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Condensing boilers are water heaters fueled by gas or oil. They achieve high efficiency (typically greater than 90% on the higher heating value) by condensing water vapour in the exhaust gases and so recovering its latent heat of vaporisation, which would otherwise have been wasted. This condensed vapour leaves the system in liquid form, via a drain. In many countries, the use of condensing boilers is compulsory or encouraged with financial incentives.

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  1. S

    Firebird condensing boiler

    Hi there As you can see from the video below, our pump exploded. The question I have is, this pump is added to a firebird condensing boiler and when we found this mess the boiler and pump were stil operating but the pressure in the boiler was reading 0. Should the pressure switch have kicked in...
  2. T

    Condensing boiler with rads possible? (no UFH)

    Hi, I have an 20yrs heat only potterton 50e boiler with 196x old house - suspended floor - designer radiators, open vent system and hot water cylinder on first floor with two motorised valves and stat. I want to replace the boiler with minimal cost and max efficiency so thinking of replacing...
  3. O

    Is my Navien boiler behaving as expected?

    Hi Can you help me determine if my new Navien lcb700 lsx is working as expected? I got the Navien oil boiler installed to replaced an old firebird boiler. The new boiler is a condensing oil boiler and I’m not sure if this is working as expected. I’ve a 300 L water cylinder and after one hour...
  4. C

    What is a 'glitch' in a modern condensing boiler

    Hi We have quite a new wall hung boiler (18 months). Twice since being installed it has just stopped overnight (1 last year, 1 recently). Our engineer reset it and looked for any problem, he could not find any and said it could just be a 'glitch'. I know roughly what a ' glitch ' is in...
  5. K

    Older Baxi Solo condensing boiler - optimum temperature setting?

    I have an older Baxi Solo 18 HE condensing boiler which is working fine. It’s very basic with a boiler temperature control. The boiler temperature control knob is very basic setting displaying low to high, turn clockwise to increase, anti clockwise to decrease temperature. What is the optimum...
  6. S

    Should condensing boiler still output steam when return is 47C?

    I can still see steam coming from the vent. It is -3C outside; boiler output 61C; return 47C.
  7. J

    Real world testing example of Condensing Boiler in older home

    Recent install Firebird 26kw Condensing boiler. Space heat only. Installed as replacement boiler in well insulated 80s renovated home. (Silver bead wall cavities, triple glazing 0.6 centre pane U value, 450mm rockwool in loft) This house is now split into 2no zones. Downstairs and Upstairs...
  8. L

    Condensing Boiler

    Hi guys, I installed an oil condensing boiler during the week, Working fine. I was wondering what are the savings made with this type boiler. Its a 90 / 120 Btu. Or how more efficient are they
  9. T

    Combi or condensing boiler

    Hi folks, I need to exchange my ancient boiler and at my age 75 I am loathe to go for a combi boiler but considering a condensing boiler. The original boiler has a 15mm gas feed and the meter is the opposite end of my bungalow so would I need to pY for a 22mm supply to be added which would have...
  10. B

    Pipework from a danesmore condensing boiler

    Hello, Work was undertaken in 2017 in which pipework from a new condensing boiler was routed through an external wall and then connected to the existing pipework of the underground copper oil feed pipe. Should the system be pressure tested after completion. If so, would it be tested at the oil...
  11. C

    I have a Firebird Silverpac condensing boiler

    I have a Firebird Silverpac which is about two years old and it has stopped heating the water. The radiators are fine. I recently lowered the water level in the header tank as it was continuously overflowing. Any advice would be helpful.
  12. H

    Lowering return temperatures

    Evening all. Enthusiastic have a go guy here! I did get into the whole calculation of heat capacity of flow and calculated resistance after we had a few terrifying quotes when I bought the house - Quite a large 3 floor 7 bed Edwardian house. I fitted a 300 litre unvented cylinder and...
  13. davidw

    Greenstar Condensing Boiler 24 Ri big enough for job?

    We've just moved into a house with the Greenstar condensing boiler. It seems to be struggling a little in that if you're running a bath and someone puts the dishwasher on then it's as if it can't cope. We've come from a combi Boiler and this seems a little ropey in comparison. Maybe I'm...
  14. F

    Hot Water Cylinder incorrectly connected

    I bought a new replacement indirect vented cylinder and immersion but it turns out that the plumber has wrongly connected it up and needs to rotate it. The water from the radiators is coming out of my hot tap. I have had to switch of the boiler, after it started making a noise and water came out...
  15. B


    Just had the above boiler fitted, and my gas fitter has just gone away on holiday. I,ve noticed that the pump ( i assume) seems to keep operating every so often even though i,ve turn the CH down to minimum and all the TRV,s off. I,m awaiting an MT10 programmer as the one i had was no good , but...
  16. J

    Grant Vortex Condensing Boiler air in fuel?

    hi I have a grant oil fired boiler that is approx 4 years old. Recently the burner has started locking out. If I press the reset button it will start and fire and heat enough water for a shower etc... but then locks out. Sometimes it will stay on for a couple of days and give hot water on demand...
  17. C

    Condensing Boiler - switching off

    I need to regenerate my megaflo - my wife reports occassional dripping in the tun dish. Our boiler is in the garage and it operating on frost protection most of the time at the moment. Usually, the system closes down by turning off the boiler and then the pump (I assume to make sure that hot...
  18. T

    Firebird Condensing Boiler

    Firstly I don't install boilers, I'm not a plumber, I commission, service and repair, hopefully anyway. Was called out to a Firebird Enviromax Condensing Boiler after it had sooted up. Boiler is about 3 or 4 years old. Cleaned it out, changed nozzle, checked oil pressure. Still burning black...
  19. M

    Condensing Boiler Flue Discharge

    I have recently had a Worcester Bosch 30Si boiler installed and it works a treat. However I have noticed that when it is fired up, in addition to the plume there is a steady drip of water that comes from the flue (externally not internally). Is this normal because I thought all the condensed...
  20. J

    Weather Compensator - Greenstar CDi condensing boiler

    Hi, I have a Worcester 30 CDi boiler running on natural gas and would like to know if a weather compensator can be retro-fitted to the boiler. I have contacted Worcester Bosch and the technical guys there say that they do not have anything that will be able to assist in this problem and would...
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