biasi Boilers Vaillant Boilers A few to start us off. :)
  8. S

    city and guilds 6129

    hi fellas, been a little busy last few days, just popped in to see if anyone has got any example questions for the ENVIONMENTAL AWARENESS exam, any help will be very much appreciated thanx,only 2 exams to go.......cheers.
  9. G

    Where can I buy some expansion joints

    Hi, I have a rather a long house and continually have problems with the long runs of central heating pipes expanding and contracting. I have heard that it's possible to buy expansion joints that you can use to reduce this effect but I have been unable to find a stockist in the UK. Has anyone...
  10. P

    new smart meter

    Thought this artical on cost of the new proposed smart meters and uses my be of interest as they say always double a government estamate :( Smart meters 'could add £50 a year to energy bills' | Mail Online
  11. A

    hot air heating

    I am looking at refurbishing a place that has ducted hot air underfloor heating (enters the room via a vent in the floor). The boiler was installed in 2003 and seems to have been serviced every year (cant remember the make right now). My questions are: 1) is how good / efficient is hot air...
  12. R

    Converting a gravity HW system to fully pumped

    Hi all, I'd like some advice on the following; I have a 10yo Halstead boiler and has gravity feed HW and pumped rads. Have a room stat that controls the pump and no stat on the HW cylinder. This all works very well for our needs, we always need and use HW and the heating goes on and off via...
  13. A

    Gas Training, from A to B

    Ok, easy question hopefully. Just finishing my Plumbing Tech Cert Level 2, the Plumbing NVQ Level 2 (All Domestic), have already got my Unvented and will be doing all the other short courses (solar, water regs, Energy Efficiency) but after that, rather than do the Tech Cert and NVQ 3, I'm...
  14. P

    Some expert advice needed - Back Boiler

    Hi All, We are looking at purchasing a three bedroom semi, late 1970s construction that has a back boiler heating system. It has a hideos gas fire front, and with efficiency in mind, we would be looking to replace it. However, I have heard horror stories of huge sums of money, and entire...
  15. B

    changing career to a plumber

    Hi all I am soon to be either made redundant or my job will be made part-time. I am considering doing a fast track plumbing course over the next few months with the view to then possibly become a plumber. I hav eseen that there are various courses on the market (eg New Career Skills, Access...
  16. P

    Any courses close to Reading?? (Berkshire)

    Hi, I would like the following courses;(In a 10 week crash course) City and Guilds 6089 NVQ L2 Certificate C&G 6129 Technical L2 Certificate Bpec Part P Electrical Certificate Gas Appliance Installation training Bpec L3 Unvented hot water systems Certificate Bpec L3 Water Regs Certificate Bpec...
  17. C

    Are you on a "fast track?"

    Hello there I am a plumbing tutor and NVQ assessor in an FE college. I would be interested to hear from you in this thread if you are on a so called "fast track" or similar qualification. In particular I would like to know: What organisation are you currently studying with What exact...
  18. B

    Viessmann or ATAG ??

    Hi, I'm looking to replace an old Keston boiler in a large 1913 detached property (14 rooms, 16 rads) & am looking for thoughts on replacement options... After ongoing issues with the Keston, reliability is high on the agenda, as is efficiency - any thoughts on Veissman or Atag ?? Thanks.
  19. C

    heating system layout

    hello i am not a professional plumber but understand the system ok. but i am confused with the heating system. i am building my own house and doing as much as i can myself. boiler, rads, bathroom and kitchen no problem. but, i am installing a solid fuel stove, with boiler in the kitchen, and a...
  20. T

    Career in Plumbing

    Hello, I'm looking into becoming a Plumber and how to go about it, would really appreciate your thoughts... I'm 32 years old and considering starting the City and Guilds 6129 in September this year. My question is: Once completing the above course, would it be possible to then gain the...
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