diverter valve

A blow-off valve (BOV), dump valve or compressor bypass valve (CBV) is a pressure release system present in most turbocharged engines. Its main purpose is to take the load off the turbocharger when the throttle is suddenly closed.

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  1. P

    Cant get boiler Viessmann diverter valve out!

    I need to replace the diverter valve - I unscrewed it from the hydraulic block but for the life of me I can't get it out. I even spoke to Viessmann tech and they advised twisting and yanking hard but this tosser is not budging AT ALL. The valve was replaced 2 months ago by someone else. Is there...
  2. D

    Diverter Valve Operation

    Trying to find out exactly what happens when my system boiler is called to supply the radiators and hot water cylinder at the same time. For example today, whilst the boiler was on heating the water, the room stat triggered the boiler to supply the rads. The diverter valve installed in the...
  3. R

    Three-way diverter valve -electrical problem

    Hi I have a fully pumped heating system fitted with a Drayton MA1 diverter, after the summer run the heating stopped coming on, so I replaced the Actuator head, however I have found the actuator is stuck on H (Heating), I have turned down both heating and cylinder stat - still stuck on H. The...
  4. S

    morco gb24 seies 11 diverter valve

    hi ned to service a morco gb24 diverter valve in my sons static the valve is passing so when you use the water it creaps down the flow and return so the responce time is slow on water demand morco are very help full wonder if aybody on here has come across this problem and wanted to know if some...
  5. M

    Help! Replace kohler diverter valve

    Hello. I have a Kohler Rite-Temp® 1/2 in. Pressure Balancing Valve with Stops. The diverter needs to replaced and I got the replacement part already. Opened the trim easily. But don’t seem to be able to unscrew the silver trim off the stem (red arrow in the photo). Can’t see why it doesn’t...
  6. Lukman

    Tap diverter O ring advice required

    Hi. I have a Vado summit bath tap with hand diverter. Recently the diverter stopped working and after liaising with Vado, I managed to remove it. When I removed it , it appeared that the O ring had come off the diverter and when placed back , it works fine. My question is that please can...
  7. R

    Worcester Bosch 28cdi diverter valve

    Hi I am replacing suspect diverter valve on old Worcester Bosch 28cdi. There is a small black slotted screw there (see the photo). Could someone advise me what is it for, is it an adjustment? Thank you very much Rafal
  8. S

    Heatslave 18/25 not firing

    Heatslave 18/25 not firing. No heating or hot water but no lockout light and diverter switch is locked in place. Hot water was scalding hot earlier despite being set at a middling temp on the boiler and now there’s no CH or hot water. Makes a whirring noise but nothing fires up when we call for...
  9. marc1974

    Diverter valve location

    Hi guys I have a worcester greenstar 24i rsf l combi And I just can't see the diverter valve
  10. D

    Worcester Heatslave Diverter Valve Problems

    Worcester Heatslave 12/14 Had a plumber out for a suspected diverter valve problem. He changed the top part and left. Next day he said the brass part might me a bit sticky, so he changed that. Now I have heating and hot water. Unfortunately the hot water comes out scalding for a short while...
  11. Spike47

    3 Port Diverter Valve Actuator, Alternatives

    Hi I have a duff Honeywell 3 Port Diverter Valve Actuator V4073A, my mate has a new Honeywell V4043, would anyone know if they are interchangable, looked online but can't seem to find that info . He also has a Altech ALTHC041 !. cheers Stan
  12. D

    Shower Tap Diverter Valve

    Hi all, DIY rookie and have an issue with malfunctioning diverter valve - water currently flows through both tap and shower head regardless of diverter position. Had a look at the valve today and it appears that the upper thread just above the rubber washer is broken. Unsure of make/model of tap...
  13. A

    Looking to replace Honeywell Diverter Valve on pressurised system

    Hi The area is near Telford in Shropshire. I have a 25 year old system. A gas fired Rayburn heats hot water and CH. The Honeywell diverter valve (the silver box thingy) has failed on the CH side, but I still have hot water. I bought a replacement, the Honeywell bit, connected to the 3 way...
  14. C

    Worcestershire heatslave 15/19

    Hi new to this forum, hope someone will have the answer to my issue. I have Recently had a new Diverter valve brass body and motor replaced on my 15/19 Worcestershire heatslave oil boiler, due to the old one seized. Since this i have had issues with the water pressure in the boiler it drops to...
  15. Uncle Nick

    Diverter valve issue?

    Hi all, my Warmflow boiler is firing up when set on ‘hot water only’ (and no demand), the radiators then get really hot but there’s no hot water. The actuator on the diverter valve turns and the valve itself isn't seized. We've had two engineers look at the boiler but despite changing almost...
  16. K

    Replacing diverter valve

    Hi, this is my first post.. hoping it's an easy one that someone can help me with. I've got a standard system (not a Combi.. just a Bosch gas boiler and a hot water tank). Anyway.. everytime the CH valve turns off, I get a REALLY LOUD clunking noise from the system. I've done some reading...
  17. Adamf77

    Diverter Valve stuck...

    Hi All, After some advice on how I can "unstuck" this diverter valve Yes i know the tap is old and should be replaced.. Any help appreciated. adam
  18. R

    How to remove a diverter valve help please ?

    Hi I need to replace a shuttle diverter valve which is not working correctly on taps that are just two years old. Am I right in thinking that a large hex type key would undo the the top of the tap as shown in photo and allow access to the plastic valve.? Thank you 68 year old grandad trying...
  19. J

    Bath tap diverter valve

    I have a Bristan Matrix Bath Shower Mixer Tap, the diverter valve will not stay in place and needs to be wedged up for the shower to work. I have removed the diverter valve and the problem appears to be the rubber seal which is rock hardand no longer seats properly. I have contacted Bristan and...
  20. W

    Do I have to smash my bath to get at this diverter valve?

    Hi Folks, my 2 way diverter tap in the bath is leaking but I can't find an isolator. I have a feeling it's buried under the tiled-in bath. I don't have any experience with plumbing but does anyone recognise this type of diverter and is there anyway of replacing it(or the cartridge) without...
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