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  1. R

    Vaillant Eco Tec Purge

    Hi. Our Vaillant Eco Tec Pro 28 (13 Years Old) stopped working two days ago. The boiler was trying to fire up but the start up sequence never got all the way through so no heating or hot water. No error code but an S.97 code when I hit the 'I' button. After an engineer fitted a new pressure...
  2. N

    I have a leaking pressure valve on my Main combi eco elite

    I have to replace my pressure relief valve on my Main combi eco elite as it is leaking , what sort of job is this ?
  3. Ted808

    eco friendly, water awaste

    This virus epidemic has thrown all consideration for being economic and eviromently friendly out of the window. I see so many plastic masks floating about and I'm guessing a lot of them land up down the the pan, not to mention the gloves, and use of water to wash hands- 20 sec more of running...
  4. G

    Main eco Compact 30kw question on rear pipework.

    Ive heard its possible to get the pipework up the back of this appliance by removing a baffle fitted to the boiler. Is this correct? Im having trouble getting it to fit inside a very tight cupboard with the standard stand off jig fitted. Ive been looking at the sizes on the website only and...
  5. A

    baxi eco 80 cycling during CH only

    Baxi eco 80 hot water fine but heating causes the boiler to cycle once rads have warmed up.firing too often in too short a period. is this something worth investing in or consider new combi.I know all parts are readily available for this boiler and don't want to plod out thousands if it can be...
  6. R

    Vaillant Eco Tec Pro 28 fault.

    Over the last couple of weeks my boiler has started to throw the occasional S.54 and F.64 codes. I know when its happened because the hot taps run cold. The whole system is 8 years old and has been serviced every other year. Normal service is resumed by pressing the reset button. The question is...
  7. J

    URGENT Ignition issue Main Eco 30 Combi boiler

    Hi All, I have a Main Eco 30 Combi boiler I was fitted about 7 years ago, the whole pipe work is new and radiators. I have so far replaced the electrodes since it was old and bent (it was working but I wanted to avoid it failing), the heat exchanger was hoovered and the seal was replaced, the...
  8. J

    Lochinvar eco charger

    Hi does anyone know if the lochinvar eco charger system has a sell on value? I’ve recently taken 3 out of a hotel in London and was wondering if it was worth trying to forward them on. Cheers
  9. plumb_know

    Valliant Eco tec combi HE - heating issue

    Hi everyone, I have an issue with Valliant eco tec combi, tenant complaining heating is coming on sometimes when programable wired room stats (danfoss) are up to temperature. Typically when i attend it is always working fine so intermittent fault. I replaced both room stats for first measure...
  10. J

    Vaillant eco tec 28 f28

    Hello hope someone can help. So this morning woke up to a f28 on my Vaillant eco tec pro 28.so did the usual things checked standing pressure and working pressure by three rings on the hob all good.just to be safe called cadent to check the regulator to make sure nothing was wrong on that side...
  11. P

    URGENT Alpha Combi Boiler Eco 2 Plus and Thermostat.

    Please can somebody tell me what the correct settings should be for my Alpha Combi Boiler Eco 2 Plus and Thermostat. Please see the attached photograph with all my current setting. Currently, my daily electricity usage seems to be higher than normal and it just was serviced. kind Regards...
  12. A

    Vaillant Eco Tec Pro24

    Hello We've just moved house which has a Vaillant Eco Tec Pro 24 with a timer unit. There is no room thermostat and I am told you can add a wireless progammeable one. If so is it from Vaillant or another manufacturer and are they straight forward to fit? Thanks for any advice
  13. Atanas Peev

    Gas valve Vaillant eco tec pro 24

    Hello any with experienced with gas valve low voltage The boiler is Vaillant eco tec pro 24 I’ve got a code F61 and voltage to gas valve solenoid is 4.51v dc Regards Atanas
  14. S

    MAIN combi ECO 30 problems. help pls.

    Morning, after some advice please. I have a MAIN combi ECO 30 , its been in for nearly 9 years. historically its randomly fired up as though you are calling for hot water – but when no tap is actuated. This would happen a few times a week and last less than a minute. Since last week I have now...
  15. T

    Changing the thermostatic cartridge on the Triton Dart Eco

    Hi UK Plumbers Forum! This is my first post and just want to share a very simple “How-to” on changing the thermostatic cartridge on the Triton Dart Eco. I’m not a plumber but love reading about plumbing. The cartridge service kit used is the Triton 83312810, which can also be used in Triton...
  16. T

    rothenberger eco freeze stopped working

    Hi can anyone help my eco freezer not going lower than -4 tank is full and no air locks help is it dead
  17. Windy

    Vaillant eco TECH plus 835

    Hi, writing up my last report for my gas portfolio and have come up against something i can't work out whilst doing the gas rate figures!! Data plate shows Hot water pnw 34kw and qnw 34.7kw (hi) manual shows gas rate norm level 3.78m3/h minimum 3.4m3/h maximum 3.97m3/h If i fudge a gas rate...
  18. C

    Valiant eco etc pro pressure problem

    hi, I’m hoping someone can give some advice. My boiler keeps giving a error message of f75. I have replaced the expansion tank and it has been repressurised but what happens is the boiler will work then the red light comes on with error message the only way the boiler comes on is to send more...
  19. J

    boiler sizing for Megaflo flexistor 500L

    Hello gents I'm involved in a project to supply hot water to 7 commercial kitchens, there is no need for heating or showers/ baths but there will be 10/15 sinks plus hand wash sinks. We were thinking a megaflo 500L flexistor should suit our needs but want to know what size boiler we should...
  20. S

    Is this a good partnership Honeywell Evo Home and Intergas

    Hi All I have a Honeywell Evo home in my house. It's connected to an 11 year old Potterton Gold HE28 system boiler and unvented Cylinder. The house is a solid brick house with a rear extension and loft . 5 bed , 4 bathrooms around 3000 square feet. The rooms retain heat at different rates...