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  1. G

    New Eco 7 Cylinder - spluttering/air in system?

    We've just had a new Economy 7 cylinder put in and after 3 or 4 days we still seems to get spluttering out of the taps as thought there is air in the system Basic setup as follows - apologies for poor terminology as i'm not a plumber! Cold water tank in loft of bungalow feeds into the hot water...
  2. S

    Main Combi 30 Eco Elitie Temperature Issues

    Hi Guys, Just changed a sink tap for customer and when turned the hot water on the boiler temp rose to 90 within few seconds and burner cut out, temp came down to 78 and the boiler then fired up again and keeps cycling like this. Customer said this has been happening for a few months now, I...
  3. Z

    Main Eco Elite Sump Gasket

    Hello, I've got a Main Eco Elite combi with a gap in the sump gasket (pretty sure that's what they call the part) so POCs are escaping, so needs to be replaced. Has anyone got any idea how long this is likely to take? I can't work out if the hole heat exchanger needs to come out or whether the...
  4. I

    Main 30 Combi Eco Elite display temperature

    Hi, I have the above boiler and had a user question about the display temperature on the front of the boiler. I can't seem to find the answer in any manuals. I wanted to know what the temperature that is displayed relates to ie the boiler temperature or the water temperature. Reason for...
  5. F

    12 year old Vaillant Eco Tec Plus 415 keeps turning off

    Hello, can anyone advice me on my Vaillant Ecotec plus 415. The boiler starts up but switches off after a few minutes. If the temp dial is turned up then it makes a very loud banging and flapping sound. I was advised to get system flushed by one company and another said the boiler is old i...
  6. Stants

    Pipework type / design for Unvented Cylinder ( 170 L Megaflo Eco )

    Hi I'm tying / hoping to run a drain for an Unvented indirect cylinder I need to run it now as I want to close in the building ( its in a loft conversion ) I'm having great difficulty getting someone to fit the whole system for me , it was being done by a guy but now he can not do it as...
  7. plumb_know

    Eco tec plus combi

    Done service on eco tec plus - all working on leaving. Next evening get a call to say now F70 & F42 fault codes coming up. Which say incorrect part fitted or not set up, only thing I replaced was combustion door gasket. Apart from that just gave it clean and done safety checks as normal...
  8. 5


    Installed the above boiler today. They quote 14 ltrs per min hot water. Looking at the heat exchanger, it does not look any different in size to the 832 (well I know, its only 3kw more!), but comparing this to the 838, that heat exchanger is nearly double the size? and the flow rate on that is...
  9. R

    Vaillant Eco Tec Purge

    Hi. Our Vaillant Eco Tec Pro 28 (13 Years Old) stopped working two days ago. The boiler was trying to fire up but the start up sequence never got all the way through so no heating or hot water. No error code but an S.97 code when I hit the 'I' button. After an engineer fitted a new pressure...
  10. N

    I have a leaking pressure valve on my Main combi eco elite

    I have to replace my pressure relief valve on my Main combi eco elite as it is leaking , what sort of job is this ?
  11. Ted808

    eco friendly, water awaste

    This virus epidemic has thrown all consideration for being economic and eviromently friendly out of the window. I see so many plastic masks floating about and I'm guessing a lot of them land up down the the pan, not to mention the gloves, and use of water to wash hands- 20 sec more of running...
  12. G

    Main eco Compact 30kw question on rear pipework.

    Ive heard its possible to get the pipework up the back of this appliance by removing a baffle fitted to the boiler. Is this correct? Im having trouble getting it to fit inside a very tight cupboard with the standard stand off jig fitted. Ive been looking at the sizes on the website only and...
  13. A

    baxi eco 80 cycling during CH only

    Baxi eco 80 hot water fine but heating causes the boiler to cycle once rads have warmed up.firing too often in too short a period. is this something worth investing in or consider new combi.I know all parts are readily available for this boiler and don't want to plod out thousands if it can be...
  14. R

    Vaillant Eco Tec Pro 28 fault.

    Over the last couple of weeks my boiler has started to throw the occasional S.54 and F.64 codes. I know when its happened because the hot taps run cold. The whole system is 8 years old and has been serviced every other year. Normal service is resumed by pressing the reset button. The question is...
  15. J

    URGENT Ignition issue Main Eco 30 Combi boiler

    Hi All, I have a Main Eco 30 Combi boiler I was fitted about 7 years ago, the whole pipe work is new and radiators. I have so far replaced the electrodes since it was old and bent (it was working but I wanted to avoid it failing), the heat exchanger was hoovered and the seal was replaced, the...
  16. J

    Lochinvar eco charger

    Hi does anyone know if the lochinvar eco charger system has a sell on value? I’ve recently taken 3 out of a hotel in London and was wondering if it was worth trying to forward them on. Cheers
  17. plumb_know

    Valliant Eco tec combi HE - heating issue

    Hi everyone, I have an issue with Valliant eco tec combi, tenant complaining heating is coming on sometimes when programable wired room stats (danfoss) are up to temperature. Typically when i attend it is always working fine so intermittent fault. I replaced both room stats for first measure...
  18. J

    Vaillant eco tec 28 f28

    Hello hope someone can help. So this morning woke up to a f28 on my Vaillant eco tec pro 28.so did the usual things checked standing pressure and working pressure by three rings on the hob all good.just to be safe called cadent to check the regulator to make sure nothing was wrong on that side...
  19. P

    URGENT Alpha Combi Boiler Eco 2 Plus and Thermostat.

    Please can somebody tell me what the correct settings should be for my Alpha Combi Boiler Eco 2 Plus and Thermostat. Please see the attached photograph with all my current setting. Currently, my daily electricity usage seems to be higher than normal and it just was serviced. kind Regards...
  20. A

    Vaillant Eco Tec Pro24

    Hello We've just moved house which has a Vaillant Eco Tec Pro 24 with a timer unit. There is no room thermostat and I am told you can add a wireless progammeable one. If so is it from Vaillant or another manufacturer and are they straight forward to fit? Thanks for any advice