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Coolness is an aesthetic of attitude, behavior, comportment, appearance and style which is generally admired. Because of the varied and changing connotations of cool, as well as its subjective nature, the word has no single meaning. It has associations of composure and self-control and often is used as an expression of admiration or approval. Although commonly regarded as slang, it is widely used among disparate social groups and has endured in usage for generations.

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    Cool down with our Summer Tshirts Range

    Cotton T-Shirts to keep you cool this Summer. Get yours from only £2.02 here: https://bulkworkwear.co.uk/premium-ringspun-180-gsm-100-cotton-t-shirt?search=t%20shirt&description=true&sort=p.price&order=ASC...
  2. J

    Radiators cool down after getting hot?

    Hi, I have an issue of the radiators. When the boiler starts to work, all house radiators start to get hot, but after about 30-40 mins, there are upstairs 3 or 4 radiators are getting cool down (maybe because the house temperature reaches the set temperature?), but others are still warm/hot...
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    Summer Ready with Bulkworkwear!

    Is your team Summer ready? Summer can be a total working nightmare if your team do not have the correct gear on. Check out our unbeatable 8 Active Cool Tech Polo Shirts Deal below. Free embroidery/Logo Print, Free Logo Setup. Active Cool Tech Polo Shirts Deal We've got you covered this...
  4. S

    cool rad

    hi all i have a prob with one of my rads I have 11 rads in the house one does not get hot changed the rad for a new one with new fittings still the same prob the pipework looks about 6mm thinking may be blocked with sludge is it worth it to change to maybe 10mm pipe to see if that solves the...
  5. C

    Recommended lesser known, fancy or cool components for domestic plumbing and heating systems?

    Hello everybody First post here. I'm planning a new plumbing system for my small house. I can find lots of general guidance, but what I was wondering about was the perhaps lesser known fancy or clever design elements and components. I guess, what would an experienced plumber's home system...
  6. D

    Cool hot water

    Hi, My boiler is situated in a cold roof of a bungalow. The hot water to the taps at the other end of the building is cool. A standard insulation has been used, would foil backed wool pipe insulation (climatube) greatly improve the heat of the water or should I be looking at a circulation pump?
  7. B

    Boiler Greenstar 30CDi return pipe cool but display says 70 - 80 degrees.

    Vented system, Worcester Bosch 30CDi, NEST control. Radiators not getting hot, or takes hours. Wanted to ask if below is a good indicator of a technical problem, rather than looking for blockages etc etc. The boiler is cycling from 45 degrees, climbing quickly (a degree a second) to 50 where it...
  8. R

    How long for boiler to cool to check pressure

    Hi guys really quick question I’m assuming if I’ve not had my heating on for 24 hrs n the boiler pressure is sitting at 1.4 bar which is what it was topped up to after service 3 weeks ago that’s its pressure at cold as in its resting pressure, suppose what I’m saying is after 24 hrs of no...
  9. Ian10261

    MIRA 415 going cool intermittantly.

    Got called to sort out a Mira 415 going hot and cold intermittantly. First off checked filters, none in it and water at basin is hot. Changed cartridge in shower valve and its still doing the same thing according to the customer. System is mains pressure via a Worcester HiFlow, customer seems to...
  10. Wingnut

    Baxi 105 HE cool radiators

    Hello all 1st post so be gentle when i moved into the property we had 5 single and 1 double radiators all providing loads of heat 1 - Kitchen 1 - Living Room 1 - Hall 1 - Bathroom 1 - Bed 1 1 - Bed 2 1 - Study 1 - Double Dining Room Since then ive exchanged some of the singles for doubles 1 -...
  11. M

    Gas central heating - confused as how best to work it & why rads cool off when on?!

    Hiya I’ve recently moved to a new house which has gas central heating and I’m confused as to how it works! So when I first switched the system on, all the rads, except for one got hot. The main thermostat control is located in our hallway and is set to 21 degrees. However every now and then I...
  12. N

    Cool radiator - flow issue? Help please!

    Hello, I am looking for some advice please to resolve problems with our central heating system. To give some info about our system: We have a 2 year old regular 100W WB1B Viessmann 19kW Regular Boiler in a downstairs cupboard with an Ariston 210L unvented cylinder and Grunfos Alpha 2L 15-60...
  13. D

    New radiator staying cool at the bottom

    I've just fitted a new radiator with Drayton TRV and lockshield. I understand that the valves are bi flow and so for ease of access the TRV is on the right of the radiator. The radiator is heating up but is staying cool at the bottom and I have lifted the floorboard at the trv end and that is...
  14. S

    Vokera Excell 80 E DHW cool

    Hi guys,I hope you are all well and ready forxmas.Ifsome kind engineer out there could share their thoughts on a fault with my boiler that would be great. The fault is when there is demand for DHW,the boiler fires up and keeps fired but the hot water never gets hot(luke warm)then nearly goes...
  15. E

    cool fronted radiator for safety

    I plan to put a conventional modern radiator into my elderly mother's bathroom to replace a very old chrome bar type bathroom towel rail. For safety reasons , in case she brushes against it I have in mind to use a conventional radiator with a smooth flat front so if she touches it she will not...
  16. G

    Ukpf cool wall

    Anyone thinking about shelling out on new tools hang on to your £££' still end of June/early July just having a coffee with a makita rep, and some interesting tools out at the minute soon to be followed by some others, I inow a lot of you are hilti and Milwaukee addicts so this probably won't...
  17. S

    main HE 30 leaking on heat up and cool down

    The boiler drips water from various parts of the case when it starts up but mostly when it cools down , system pressure is ok , doesn't leak when up to temperature , have not been present when it leaks , suggests condensate recovery system any ideas?
  18. D

    Got hot water but rads get warm, then cool, then warm!

    I'll try to keep this shortish. We have a 'W' plan system, Potterton netaheat boiler with a Potterton mini minder controller. Hot water is no problem, in fact I backed the cylinder stat back a tad the other day, 'cos the water was nearly scalding. The problem is that my rads never get...
  19. M

    want to see something cool?

    follow this link....Ohio State Marching Band Forms a Giant Harry Potter and T. Rex
  20. D

    How cool is that?

    Iron Maiden Rock in Rio DVD playing in the background as I clean my fish tank out, I decide I need a beer so I get a bottle of Trooper out of the fridge. As I place it to my lips Maiden start playing The Trooper! Much croppie moshing going on!