Drainage is the natural or artificial removal of a surface's water and sub-surface water from an area with excess of water. The internal drainage of most agricultural soils is good enough to prevent severe waterlogging (anaerobic conditions that harm root growth), but many soils need artificial drainage to improve production or to manage water supplies.

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  1. E

    Sink drainage

    Hello all! I'm a first time DIY-er and I am taking out a new build crappy vanity unit to replace with a wooden vanity with countertop basin. I'm at the demolition stage! I've managed to remove the old vanity and I've got a waste pipe in front of me going straight into the ground. I always...
  2. Bogart

    Drainage inspection chamber

    Whilst messing about trying to find the location of my underground pipw leak, still ongoing, I decided to have a look at my drainage chamber. A right mess it is. The chamber is 480mm diameter and is covered by a rotten lid of 620mm x 480mm. As you can see from the attached piccy the lid is the...
  3. A

    Vinyl to tile drainage issue

    Hi Floor in wet room is changing from vinyl flooring to tiles, floor will rise by about 13mm (tile and adhesive). The current drainage is 110mm for vinyl floor, what can I connect to current system so will be level with tiles. Wet room is on ground floor over concrete. Pls see photos Thanks
  4. R

    Pipe runs for extension

    Hi, I need some advice, I'm planning small extension (3m) but pipes going like this. How they can be moved to pass all regulations? The blue is manhole on public path just outside my fence. I think I can't build on it as is public sewage. Can anyone advice if can be done as on proposed right...
  5. Maverick-83

    Advice on drainage for blocked 2nd story toilets/drains

    Needing some advice for recurrent blocked drains in upstairs toilet and sinks/shower. I’ve tracked the drain to under the house and it looks like there’s some convoluted plumbing done by someone - p traps and not sure if they’re correctly installed. We clear the blockages with draino but they...
  6. R

    New kitchen, drainage advice please

    Hello I am fitting a kitchen in a new room without services. Looking to tile the floor so everything under the tiles really needs to be fit and forget. Looking for best advice on fitting drainage for the sink and dishwasher please. Photos of situation below. Sink will be under window and...
  7. H

    Waste water drainage for 2 baths and washing machine

    Hi, Installing 2 new bathrooms, property only had 1 bathroom and the waste went into a cast iron soil stack which has now been replaced. I really don't want to notch the joist to get the waste out. I was thinking can I run the waste connected together to the outside in 40mm? So the bath...
  8. K

    Bath overflow and drainage misaligned

    Hi all I purchased a freestanding bath and when I came to cut the holes for the taps I realised the hole for the overflow is misaligned with the drainage (see photo). There's some room within the overflow hole that allows me to straighten the chrome fitting in line with the drainage, but not...
  9. B

    Internal drainage cover

    Hi all I am not a professional, however I am a handy bugger I think. After the conversion of a garage to an actual internal room, there is now an external unsealed manhole cover in the centre of the room, around 4 inches below the new floor level. It is approx 750 x 500 in size. The cover...
  10. P

    Drainage advice please BOS/diversion

    Hi we had an agreement with Welsh water to divert some surface water pipes-also a BOS but not relevant. There is a small amount of water left in the drain invert for a few hours after rain. Is there a tolerance for water in bottom of pipe? I have already dug it all out once and re-levelled...
  11. M

    Condense concealed drainage pipe work?

    Hi all. I have a couple posts regarding this issue going at the moment. I’m having to try and help out the in-laws with an underground drain and I’m struggling for ideas. I’ve found this item in the picture online but I’m unsure what pipe would be best? The reason we’re having to do it like...
  12. S

    Bathroom drainage problem

    What’s that blank for on my pedestal p trap? It’s like a extra bit that comes up with a blanking cap on the top? My bathroom sink drain makes a lot of gurgling noise when it’s finished draining. I’ve had drain unblocker and a snake down there but not made a difference. I’m not a plumber by...
  13. P

    Is this drainage pipe needed

    Hi Everyone I have just removed a floor to find out where a WC waste pipe goes. As you will see from the picture, it branches off a long way and is then capped off. I cannot see that it needs this long extension on the right hand side, running along the wall. I presume I could cut it back to...
  14. M

    Drainage testing with air? Dropping

    Hi folks. What is the best way to trace a drop on a 4” stack test? I’m only using the little 100mm u gauge and bungs but can’t find nothing with ldf? Cheers
  15. J

    Underground drainage plans for building regs

    About to submit some drainage plans to building regs so I was hoping that the wonderful people on here would give some views on what they would likely object to as it's easier to make changes before submitting than after. Assuming the gradients are within spec does anything look out of place...
  16. L

    Waste Water Drainage Issue

    My dish washer and washing machine are installed next to one another per the attached picture. After using the washing machine waste water per the attached picture fills the bottom of the dishwasher. In the attached picture this the waste water after 2 washing machine loads. Attached is a...
  17. 6

    Whirlpool Tub Drainage

    So I purchased a second hand Neptune Jetted tub (that has not been used before) and I just want to confirm if this is one of those old style tubs that has a problem with all the water not draining out of the pipes or not. I believe the old style used flex pipes which sagged over time leading to...
  18. B

    Potential drainage issue - next door extension

    We live in a terraced row (SW London) and our neighbours are currently in the process of finalising their extension. There is a potential drainage issue (their rainwater drainage) for which they have advised us of a course of action to resolve it. Before agreeing, we would like a bit of...
  19. 0

    Limescale in pipes

    Hi. I have had a significant build up of limescale in the pipes taking old water from the shower / bathroom sink and sewage from the toilet. This has been clearer by plumbers using a Picote and directly accessing the pipes externally. The drainage engineer said that now that the limescale has...
  20. E

    Water supply and drainage for x2 dishwasher / sink

    Question about both water supply pressure and drainage requirements to run x2 dishwashers and kitchen sink. We are currently having a house built and this is the pipe set-up that has been installed. Our understanding is the supply is directly linked to mains supply via a junction point approx...
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