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Naval boarding action is an offensive tactic used in naval warfare to come up against (or alongside) an enemy marine vessel and attack by inserting combatants aboard that vessel. The goal of boarding is to invade and overrun the enemy personnel on board in order to capture, sabotage or destroy the enemy vessel. While boarding attacks were originally carried out by ordinary sailors who are proficient in hand-to-hand combat, larger warships often deploy specially trained and equipped regular troops such as marines and special forces as boarders. Boarding and close quarters combat had been a primary mean to conclude a naval battle since antiquity, until the early modern period when heavy naval guns gained tactical primacy at sea.A cutting out boarding is an attack by small boats, preferably at night and against an unsuspecting, and anchored, target. It became popular in the later 18th century, and was extensively used during the Napoleonic Wars. This heralded the emphasis on stealth, and surprise, that would come to dominate future boarding tactics. An example is the successful cutting out of the Hermione which took place at Puerto Cabello, Venezuela, on 25 October 1799.
In modern warfare, boarding by military forces almost always involves stealth, and usually takes place at night. It may involve the use of small submarines or submersibles, or inflatable boats, or by frogmen. All involve scaling the sides of the ship. When stealth is not as important, helicopters may be used to carry troops to the deck of the ship.

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  1. K

    Main 24HE constantly cutting out and firing back up on HW and Heating and intermittent flame failure light.

    I am having a problem with my main 24he boiler where the flame is constantly clicking on and off with the heating and when using hot water. Some times the flame failure light comes on but it ignites again after a few seconds. The plumber has changed a couple of sensors on the boiler and checked...
  2. W

    Taking forever to pressurise gravity fed system. Why is this?

    Hello, I live in a two floor semi with a gravity fed conventional gas fired boiler (Potterton Kingfisher MF). The boiler is fed cold water from the loft water reservoir tank (which also feeds the cold water taps in the bathroom & the WC cistern). There is an expansion vessel attached to this...
  3. N

    Pcb keeps cutting out

    Hi, I've got a ferroli 901 boiler, I initially thought the pcb was at fault so bought a new one and I'm having the same problem ( has been connected correctly), I switch the boiler on, all correct leds light up, pump starts, fan starts, pilot fires up, then it shuts down, all lights go...
  4. S

    Ideal Isar HE 35 cutting out

    Hi Guys, Customer has a Ideal Isar HE35 when the boiler fires up for ether hot water or heating, there is knocking noise which seem to he coming from inside the flue manifold. Boiler fires up, knocking noises can be heard from some seconds, after this the boiler cuts out and water squirts out...
  5. C

    Weather cutting out Biassi and power flushing question

    Hi, would appreciate any thoughts/best suggestions with this. I have an 8 year old Biassi Riva Plus HE 28 Combi in the garage. Its had a few issues this past year but generally works well . Thinking of either fixing its existing 2 issues or replacing it with a new one. Prefer the former . The 2...
  6. A

    Hrm wallstar starting and stopping but not cutting out

    Hello all. I have several hrm wallstar boilers and am reasonably familiar with most of their problems but not this latest one. The boiler will fire and run when asked, albeit running rough and fumey, then it will stop, but not cutout. Wait 10 seconds or so and it will fire up again. It will...
  7. G

    Potterton Prima 40B cutting out - help sought

    Hello I'm seeking helpwith a central heating problem please. It's a fully pumped system with a diverter valve for cylinder / rads and has an open header tank. Potterton Prima 40B. The first sign of trouble was yesterday evening, no hot water. The hot water and radiators had been ok earlier in...
  8. J

    Why is my hot water cutting out on waterfall tap mixer shower?

    Hey. Thanks in advance for any help. We have a set of waterfall mixer taps on our bath with a shower connection. Occasionally the boiler would cut out when we were showering. Now, of we have just hot water on, the shower is fine. If we add the slightest amount of cold water, the boiler cuts off...
  9. H

    Thermostatic shower cutting out - Salamander CT50 Twin (2014)

    Hi A couple of days ago our shower power would not kick in. I switched off at the power and ran the water for a bit which seemed to resolve it. However yesterday the problem returned but worse. I tried switching the power off and running both hot and cold but the issue persists and the flow...
  10. M

    Ideal logic plus 30 overheating?

    Hi just wondering if anyone can shed any light on an issue i'm having with my boiler.. Initially started i think after i came back of holiday and the pressure was low on my boiler after topping up everything was fine and boiler operated as normal. A day or so after however i started noticing...
  11. M

    HRM Wallstar 15/20 oil boiler cutting out

    I have an HRM Wallstar 15/20 boiler that is cutting out once or twice a day. It has a bubble in the oil pump suction hose. I have replaced the nozzle and oil filter element recently and checked and sealed joints in the suction pipe but bubbles still enter the transparent hose. In the past air...
  12. Inverness

    Riello rdb 3 going for 2 hours then cutting out

    Hi guys, riello burner is cutting out after it’s been running for 2 hours solid. Replaced new photo cell, nozzle, capacitor, I’m trying to fit a new solenoid tomorrow. Any ideas if this fails? Thanks
  13. T

    Baxi 105HE combi cutting out on DHW

    Hi there, bit of a hot water issue (or more lack of it) ever since I installed a new bathroom a few months ago. When the hot water tap is fully open the boiler heats the water as normal but intermittently the gas cuts out for 10-15 secs until the water cools back to 60 degs and then fires up...
  14. J

    Thermostatic electric shower cutting out due to low pressure

    So I was asked to go look at a job today I was told 3 plumbers have been at previously with the same issue still occurring. Shower is cutting out completely with the low pressure light on when the basin or sink tap is turned on. I’ve managed to have them all working together by shutting down...
  15. M

    Baxi 105he keeps cutting out

    My boiler keeps stalling. If I wiggle the wires on a micro switch. It restarts. Have ordered a new switch but concerned it may be the (igniter?) Valve below.any advice please?
  16. A

    Riello RDB cutting out

    i have a grant vortex utility oil boiler and have intermittent cut outs. So far have changed solenoid, fuel pump, capacitor and stem with no luck. Problem persists. It’s as if it’s a heat related thing because if you leave the boiler for a while to cool and try again it fires straight away...
  17. P

    Worcester combi boiler cutting out on hot

    Replaced a bath tap with shower attachment and Fitted a Aqualisa Midas thermostatic bath /shower mixer . During the shower sometimes the water goes cold for a few seconds and goes warm again and customer said the boiler is cutting out then coming back on when it does this . Almost like it’s...
  18. R

    vokera linea 28 cutting out at 57 degrees

    good evening ,looking for some assistance, i have a vokera linea 28 combi boiler running on LPG. problem which has just recently started is that the boiler will run until it reaches 57 degrees and then it cuts out. It will restart when it has cooled down and then it will cut out at 57 degrees...
  19. S

    Hot water cutting out on combi boiler

    Hello all I've got a combi boiler and when I run the hot tap the boiler fires up for about 20 seconds then cuts out for about the same time and basically just running hot and cold not funny if you are in the shower ha ha . Any ideas what could be problem. Oh the heating is working ok. Thanks
  20. L

    Help request - shower hot water cutting out

    Hi there Looking for some help please. We have a Triton T300si. We had a leak in the remote unit. Plumber said it was a problem with the stabiliser so we bought a new one and plumber replaced it. There is a new problem now. When the shower is switched on, after a few seconds the hot water...
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