Eastbrook High School is a public school located outside Marion, Indiana. The school teaches students from Upland, Washington Township, Matthews, and Van Buren.

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    Best online sites to buy Eastbrook products

    H. I've decided to buy an Eastbrook 1200 X 800 shower tray. Be been asking and researching trays and Eastbrook have come up a number of times. Cheapest site I can find is Bathroom Luxuries.co.uk. Anyone had experience of buying from them, or any other suggestions where to buy Eastbrook. I've...
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    Shower Enclosures Auqalux and Eastbrook

    Looking to install a shower enclosure in my bathroom later this year. Dimensions shows that the space we can fit in will be able to accommodate up to a 900mm wide shower enclosure with a length of 1100mm. So I've got 2 options: 1. Go for a 800 x 1000mm shower enclosure. It seems to be a...
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    Eastbrook product . any pointers

    Guys, This is a DIY question so please bear with me .. Our ensuite shower is making noises when any other tap upstairs is running . so I've concluded that part of the shower riser appears to be loose - but how can I (assuming I can) tighten this up? This is the Eastbrook page...
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    Eastbrook Bathroom Collection

    Hello all. I've seen some recommendations on this forum for buying bathroom furniture from Eastbrook. However, looking through the catalogue they appear to stock a lot of items with generic names in the same manner as you might find at the budget online retailers (name beginning with V...) Are...
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    Which brand/brands are you guys recommending? I need to quote for some nice gear. Shower, bath toilet the lot? Cheers chaps
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    online retailers of traditional sanitary ware

    hello again, My customer would like me to direct her to somewhere on the www that will sell quality traditional sinks, toilets and thermostatic showers. I have an account with nicholls & clarke yet their range is very limited. What are you opinions on victorian plumbing? (never again will I...
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    Shower door advice

    Hi I'm in the process of updating my ensuite shower room I'm looking for a good quality shower door, as you can see from the photo space is tight i currently have a bi fold door that I bought from ebay a few years ago, it's done a job but I feel they are too flimsy I seen a kohler in...
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    Shower enclosure

    hey guys ihave been to a house tonight to talk about options for someone regarding showers He has a shower tray there which is 750mm square but 700mm to centre, he has taken the door panels off as they were rotten and leaking so requires new doors and side panel my question being can you get...
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