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  1. A

    Drip Drip!! Ceramic Disc Valve

    See attached pics of our quarter turn ceramic disc kitchen tap, which needs a new ceramic disc valve. It is circa 20 years old, and I believe was a popular model with kitchens supplied by Magnet and the like, and that there are still a lot of them around. To save me hawking the old ceramic disc...
  2. Cliff CE Black

    Is it normal for a (just fixed) toilet cistern to drip after filling please?

    Hi, I am new here and so I hope this is an ok question to ask. I just had a plumber come to fix my toilet cistern which was dripping slowly after filling. he changed a rubber seal which was worn and then made some adjustments to the water fill level and water fill speed. The new level is much...
  3. C

    Drip from central heating additive vessel. Does it unscrew? I can’t budge it.

    I’ve tried unscrewing this thinking I can use ptfe tape and re-screw it, but it’s not budging. I don’t want to force it if I’m wrong and it doesn’t have a thread. Does anyone know please?
  4. I

    seized? or am I missing something!?

    Hi All, View: I cannot find any more grub screws, is it seized? (I am assuming that I need to replace the rubber washer to stop the drip) ..any help greatly appreciated :)
  5. S

    Boiler drip after turned off

    Hi everyone. I have had my Central heating on for a while but I switched it off last night. When I got up this morning there was a patch of water under the boiler and the pressure had dropped but not by much. I have established it is dripping from the pipe with a red tap marked CH flow. Any...
  6. O

    glowworm flexicom 30cx boiler - over pressure & drip

    Hi, after some help with a flexicom 30 CX - 9 Years old. Pressure slowly creeps up toward 3 bar, followed by a very slow drip. Plumber has been out & done the follwing: Represurised expansion vessel Relpaced plate heat exchanger confirmed both filling loop valves are passing water. Plumber now...
  7. A

    Megaflo unvented cylinder drip

    Hi there. I have noticed a drip on the primary flow pipe going into the tank. Not sure what could be causing it. It seems to happen when the heating and hot water are off. Have attached a photo. It comes from the top and runs down the pipe. No dripping in the tundish and we replenished the air...
  8. F

    What is this and is it normal for it to drip?

    Hi all, I am new to this forum. I just wanted to see if anyone knows what this part is called. And is it normal for it to drip? There's no visible leak anywhere. And I believe the droplets go into the waste pipe. But something could be wrong if it's not meant to drip. Thanks in advance!
  9. J

    Drip Stoppers (regular) !

    Evening, Have any of you bought / got Drip Stoppers Regular 5-22mm Twin Pack | Trade Only Plumbing & Heating Supplies are they effective? Have a good evening all :D
  10. J

    Intermittent drip from overflow pipe.

    Hi. I've got an drip that comes and goes from the overflow pipe from the black plastic tank above my boiler, which I think must be the feed/expansion tank. I had a new ball valve fitted by a plumber but still get a drip at times. I don't understand why, if the ball valve is working, there...
  11. I

    Slight drip brown water from nut / bleed valve area?

    Hi, we have 2 rads. where there is slight rusting visible around the silver nut around the bleed nipple. water is coming out but evaporates to leave a brown stain. Can I tighten nut...or will this need replacing? Do I need our usual plumber..or diy? thanks.
  12. ColdEagle

    triton millennium, Shower outlet (connects to hose) dripping

    Hi all, I was advised to try ask for help here, however I feel my "problem" might be too basics for the minds here. New house purchase, everything's been going wrong and needing fixing so I'm trying to fix / replace what I can to save money. Tried the upstairs shower cubicle last night switched...
  13. D

    Help I have a drip on the washing machine tap I think.

    Hello, I am no good at DIY but came here for help on a plumbing problem. I have a small leak as per picture attached, I think the shading machine tap needs replacing but I am not sure. Have checked the copper piping that appears fine, but the drip appears to be coming from the machine tap. The...
  14. W

    Internal leak sealing liquid

    For adding to central heating system and sealing leaks in inaccessible places. Anyone ever tried this? Seen it advertised. Don't need to use any or anyting, just wondered if it works. And actually, how it works...
  15. D

    dripping coming from within the pipe??

    i need help, i stay in a block of flats and i am at the bottom and the sewage pipe for all the flats runs right through my flat. recently i noticed there was a dripping coming from the area where the pipe was, stripping the area down to get to the pipe i noticed there was no leak, but there was...
  16. S

    Plumbing & Heating

    There seems a lot of P&H vans about ....or am i being paranoid :eek:
  17. M

    bath mixer tap

    bath taps on eBay (end time 30-Apr-10 22:01:10 BST) 99p at the moment - selling on ebay as protection to both buyer and seller. get yourself a bargain or get me at least more than 99 p lol
  18. H

    Call out

    Just wondering how many people charge call out? I have just started out on my own and posted cards out in my local area and someone responded by e-mail and asked what my call out was and hourly rate. I wasn't thinking of charging a call out( or would it be in my best interest?) and as hourly...
  19. F

    drip from those damned 1/4 turn taps

    hey guys, can anyone help, I have a dripping tap...:rolleyes: It is a monobloc kitchen tap, and it uses those dreaded 1/4 turn cartridges, is there a fix if for a drip with these type? I have taken the assembly apart, and reseated the cartridge & drip still there.. The pressure is...
  20. P

    is it just me

    or do other people find when they do a simple enough job like a siphon washer once all back together you get that anoying little drip that takes ages to track down and stop. then on a LL when you flush you get another little drip that takes ages to stop:mad:

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