The rate-capping rebellion was a campaign within English local councils in 1985 which aimed to force the Conservative government of Margaret Thatcher to withdraw powers to restrict the spending of councils. The affected councils were almost all run by left-wing Labour Party leaderships. The campaign's tactic was that councils whose budgets were restricted would refuse to set any budget at all for the financial year 1985–86, requiring the government to intervene directly in providing local services, or to concede. However, all fifteen councils which initially refused to set a rate eventually did so, and the campaign failed to change government policy. Powers to restrict council budgets have remained in place ever since.
Rising local government spending had long been a concern of central government, but direct powers to limit individual council budgets were controversial and some Conservative Party members opposed them. While the measure was passing through Parliament, internal dissent within Liverpool City Council led to prolonged delay in budgeting which only ended when government grants were increased. Believing Liverpool to have forced a concession, left-wing Labour council leaders decided to emulate their approach, despite warnings by Liverpool that success was unlikely. Refusing to set a budget was illegal and the campaign was divisive: it did not unify the left-wing of the Labour Party in its support and the party leadership made it clear its lack of support.
Eight councils ended their campaign when the leadership proposed a legal budget, six when councillors from the majority group joined opposition councillors to overrule the leadership; Lewisham conceded in unique circumstances. Two councils, Lambeth and Liverpool held out for longer than others and were subjected to an extraordinary audit which resulted in the councillors responsible for not setting a budget being required to repay the amount the council lost in interest, and also being disqualified from office. Liverpool's delay in setting a budget caused a severe financial crisis which was denounced by the Labour Party leader Neil Kinnock.

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  1. J

    Capping off unused toilet

    Hi! Totally inexperienced DIY newbie so bear with me for descriptions! Pictures hopefully help. I’m trying to remove an unused downstairs toilet in our new house. It’s eventually going to be moved to the other side of the house. The seal around the back of the toilet had failed so I switched...
  2. G

    Lead Pipe Capping off

    I have a lead water pipe that needs to be capped off. I have dug down and found where the pipe tees off to my property. I have a Flomasta Lead to copper adaptor (15mm x 1") pipe is between 24 and 25mm diameter. A small piece of copper pipe and a 15mm soldered stop end. My plumber said...
  3. A

    Capping old hot and cold pipes

    Looking for some opinions on whether you should cap old hot and cold water pipes. A plumber I got to remove some old sinks from bedrooms has capped off the hot and cold pipes under the floor. I thought it didn’t quite seem like the best thing to do and thought he would completely remove the...
  4. H

    Drain capping question

    Just before Christmas I started noticing a strange sickly smell in our Kitchen. To cut a very long and stressful story short it ended up being the result of a massive blockage in the neighbours drain (They are end of run, we are mid run). During our investigations we found that there is a...
  5. L

    Capping off two copper pipes

    Hello.. Need to cap off two copper pipes...the problem is getting access to a straight piece of copper to do a successful cap, see pictures. I always prefer to solder. The floor is reinforced concrete and I would rather not get the power chisel out.. The pipes coming out of the floor are...
  6. Lumen

    Capping off radiator above the floor, please advise.

    Hey guys, Quick question for all the I knowledgeable plumbers out there. I need to remove one radiator which is first in line, as that room is being knocked down. Unfortunately I can’t cap off below the floor as it’s tilled. What’s the best course of action here? Cap it off above the floor...
  7. M

    Capping 22mm hot water pipe

    Hello, as per title I need to cap off the hot/cold feeds to the bath before I rip it out. Its 22mm copper feeding into flexible pipe to the tap. I've just checked and my pipe cutter only does 15mm. Given the picture below, is there a capping with a male end I could screw replace the Flexi...
  8. M

    Capping off sink waste on a washing machine ubend

    Hi guys, I just installed a new worktop in my utility so I don't need the sink waste anymore (but want to leave fitting there in case next owner may want to put in another sink at a later date). Is there any cap end on the market that will work to just cap it off or what do you guys recommend to do?
  9. Super Mario

    Capping off gas fire old pipe

    what fitting would You use here?
  10. Stanios

    Capping 40mm Waste

    Hi all, Got a kitchen waste that needs dropping, so will need to cap the 40mm waste coming out of strap boss. Space is at premium, is there an actual cap in existance for 40mm solvent weld or do I have to make it coupling + rodding eye? Cheers
  11. J

    Capping buried radiator pipes

    Hi, I have removed am old radiator and need to permanently cap the pipes. It's on the ground floor and the pipes are buried in concrete. I have dug out to find a straight bit pipe, intending to fit a stop end cap, but came across an old compression elbow, so wondered if I could simply use a...
  12. K

    Capping off a soil pipe

    What's the best way to seal and cap this soil pipe before I concrete over it? Inside diameter seems to be just over 100mm. It's seems to be ceramic. Regards, Kevin
  13. N

    New boiler combo swap needed, plus capping and moving a few gas pipes in West Norwood

    Hi, Just joined the forum, I'm renovating a house and need a boiler combo straight swap for a new alpha intec 30c, plus capping and moving a few gas pipes in West Norwood, SE27 If anyone can recommend a good gas safe registered plumber, or provide us with a quote, that would be great. Thanks...
  14. L

    capping off 8mm microbore

    Sorry for all the questions.. What's the best way to cap off 8mm microbore (out of sight), are there caps I can solder on? I assume I can do this with a normal propane torch and the correct solder? I assume it's better to do this rather than use a compression valve in case I wish to reconnect...
  15. plumb_know

    Protecting pipes in wall

    hi Everyone, i am am looking for a metal plate to protect pipes chased into wall. Looking for something similar to what sparky use over there wires but I need something about 150mm wide. Any one know best place to get something like this? Thanks
  16. M

    Capping lead waste

    I got a house that wants to get rid off 3 bathroom basins and all wastes are lead. What is the best way to cap these off. Maybe just a mcalpine blanking cap? Or the best bet to take it back to stack and blank there some how? Cheers chaps
  17. Hobo128

    Capping a gas fire

    I have done a load of cp12 this year and have come across ilfe fires that i have had to cap due to lack of maintenance. When capping them I have ended up removing the fire so I can get a compression cap on them which is a absolute mither. I have been trying to find anywhere in the regs that...
  18. C

    Pipe Capping? After Permanently Removing Radiator

    Good day to you all! I'm considering permanently removing the radiator from my landing as it's a narrow passage and would open the space up. I'm happy taking the radiator out and the process of draining the radiator. However, after watching some videos on youtube, I have a few questions. My...
  19. T

    Capping Off 63mm PVC pipe ?

    Hi, need to cap off 63mm pvc pipe (deadleg) I have measured circumfrance which is 200mm. which equals 63mm. but I see there is also 2", does anyone know if there is 63mm comp. cap for this pipework as once cut I am comited. Any ideas? thanks.
  20. B

    capping off

    Hello all, as i'm new in the game, i would like to ensure that i'm doing things correctly. if an appliance need capping off due to it being unsafe, at which would would you do this? at the meter or gas pipe connecting to the appliance and what type of fittings would you use?
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