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A military discharge is given when a member of the armed forces is released from their obligation to serve. Each country's military has different types of discharge. They are generally based on whether the persons completed their training and then fully and satisfactorily completed their term of service. Other types of discharge are based on factors such as the quality of their service, whether their service had to be ended prematurely due to humanitarian or medical reasons, whether they had been found to have drug or alcohol dependency issues and whether they were complying with treatment and counseling, and whether they had demerits or punishments for infractions or were convicted of any crimes. These factors affect whether they will be asked or allowed to re-enlist and whether they qualify for benefits after their discharge.

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  1. P

    Navien 240E Pressure Valve Discharge

    Hey all, Not a plumber - know just enough to be dangerous.. We just changed our water filters out in the house, and ever since our combo Navien 240e is discharging small amounts of water all day out the boiler side pressure valve. Boiler is off with summer (still using hot water side), but...
  2. C

    intermittent discharge from the PRV from my Vokera28

    the problem only occurs when the heating is on OVO engineer came and declared it to be a choked heat exchanger and choked hoses, he cant do anything as the insurance doesnt cover sludge. I'm sceptical as there is no shortage of heating, but there is a reduction in hot water temp. My view is...
  3. S

    Unvented cylinder discharge into 1980s Marley plastic rainwater hopper and pipe?

    I live in a shared building with a flat above me. My upstairs neighbour has just fitted an unvented hot water cylinder. The plumber has run the 22mm copper discharge pipe into the old plastic Marley hopper and downpipe, which discharges straight into the sewer. This downpipe also carries...
  4. T

    Open vent heating system - Vent discharge

    Got to look at a system which is discharging out of the open vent. Any tips, hints? Gonna check f&e/pump connection locations. Pump speed. System water quality for indication of blockage. Worth cutting out the feed tee to check for blockage? Any others?
  5. P

    Grohe Adagio - leaking into cistern, discharge piston already replaced

    Hi - I'm looking for some guidance with a problem with the Grohe Adagio discharge piston/seal which leaks part way through refilling. I've seen this raised before but there didn't seem to be a resolution. We have a couple of Grohe Adagio concealed cisterns, both 16 years old. With one I have a...
  6. K

    D1 discharge pipe is over 600mm

    Hi, I have Joule Cyclone 170L cylinder and just carried out the first service. Gas engineer found d1 discharge pipe is 800mm, 200mm over the manufacturer approved length. This is a new build house and this was installed last year. Would like to know whats the impact of this. Same time the...
  7. T

    Unvented cylinder discharge pipe location

    I posted a year or so back about the total messed up install I had of an unvented system. I can finally get this resolved. I’m having the cylinder moved from the loft into the airing cupboard. At present the discharge pipe runs down the outside side of the house from the loft. Due to the move...
  8. O

    Air break leak at condensate / washing machine waste connector

    Hello! DIY noob hear asking for advice on a leak from an air break. My undersink plumbing is a mess of pipes handling washing machine, dishwasher, and boiler condensate. When the washing machine runs, the air break overflows. The dishwasher is on too, the problem is worse. This used to happen...
  9. S

    PRV and condense discharge form a combi boiler

    Good day all, First and foremost i am not a boiler installer or gas registered, therefore i do not touch this element of plumbing, but i am after the correct advise regarding the following issue. I have had a gas installer who has piped the PRV and condense discharge pipe from a combi...
  10. M

    Pump for unvented discharge pipe

    Hi Can anyone recommend a compact pump that could take the water from an unvented cylinders discharge pipe? I’ve got one that needs to go in a basement but there isn’t a great deal of room to locate it. cheers
  11. J

    Macerator - swept bends on discharge?

    I wish to install a macerator for a ground floor toilet. I need to go out through the wall and around an external corner. Is something like this suitable Grey 32mm Solvent 90 Degree Swept Bend ? With maybe a swept tee such as this White 32mm Solvent 90 Degree Tee when it exits the wall? If...
  12. Best

    Condense discharge - no easy solution

    This is a common problem where I have to install a condensing boiler and there is nowhere to discharge the condense. I have an oil boiler to install in a garage and there is only a rainwater gulley close by. To install a condense trap in the ground is too much work. I am thinking of using...
  13. M

    Condensing Boiler Flue Discharge

    I have recently had a Worcester Bosch 30Si boiler installed and it works a treat. However I have noticed that when it is fired up, in addition to the plume there is a steady drip of water that comes from the flue (externally not internally). Is this normal because I thought all the condensed...
  14. C

    Pressure relief valve/ overflow pipe hot water discharge

    Hi all, I’m hoping for a little help with the below problem. What I believe to be the pressure relief valve exiting out the side of my flat has a constant flow of hot water discharging from it. It is located right next to my boiler although it is boxed in. I am having trouble diagnosing (very...
  15. townfanjon

    Blocking up discharge pipe

    Ehup peeps . As per title , I have an elderly customer with a very slow running shower waste. Heres the best bit ... under a tiled floor and it even gets better ,theres electric UFH under that .. Has anybody out there some miracle solution I can pour down the pipe. Happy to try any suggestions...
  16. T

    Gurgling from badly designed discharge pipe. Any way to lessen problems?

    Any ideas as to what can be done to reduce the impact of induced syphonage in this situation? One badly designed (too long) 40mm wastepipe is used for the bath, basin and kitchen-sink. Inevitably there is a good deal of gurgling when, say, the kitchen sink is drained as it ‘pulls’ noticeably on...
  17. Stanios

    Condense Pump - plumbing in the discharge hose..

    Hi all, Going to be installing Vaillant ecolevel pump, the EXTREMELY helpful chap at Vaillant after 15 mins on hold has recommended to "ask around your plumbers mechants" with regards to how to get their silly pump connected to any sort of waste system :mad2: So I ask the question here after...
  18. S

    Sometimes water dripping from expansion overflow and sometimes sudden water discharge

    Hi, I have: - - an open vented central heating system with F&E tank in the loft. - Sealed cylinder hot water (megaflow). Guess it won't matter with the issue explained below - Boiler is flexicom hx30 heat only. Most often (but not absolutely everytime), water drips from the expansion tank...
  19. stings27

    UDHW Discharge Pipes

    Hi all. Not posted for a while but have a question re: Discharge pipe lengths. I am in ownership of my UDHW cert. but haven't worked on one for yonks....till now :thinking: Was going to run it in 22 but with the fittings, exceeds the permissable 9m..just :mad2: Do I now have to run the entire...
  20. C

    Toilet discharge pipes

    Hi all. I currently have a toilet in my bathroom and am building an en-suit next door to the bathroom. I want to put a second toilet in but want to know if I can plumb it in on the same discharge pipe as the bathroom toilet so effectively have 2 toilets on the same discharge pipe? Also I am...