Efficiency is the (often measurable) ability to avoid wasting materials, energy, efforts, money, and time in doing something or in producing a desired result. In a more general sense, it is the ability to do things well, successfully, and without waste. "Efficiency is thus not a goal in itself. It is not something we want for its own sake, but rather because it helps us attain more of the things we value". In more mathematical or scientific terms, it signifies the level of performance that uses the least amount of inputs to achieve the highest amount of output. It often specifically comprises the capability of a specific application of effort to produce a specific outcome with a minimum amount or quantity of waste, expense, or unnecessary effort. Efficiency refers to very different inputs and outputs in different fields and industries.

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  1. mookle

    CH upgrade - unreasonable gas usage expectations?

    Hi all. I recently upgraded our CH system, but rather than the expected drop in gas consumption, Octopus is saying we're using roughly 30% more! The installer has said they can downrate the boiler, but to my mind that addresses maximum consumption, not any inefficiencies there may be relating...
  2. C

    Ideal 32 system efficiency level

    I’ve had an Ideal Vogue 32max/gen2 system boiler to a Megaflo fitted a week and running it at Flow temp 73 degrees to getting a return temp of about 55 degrees C, I’m seeing the LCD screen saying the efficiency level is only 25-28%. Has anyone else seen such a low percentage? I know for a fact...
  3. M

    Solid fuel (smokeless coal) efficiency

    A bit of an unusual topic, as these are very rare in the UK. I went back to Poland to commission, test and tune the 20kW solid fuel boiler and the domestic heat exchanger for the hot water tank (300litres). Old heating system with steel 2-inch pipes and cast iron segmented rads We were warned...
  4. M

    Hi, gutter and downpipe efficiency question.

    On bigger shed roof areas would putting 2 spitters close together into a 90 deg bend and T Junction and then downpipe significantly increase the capacity of that length of gutter and downpipe? On open sheds we run the downpipe down the shed column, and there can be very large sq/m of roof to...
  5. D

    Boiler data - % efficiency at min/max modulation

    We all know that short-cycling is bad - and that it's good for a boiler to have a wide modulation range. But I can find no facts in data sheets - is the boiler as efficient at it's lowest modulation level: as at full gas? Has anyone ever had hard data from a manufacturer? I'm wondering if...
  6. B

    Modulation - Should I Expect Efficiency

    Hi. Looking for some advice on thermostats. I've got a Vaillant 835 Ecotec Plus set up but have not yet installed a thermostat. The house is approx 100sqm, a victorian terrace but fairly well insulated under the ground floor and in the loft. It has two zones: 25sqm of liquid underfloor on a...
  7. K

    Going mad about system boiler efficiency - HELP!

    I'm a Worcester man. Hello! Anyone still there?.... I tried viessmann to up the efficiency and altho the boiler was nice, I couldn't live with their stupid vicare stat and lack of control and I'm a big believer in matched controls. I like the Worcester easycontrol (in essence) and the ability to...
  8. V

    Megaflo- optimising temperature to get maximum efficiency

    Just wondering if anyone with experience of Megaflo systems could give any advice. Have a Megaflo system, indirectly heated via the boiler. Have Megaflo tank temperature set at the lowest recommended temperature which is 60 degrees (lower is possible but legionella risk rises). The question is...
  9. A

    UFH (wet+concrete) installation efficiency

    I am building an extension and planned to have UFH on its ground floor. My builder imbeded 15mm pipes under 10cm concrete which was meant to be the total thickness of the floor. Unfortunately as they knocked through to my existing house, it turned out that the new floor is 8cm lower than the old...
  10. D

    Ideal vogue maxc32 efficiency level

    Had a new ideal vogue max c32 boiler fitted. The programmer has an “efficiency level” button that says it’s around 9-14%. That seems low.”, worried it’s installed incorrectly Anyone have same issue?
  11. A

    Ideal Log Vogue C26 Efficiency

    Hi All, Having recently checked the efficiency level on my boiler, its giving me 43% high efficiency and 57% Super efficiency - I do not recall the readings last year, but it does appear considerably lower than previous checks. Are there any triggers for this to decrease which are "quick wins"...
  12. S

    High gas usage for boiler.

    Hi Not sure if anyone can give any ideas - but I’ve got a Worcester Bosch junior 24i system boiler. For the past 10 years I’ve lived In the house - the average usage of gas has been about 10,000kwh. For the past 2 years my average has been 58000kwh. (Boiler is the only gas appliance in the...
  13. J

    Sealed system efficiency compared to open system

    Would switching to a sealed system from an open system save money/fuel?
  14. N

    TRVs & Cost Efficiency

    Hi, I've become a bit obsessed with understanding how my heating and hot water system works. I'm a total novice but I've just become genuinely interested and have been watching loads of Youtube videos and read a book on 'Basic Plumbing' recently. It'd be good to bounce some questions off people...
  15. L

    Efficiency of old boiler and cracked asbestos flue joint

    Hello, I live in a conversion with 12 flats and we have communal heating and hot water. We have separate boilers for heating and hot water. The boiler for heating is a Potterton Dimplomat 225 (66Kw), and about 45 years old or more. If you were to take an educated guess, what kind of...
  16. Rob Foster

    Lochinvar High Efficiency Boilers

    Based in Banbury, never heard of them but its always good to explore ...anybody come across this outfit. ? Rob Foster aka centralheatking
  17. A

    energy efficiency course

    Its been a decade since I did my energy efficiency course, I wanted to refresh myself on a few things, could anyone recommend a good text book thanks in advance
  18. A

    HEAT HERO High Efficiency open vented Solid Fuel Heating System

    Has anyone heard off or installed this system? I would appreciate any feedback! Heat Hero Gravity - heathero.ie
  19. T

    Radiator Efficiency Query

    General enquiry. How come Wickes radiators claim the highest BTU efficiency. Is there any benefit in going for brand such as Stelrad??
  20. Rob Foster

    Archie Kidd Very High Efficiency Boilers

    I am collecting an archive about Archie Kidd for purely historic reasons. If anybody has any anackdotes or experiences of this remarkable designer Or have ever had a go at his products please reply, they are the lister Diesel engine of central heating boilers Rob Foster aka centralheatking
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