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  1. M

    Tyneside flat- bathroom drainage issues

    Bit of wierd one but here goes. Live in a Tyneside flat (Think Terraced house split in two). With a modernish kitchen and bathroom extension into the front yard for both houses and this is mirrored for the neighbours. The bath and sink last Sunday in my place were blocked and didn't drain...
  2. J

    Drainage problems

    Hello, I am a new member and glad to be on board. I don't know anything about plumbing, but know how to a plunger. As a member I hope to some gain knowledge and advice. My sink water drains into my washing machine. When I drain the washing machine it goes back into sink. This has been going...
  3. S

    Shower Not Draining well.

    Hi, I have an issue with our shower not draining very quickly, the picture below is the current piping arrangement done by the builder, The black pipe is the one coming from the shower, the top two pipes (white), are from the bath and the basin. The black pipe going to the right goes into the...
  4. K

    Underfloor drainage for wetroom, help pls.

    Hi, I'm a gas man and plumber, mostly maintenance. A bathroom fitter I'm not! My knowledge of underground drainage and building fabric is shocking. However its summer, I've just settled my tax on account and I find myself tempted by a dreaded assist on a DIY wetroom. So... The clay waste pipe...
  5. Rob Foster

    New Drainage Channel

    Putting in new drain channel at ft of new house. All ready for fine concrete tomorrow. So guess what Dyson vacuum cleaners do not pick up 1/2 inch gravel bits left over apparantly thats not in their sales guide that they dint do that .Angela will be very unhappy later as its burnt itself out...
  6. M

    Underground drainage advice please.

    Hi all. I have not done any drainage as of yet but will be next week. I am taking out a macerator and instead installing a soil stack and underground drainage to an existing man hole. Q1) can I use a short radius (rest) bend at the foot of a stack? When looking online it does say that this is...
  7. R

    Washing machine drainage flooding back, nightmare, long horizontal run with no vent.

    Hello I’m new to this site but hoping someone can throw some light on a difficult problem on kitchen drainage. This is in my father-in-law’s 4th floor flat in Paris, in a modern block (1990’s) The roots of the problem are multiple. Really poor installation with an almost horizontal run of...
  8. E

    Underground drainage planning.

    Hi, we have got a build over agreement with Southern water to change our drains about as we are building a new extension. The drains at the moment are like this, Southern water insist we use concrete and brick manhole where the neighbors and our drains connect. As far as I can see we cant...
  9. A

    Relocating an Inspection Chamber/ New Drainage Run - Help Required

    Hi, I am in need of some help/ advice regarding a project we are working on. We are refurbishing an existing residential house and converting an adjacent shop in to a new house in Kent (Southern Water waste). The existing drainage from the house runs under the shop floor, in to an inspection...
  10. J

    Power flushing and drainage

    hello everyone What level have you got to be in order to carry out power flushing have you got to be level 3 ? And also interested in unblocking drains what is the best route to go ?
  11. A

    Need input with drainage system lay out.

    I am dealing with a boss that has no mechanical background and a coworker that considers himself to a mechanical God which is leading me to have some concerns about a piping system that they have installed. It consists of some fluid tanks that have overflow drainage leading to a pipe that runs...
  12. D

    shower room drainage help

    Hi Guys - looking for a bit of assistance with some drainage for a wee shower room we're looking to add. I've installed a horizontal branch beneath the 1st floor that will run to the existing external stack (about a 5m run) with the required fall so i'm fairly happy that i can hook up the WC...
  13. M

    Underground drainage works

    Hi all. I have been asked to disconnect a Saniflo loft and instead run soil pipe and drainage to manhole. Now someone has ran a rain water pipe that goes straight into the foul water manhole. I want to turn this into a soil pipe. See the outlet of the rain water into the manhole in picture...
  14. D

    Drainage advice just in case.

    Hello, Was just after some advice, I have no manhole cover on my property it is semi detached and so is my next door neighbour. I have looked on my house deeds and drainage search etc no sign of a manhole. But my next door neighbour has a square manhole in their backyard, would I be sharing...
  15. C

    fresh water drainage

    Hi Folks, I have moved into a property with a nice patio but I have noticed that the fresh water drain from the roof goes to the foul water manhole(I hear this common in older houses) but it does not seem to have a gully(trap). Is this ok. A friend said it should have a gully. Cheers Paul
  16. E

    Would appreciate some help.

    Hi guys, I have had an on going issue with the flat i live in for ages. But i will try and keep it short and sweet, but can go into full if needed. I live in a basement flat. First month of moving in we had a awful sewage smell. Then one night we found our carpets soaked, and found a man hole...
  17. E

    Help with rainwater drainage issue

    Hi there I wondered if anyone could help. We are in the long process of renovating an old former commercial building which is listed. We have a problem at the front of the house with the rainwater drainage. I'll try and summarise it below: -In this area a hopper takes an awful lot of water...
  18. S

    Saniflo drainage issue

    Hello not sure if this is the correct category but hope you can help. Installed a saniflo for downstairs loo and Basin but client says its making (new noises) The pipework runs horizontal from the top of the saniflow for 60cm - straight down under joists around 60cm- then horizontal for about...
  19. D

    External kitchen drainage - (large) leak

    Hi - first time poster so apologies if this isn't in the correct forum. A couple of days ago I noticed that my kitchen drainage pipe is overflowing if the water is run for more than 10-20 seconds. I'd assumed the chamber it flows into (grease trap?) was blocked and just needed clearing, but on...
  20. B

    Second opinions desired before I throw even more money (literally) down the drain...?

    Since our building work 3 years ago we've had to call out plumbers at least five times to clear the pipework running from the sink to the drain (level run on the ground floor). Over time the pipes, which are 1.5 inches wide, repeatedly clog up and water ends up backing up into the sink and...
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