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  1. A

    drainage problem would appreciate advice on

    Hello all Bit of a problem I’d like advice on. My kitchen waste pipe discharges into a pipe going to my rainwater soakaway. It unsurprisingly became blocked but a lot of prodding with drain rods and throwing some enzyme type stuff down there seems to have cleared it. There’s no slope to take...
  2. P

    Drainage connection to threshold drains

    Hi can someone tell me the best way to connect two threshold ACO015 threshold drain to an existing clay gully pot. The drains will do either side of the pot close to the wall. Would it require removal and using plastic fittings? Looking down the gully it appears there might be three sections...
  3. H

    Free standing Bath Drainage Question

    Hi guys I was just wondering, is it ok to have your bath drain directly above the drainage pipe that leads to the gully trap, and not have to use the corrugated flexible pipe that comes with baths? I'm not a plumber. Thanks guys
  4. F

    Help on connecting channel drainage to soil pipe

    Hi, I'm installing a patio across all of my back garden, and was intending to put channel drainage along the cream wall shown in the picture. I've recently had some pvc soil pipes put in, shown in the picture, so my thought was to connect to these (they already take rainwater as it's an old...
  5. A

    Add 4” to man hole underground drainage

    Hello plumbers forum, would really appreciate some advice on this before consulting my plumbing books. firstly, the picture of the manhole: can I add another 4” connection to this, by drilling out the brick and concrete, what is the fitting called that I can use to attach to this ? And to...
  6. J

    Indirect Drainage Problem (without getting thru the floor)

    Hello all! glad to be here.. gonna be doing quite some plumbing work with a handyman of mine to lower cost of my new business so I hope this is the right place to get some good pro info! So with my new biz, they are requiring a 3 basin sink like a restaurant kitchen, and with this they...
  7. M

    Aco drainage - change direction

    I have 3m of ACO drainage in my garden - they drain to the left and I want to change the fall so they drain to the right I do not want to take them out and adjust the fall by re-laying them as it will cause too much disruption. I can access the end though to connect a new outlet. I figure...
  8. E

    Cleaning Gutters with drop down Scrapers

    I have come across 2 drop down scrapers which screw onto drainage rods. One made by Horobin is over £6 and the other by Silverline just over £3. By the pics they look identical. Anyone got experience of either make. I normally clean the gutters on our bungalow 3-4 times a year, important if lots...
  9. townfanjon

    Drainage / septic tank advice

    Customer mega house , two soil pipes , both outside and around 5/6 meters apart . One vented to atmosphere, the other has an AAV fitted , the one with the AAV is starting to give drainage problems , blocked basin , pan nearly fills up and then falls immediately, shower waste gurgles . Didnt...
  10. F

    Drainage smell in basement

    Hi, I have a built up of drainage smell in the basement where we us to have are old toilet drainage before, basically the old drainage is no longer in use and still has water standing, its under the bay window in the basement. I can access it by removing a few bricks from inside the basement as...
  11. D

    Toilet and drainage issue

    Hello, looking for some advice about an issue that's just occurred. We have an 18yr old semi with bathroom and ensuite upstairs, downstairs toilet, all plumbing etc has been working fine 2 nights ago the plughole in the bathroom started gurgling when either of the upstairs toilets were flushed...
  12. M

    Tyneside flat- bathroom drainage issues

    Bit of wierd one but here goes. Live in a Tyneside flat (Think Terraced house split in two). With a modernish kitchen and bathroom extension into the front yard for both houses and this is mirrored for the neighbours. The bath and sink last Sunday in my place were blocked and didn't drain...
  13. J

    Drainage problems

    Hello, I am a new member and glad to be on board. I don't know anything about plumbing, but know how to a plunger. As a member I hope to some gain knowledge and advice. My sink water drains into my washing machine. When I drain the washing machine it goes back into sink. This has been going...
  14. S

    Shower Not Draining well.

    Hi, I have an issue with our shower not draining very quickly, the picture below is the current piping arrangement done by the builder, The black pipe is the one coming from the shower, the top two pipes (white), are from the bath and the basin. The black pipe going to the right goes into the...
  15. K

    Underfloor drainage for wetroom, help pls.

    Hi, I'm a gas man and plumber, mostly maintenance. A bathroom fitter I'm not! My knowledge of underground drainage and building fabric is shocking. However its summer, I've just settled my tax on account and I find myself tempted by a dreaded assist on a DIY wetroom. So... The clay waste pipe...
  16. Rob Foster

    New Drainage Channel

    Putting in new drain channel at ft of new house. All ready for fine concrete tomorrow. So guess what Dyson vacuum cleaners do not pick up 1/2 inch gravel bits left over apparantly thats not in their sales guide that they dint do that .Angela will be very unhappy later as its burnt itself out...
  17. M

    Underground drainage advice please.

    Hi all. I have not done any drainage as of yet but will be next week. I am taking out a macerator and instead installing a soil stack and underground drainage to an existing man hole. Q1) can I use a short radius (rest) bend at the foot of a stack? When looking online it does say that this is...
  18. R

    Washing machine drainage flooding back, nightmare, long horizontal run with no vent.

    Hello I’m new to this site but hoping someone can throw some light on a difficult problem on kitchen drainage. This is in my father-in-law’s 4th floor flat in Paris, in a modern block (1990’s) The roots of the problem are multiple. Really poor installation with an almost horizontal run of...
  19. E

    Underground drainage planning.

    Hi, we have got a build over agreement with Southern water to change our drains about as we are building a new extension. The drains at the moment are like this, Southern water insist we use concrete and brick manhole where the neighbors and our drains connect. As far as I can see we cant...
  20. A

    Relocating an Inspection Chamber/ New Drainage Run - Help Required

    Hi, I am in need of some help/ advice regarding a project we are working on. We are refurbishing an existing residential house and converting an adjacent shop in to a new house in Kent (Southern Water waste). The existing drainage from the house runs under the shop floor, in to an inspection...

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