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    Kitchen mixer tap pipe connections

    Hi New here, so hello to all. I am to replace a kitchen mixer tap which has been in since the house was built 4 years ago. Upon inspection, the plumbing doesn't include isolation valves so I need to cut off all water to the house. Before I go ahead and fit this I want to take the...
  2. S

    Concealed shower connections

    Hi, Looking for advice on suitable connections for a concealed shower. Shower is a dual function Laura Ashley (Roper Rhodes, I believe) - see Clifton Concealed Dual Function Shower System. Valve has 4 ports: hot and cold in, and 2 outs - all 3/4" BSP parallel. 2 shower outlets: elbow (shown in...
  3. T

    Re-using existing connection to a replacement Cylinder

    I'm renewing my old indirect cylinder with a like for like replacement (albeit with an additional shower take off point). I intend replacing the cold feed and boiler connections with new pipe as they are pretty easy to replace. My question is about reusing the existing hot water take off point...
  4. A

    Do you know what these pipe connections are?

    Hi all I moved into a new house last year and under the kitchen sink the pipework has what looks like 2 filter connections but I have never seen these before and having ploughed through the internet I can't find any products that look similar. Even went into a couple of stores including Selco...
  5. M

    Waste Pipe Connections

    Hi Guys Can someone take a look at my sketch please, I’ve got a bath waste going into the stack at 180mm centres to the toilet waste plus the shower waste at 90 degrees to the toilet waste. In the second picture it shows what is permissible. Can someone confirm if I do it to my sketch it will...
  6. C

    Built in gas cooker and hob connections

    Hi .Hoping someone can help .Is there such a thing as a double micro-point self sealing valve to plumb in hob and oven without having to use T pieces and ad another micro-point . Also the hob is over the cooker .Would a metal braided hose be safe too use or does it have to be fixed pipe work .
  7. R

    Water feed pipe connections... help

    Hi all, I am trying to replace kitchen sink taps at my dad's house and the hot tap connection had a leak. I want to replace current fittings and I wondered if I can do it by cutting the old copper solder ring straight coupler off and put a compression connection on to the pipe that the coupler...
  8. I

    Help identifying sink connections & availability for appliance install

    Hi everyone I am looking to purchase a Compact tabletop dishwasher from currys as shown in the link below http://i66.tinypic.com/qrisyv.png I am not sure if under my sink the connections/valves are there and free/available. I have two colour coded valves, I think the first one is connected...
  9. R

    Problem with rising main tap connections

    Our old mains water tap seized, so we had it replaced a couple of days ago. The original was brass, connected directly to the blue supply pipe, with a smaller outlet going to a pressure control valve with a pressure gauge. The replacement is as shown in the photo. About 40 minutes after it was...
  10. T

    Outside pipework and connections

    Firstly, Im not a plumber but like to tackle anything in my own house. I want to plumb in a USA type fridge to the cold water supply in the kitchen. The floor is tiled and i dont want to lift them. The best route is outside through the kitchen wall under the sink.. under the decking fir...
  11. P

    Opinions needed on my options for dishwasher connections

    Hello, I'm only a beginner and it's my first post on here. I got some great help over on the electricians forum recently so let's see how I get on here. We're installing a dishwasher, I've come up with a plan for the plumbing and I need to bounce it off someone. Please see the annotated photos...
  12. F

    Speedfit near Electrical Connections

    Hi Everyone We have a cold water 15mm pipe that routes through the upstairs floor cavity between the joists, over some electrical connections with fuse box below (including socket ringmain connectors) and then after another 400mm turns 90deg (bend/curve without fittings) and then goes through...
  13. L

    Soil connections for toilet

    As you can see in the picture I’ve got a socket on the soil stack that I’d like to fit a toilet to at 90 degrees. I’m not sure the best way to do it, as I seem to have got into a muddle with the different fittings. Unfortunately the old toilet was bodged so I don’t have a point of reference...
  14. A

    under sink water heater

    hi chaps, have to fit one of these tomorrow - it's a 10 litre job. Instructions are as clear as mud/ however it does say " the connection to the hot water outlet is to be carried out with a cast iron or steel sleeve or dielectric connector " I have some 1/2 inch black iron fittings - can I use...
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    Multifit connections?

    Hi all. So I've been requested to replace a cracked. As in in a country park Hall. If it wasn't hard enough locating an under counter bowl of the correct size. (Coming from Dubai) of all places? All the wastes and tbh most the supply pipes are still lead. Initially they requested me to change...
  16. D

    Seals/washers/spring in shower connections

    Hi - I am trying to find parts of a connector on a steam shower where the braided water hoses feed into the thermostatic valve "manifold" (for want of a better description). The manifold had a pin-hole leak and when a repair was attempted by heating the solder, it melted the washers/o-rings...
  17. C

    Central Heating connections to Megaflow unvented indirect cylinder

    I believe the Primary flow and Return and Pipes to my Megaflow cylinder have been connected the wrong way round as the return pipe is much hotter the Primary flow. Will this in any way have a detrimental effect on the operational capabilities of the Megaflow cylinder.
  18. D

    steel barrel to copper connections

    Evening all Would someone please give me some advice on available fittings to connect onto cut ended (i.e. not threaded) 1 1/4" steel barrel pipework, and then onto copper. My client wants to add onto the end of a run of existing radiators, and because there is no easy access to a threaded...
  19. P

    heatline vizo wiring

    hi there firstly i would like to ask croppie not to close my thread again, i am a gas safe engineer, (number available if required) i just need some advice on this boiler please as there is no details on the heatline site. i have a boiler that started to go wrong a short while ago and a...
  20. J

    Concealed Shower Valve Plumbing

    Hello, Just about to install a new concealed shower valve in my bathroom and was pondering the best way of plumbing into it. The valve has 3/4" connections for the hot and cold inlet and 1/2" connections for the outlets. I thought I could use end feed tap connectors with a suitable...

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