An electrical connector is an electromechanical device used to join electrical conductors and create an electrical circuit. Most electrical connectors have a gender – i.e. the male component, called a plug, connects to the female component, or socket. The connection may be removable (as for portable equipment), require a tool for assembly and removal, or serve as a permanent electrical joint between two points. An adapter can be used to join dissimilar connectors.
Thousands of configurations of connectors are manufactured for power, data, and audiovisual applications. Electrical connectors can be divided into four basic categories, differentiated by their function:
inline or cable connectors permanently attached to a cable, so it can be plugged into another terminal (either a stationary instrument or another cable)
Chassis or panel connectors permanently attached to a piece of equipment so users can connect a cable to a stationary device
PCB mount connectors soldered to a printed circuit board, providing a point for cable or wire attachment.: 56  (e.g. pin headers, screw terminals, board-to-board connectors)
Splice or butt connectors (primarily insulation displacement connectors) that permanently join two lengths of wire or cableIn computing, electrical connectors are considered a physical interface and constitute part of the physical layer in the OSI model of networking.

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  1. S

    How do I undo this connector? (1/2 BSI)

    Hey, I've got a leaking toilet and I need to replace the filling valve device which is a Geberit 810.L3 Type 340 with a 1/2" connector. Problem I've got is the connection under the tank (image attached). The top plastic nut (yellow) is only to hold the fill valve in place - I can undo it by...
  2. C

    Grundfos Alpha 2 Wiring Connector

    Hi, I note that the Grundfos Alpha 2 requires a special plug to connect the electric wiring. Are those plugs reusable if rewiring is needed? It's an expensive plug, costing as much as a used Alpha pump. Suppliers of refurbished pumps don't supply a plug. Fine if it is a Grundfos like for...
  3. P

    Connector for tap with threaded tails. And should I seal the washer?

    Hi I'm going to be fitting a tap like this one: And just wanted to check that this is the correct part for connecting to 15mm copper pipe using compression: If not, please could someone let me know...
  4. vertexape

    What is the connector called to attach this p-trap to an equal tee?

    Hello, I am plumbing in a double basin sink based on the first pic that I mined from a Reddit thread. (happy to accept suggestions on if this is correct as well) My waste pipe is 32mm and mounted in the floor. I will be mostly solvent welding However when I look at the top of the p-trap, I...
  5. K

    fix the connector leak to water pump - emersion heater

    hi all, i need help to fix the leak from a pipe connected to the water pump via flexi pipe and it is feed from the immersion heater. I have emptied the water tank in the loft and also closed the main stopcock. still the leak is on - hoping it will eventually stop. I have not idea how the...
  6. P

    Shower Hose Connector looks Unusual

    I removed an old shower hose, which was installed by previous home owner at least 12 years ago. Upon removal, the connection is like nothing I have ever seen and I am unable to find any replacement hose of similar connector type. btw: When I removed the hose , there was no loose rubber washer...
  7. L

    What connector please to connect tumble dryer drainage hose to sink?

    Hi, I am looking for type of connector to connect my tumble dryer drainage hose (Freestanding 9kg RapiDry Tumble Dryer B5T4923R) to my sink drainage. Sink currently has pipe available with an interlocking knob screw plug - what connector can i fit to then connect to 10mm drainage hose please?
  8. T

    Hep20 tap connector washer

    Hello, I’ve used the hep20 tap connectors a few years back when I did. C&G plumbing course. I brought a few the other day and in the packet was a loose washer (not the tap flat washer). Can anyone tell me what it is used. I’m using copper pipe btw. Regards Tezzer
  9. H

    Help with leaking connector pipe under bath

    I've got a leak at the connector next to the p trap under my bath at point 1. on my attached photo. I unscrewed it and pipe A hardly goes into pipe B - it's almost flush with the start of B. Assume the rubber seal (can't spell) has failed - there's not much chance of water passing through...
  10. I

    Toile pan connector extension

    Hi guys, I’ve got a close coupled toilet wher the waste come out of the back of the toilet then it’s a 90 degree bend to the right where it goes off through the wall. However with the 90 degree pan connector pushed into my soil pipe, the pan connector end isn’t long enough to reach the back of...
  11. J

    Wilo Yonos Pico 15 1-4

    Wilo Yonos Pico pump - electrical connector.
  12. J

    URGENT Worcester Bosch 24SBi

    The flow loop connector is leaking but is now obsolete. I ordered last one available and it has gone missing in transit. Any ideas or possibly a secondhand one?
  13. M

    How to fix power connector to boiler?

    Hey. Got home from Christmas with family to find boiler isn't working, no lights on anywhere. Boiler itself is old but ok. There has been a leak from an upstairs flat and the grey square connector in picture is very wet. Nothing has tripped on main board...I'm guessing either the connector...
  14. alanmcm

    offset connector issue for shower mixer valve

    Need a bit of advice for installing a shower mixer valve. Issue Im having is that the tiler put the tiles on and the gap has went from 150mm to 135mm. I have 2 copper pipes coming out of the wall and have the mixer valve already measuring 150mm. Ive two offset connectors but not sure how to...
  15. Jonnyboy1992


    Hi all, I have a problem. I have replaced the pan connector from the toilet to the waste pipe however it’s still leaking. I’ve added plumbers mait which still didn’t fix the leak. Is it possible to replace JUST the black seal in the 3rd photo attached with purple arrow? I can’t replace the...
  16. J

    Can't connect cistern inlet connector because of inlet filter

    Hi. I think the title says it all really. I was just lining up pipework and stuff and noticed that the Speedfit 15mm X 1/2 BSP tap connector won't connect to the cistern inlet because the inlet filter protrudes out too far to allow the rubber washer on the connector to sit against the outer...
  17. J

    Off set pan connector.

    Hi All. Just wanna make sure that I'm doing this right. Had a lot of difficulty getting the new toilet pan to sit where I want it. Nothing seemed to line up. I then discover that this offset connector will resolve all the alignment issues. Rather than try to explain, I've provided some...
  18. A

    Caroma Uni-Orbital Connector

    Can this connector (Caroma Uni-Orbital Connector) be gotten in UK? Or is there an equivalent that is available in the UK?
  19. A

    V33WM product code, McAlpine. Nozzles popping out?

    The nozzles are popping out of the fitting. How do you stop this? Not sure if it hasn't been installed correctly or something. Thanks in advance!
  20. J

    Old potable water pipe - connector needed

    Hi all, There is some old potable water in pipe on our land - the wife has just dug through it and I need a connector to fix the break. The problem is, I suspect the pipe is old, and its not something I have seen before... so details... Its black plastic External diameter (pipe thickness) is...
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