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  1. H

    DIY customers getting involved

    What do you do when the customer is a DIYer who insists on getting involved?
  2. Jimbob1973

    Which domestic plumbing course for DIY plumbing?

    Hi, Can anyone recommend a plumbing course so I can learn how to undertake DIY domestic plumbing myself? Thanks
  3. siricosm

    Cylinder for DIY thermal store

    I am looking to install a thermal store to replace my current vented cylinder. I plan to use an external plate exchanger for DHW and heat the store directly from my existing vented boiler. So what I am looking for is a plain stainless steel tank (no internal coils) with a variety of connections...
  4. R

    Not So Simple job for a body jet rail

    Hello All, I’m trying to build a simple 1/2” chrome rail with a 1/4 turn valve and two body jets for a fairly nice shower over my Xmas holidays. Finding the specific parts seems nigh impossible so I’m hoping someone can point me in the right direction. Chrome nipples are easy enough to find, but...
  5. D

    DIY manifold with PEX and plumbing a bathroom

    Hello all, my wife and I have recently purchased a house in Edinburgh (move in date 6th dec hopefully) and I have been working hard to get a plan done for a diy manifold and I shall do a complete refit of the bathroom. I plan to do it all myself bar the electrics and boiler connections. The...
  6. T

    Electrician DIY plumbing in own house, advice needed

    Hi guys, before anyone jumps to tell me “get a plumber”, I’m extending my house and doing a loft conversion myself, so looking to save money, that’s my only reason for not getting a plumber. I see mixed opinions on whether to go plastic or copper, I’m happy to learn how to join copper, but at...
  7. K

    Bidet spray installation in reservoir tank with inlet on top

    Hi, I plan to install a bidet spray in my home. This video gave me a good insight: View: The big difference between this toilet and mine is the inlet for the reservoir tank. In my case the inlet is from the top of the tank and also close to the wall: The white...
  8. D

    Thermal Solar Fill and Flush Tips

    Thermal Solar I have installed the above in my 3 bed simi with22mm pipe and an E and WEst panels into a cylinder with solar h/E and boiler H/e above . Is there and DIY way ( am not a proffesional) of filling and flushing , without buying and expensive fll and flush station please ? I used a...
  9. D

    Camray 5 DIY help required!

    Hi, Hoping someone can help me out, I'm stuck. I have a Camray 5 boiler, which will fire up and burn fuel for around 10-20mins, no heat to the radiators although I have an initial burst of hot water (10-20mins). I have changed the pump, this week, changed the thermostat about 10 months ago...
  10. C

    Greetings from a DIY hopeful

    I had an account on here before but it appears to have been culled due to inactivity. I'm an extremely average DIY hopeful, hoping to get some advice from time to time.
  11. D

    Advice needed on radiator valve

    Hi all, this is my first post so hoping I've got it in the right section. I'm a casual DIYer so this may be a simple question to most.. looking to replace the old head on the photo for a new TRV head. Do I simply need to undo the nut at the top & slot a new head on or does the old fixing need to...
  12. Unfeed

    Diy wind powered water-pump

    I am a end semester student and was sent in civil services on remote places in my city. It was a rural undeveloped beach area, the people there mainly lives from selling solar dried beach salt. I was thinkin to making wind powered pump that connected to some sprinkler in hope to make the salt...
  13. L

    Mixer shower supply ( plastic pipes)

    I am in the process of changing my bath and installing a mixer shower aswell. Currently, there is a copper pipe that goes to the sink and then from the sink to the bath taps its plastic pipe. Would it be best to t-off from the bath tap supply using plastic pipe up to the mixer shower? If the...
  14. Dan

    DIY Forum for DIY Plumbers?

    Should I create a DIY forum to direct people away from this forum who are doing DIY jobs? I could then make our three main forums (tilers, plumbers and electricians) all for professionals and trainees only. I think that's how most networks are doing it. So perhaps we do the same? Your thoughts?
  15. J

    Just joined the forum

    Hi, I'm Jim and just joined the forum (well re-joined because my old username wasn't recognised). Not a trained plumbers just occasionally have to fix things at home.
  16. S

    DIY advice - saddle clips

    Hi All, Easy (and probably stupid) question. I have to run the pipes for a rad from above on the surface. I'm intending to run chrome pipes down behind the radiator and into some right angle valves to hide most of the pipework. Is it ok to use saddle clips to keep the pipes as close to the...
  17. E

    DIY Draining down system

    Hello, I have an open vented boiler with a gravity hot water circuit and a pumped central heating circuit. I want to drain the central heating system to remove a radiator and give the system a flush. Will the gravity hot water part of the boiler still work as I intend to leave the central...
  18. P

    DIYer - need help with toilet pipe air-valve install

    Hi, New to the forum - hoping to get some help here. I am rerouting my toilet to have the pipe work hidden in the eaves. Bath/shower/basin waste connects to the toilet drain via Barco Bos. I need help with the air vent. - Do I need one for toilet, and another for shower/bath/basin...
  19. W

    Please help - connecting water pipe to sink tap

    Hi, complete beginner requiring some advice please! Would like to connect water from pipe to the sink (cold water only at this stage) - was going to remove the tap and then use something like a flexi pipe to connect them? I've attached images below. Would something like this work...
  20. J

    Advice needed on DIY central heating plan

    Hi all, I'm hoping to install a simple central heating system in our new house being constructed in 2019. I want a 'bare bones' system to keep it as simple as possible. I will be running a single underfloor loop and 9 radiators from a woodfired boiler. I would appreciate any comments/advice...