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A Tribe Called Quest is an American hip-hop group formed in 1985 and originally composed of MC and producer Q-Tip, MC Phife Dawg and DJ and producer Ali Shaheed Muhammad. A fourth member, MC Jarobi White, left the group in 1991 after the release of their debut album. He continued to contribute to the band sporadically before rejoining for their 2006 reunion. Along with De La Soul, the group was a central part of the Native Tongues, and enjoyed the most commercial success out of all the groups to emerge from that collective. The group released six albums between 1990 and 2016. The band broke up in 1998 after releasing their fifth album. In 2006, the group reunited and toured the United States. In 2016, they released their sixth album, which was still incomplete when Phife Dawg died suddenly in March 2016, and was completed by the other members after his death.
The group is regarded as a pioneer of alternative hip-hop music, having helped to pave the way for many innovative artists. John Bush of AllMusic called them "the most intelligent, artistic rap group during the 1990s," and Jack White says of the group that "they were miles and miles deeper than most other people in pop music." The Source gave the group's debut album a rating of five 'mics,' the first time the magazine gave out this rating. In 2005, A Tribe Called Quest received a Special Achievement Award at the Billboard R&B Hip-Hop Awards in Atlanta. In 2007, the group was formally honored at the 4th VH1 Hip-Hop Honors.

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  1. A

    What is this called that I need to replace in my shower?

    Hi - I'm replacing a leaking guttering type seal in my shower. What is the part called that I need to get, circled in red? Thanks.
  2. Beyond the blue

    What do I need and what would it be called?

    Hi folks, as part of my wet room project I'm installing a hand shower. I have cocked up by fitting the 1/2 BSP wall bracket too deep in the wall. I can only just get 2 threads of the handset spigot into the wall bracket. I need some kind of 1/2 BSP male/female extension piece. Does anyone know...
  3. F

    What is this part called?

    Does anyone know what this is called? I need a new one and can’t find it anywhere. Thanks
  4. R

    D.I.Y. Boiler replacement for my Grandmother.

    My Grandmother has to have a replacement boiler fitted in to her kitchen at her massive detatched 12 bedroomed house in Twickenham ,London.The original one was a Ravenheat 75 Kw output boiler which was ok when it ran ,need I say more!,so between us we rang a few of these so called swaggering...
  5. P

    Vokera boilers

    Local branch manager is trying to sell me Vokera C30 combis, says very good boiler but full kit is £400 cheaper than Worcester or Vaillant, they offer 7 year warranty but Iv never fitted or used after sales so no idea, anyone got any answersplease
  6. U

    Which pump?

    I have a shower pump in my loft which recently started to leak and has been taken out by a emergency plumber. The hot water tank is in the bathroom below, whilst the cold water tank is in the loft with the pump. The emergency plumber mentioned I needed a special pump that would be able to...
  7. G

    Advice please!

    If this is in the wrong place I apologise, Had a hob fitted by a Gas safe fitter 2 months ago, I ran most of the pipe work as I totally overhauled the kitchen, he connected the hob and supply end. He done a tightness test and the work was fine, I was very happy with his work until, I was putting...
  8. G

    Training in Kent.

    Anyone know of a oftec training provider close to or in Kent. called piper assessment this morning in sittingbourne as they were doing an offer on 4 units but they've stopped trading. gas train has nothing running until October eg training and Sevenoaks energy aren't up and running for oil...
  9. jaydebruyne

    Name that tool

    I had to change a 3/4 inch rad valve today and the tail had 2 grooves instead of a hex key. Is there a specific tool for these tails as I had to borrow another guys makeshift tool to get it out Cheers
  10. B

    vaillant boiler service is really rubbish

    recently installed a ecotec plus 831, 1 week later customer found there is leaking under the boiler, i opened it, looks the cold water inlet is leaking, called vaillant service line, booked a service, they texted me a guy would call me before 9am to confirm when they came, but did not call, the...
  11. E

    Bleeding tube for an oil burner

    Hi we have got an Worcester Greenstar heat slave 12/18 boiler and had to recently bleed it. it was quite cumbersome and a tube with a valve, which one can turn off would make it easier. any body know where i can buy one and what it is called? i saw on on u tube but he did not say where to buy...
  12. jaydebruyne

    Dust Sheets

    Probably a really stupid question, but does anyone have any recommendations on dust sheets? Brands etc. I'd like to get a couple of decent dust sheets rather than buy cheap crap I have to replace every month. Cheers all Jay
  13. P

    Tradetek now changed to rightio Ltd?

    .rightio.co.uk were tradetek at same address as reactfast are tradetek now rightioi? was thinking of joining tradetek
  14. U

    heating problems please help

    Hi all I have a glowworm betacom 30c combi boiler for the last 3 weeks now we have had no heating, its getting to 40-50 degrees ad then shuts down and it keeps on doing hat until I switch the boiler off, here are no airlocks in the system, so I called out a heating engineer and a hour after...
  15. D

    Using manrose 1351 to provide pump overrun on ideal icos 1351.

    Folks, some assistance would be greatly appreciated. Setup is Ideal Icis HE 24 serving Albion Thermalstore. Ideal has no pump overrun feature but I am experiencing a little kettling when the boiler pump shuts down when cyl stat turns it off . If I wire boiler pump to be on permanently 24/7 no...
  16. B

    Arm covers for delving in sooty boilers..

    I found some excellent oversleeves in my local supplies shop, theyr'e only about £1.50 a pair. Brilliant to have a few pairs on the wagon in case of that mid morning sooted up boiler or ebay 10 Pairs of Dupont TYVEK Disposable Oversleeves / Arm Covers - TPR940 | eBay
  17. turnpin

    There`s nothing quite like the fragrance of....

    Slow running urinal`s ...had to clean out two today both trap`s and pipework choked up to the hilt glad that`s over ..have srubbed up all day long but "fragrance" is still haunting me regards turnpin:annoyed:
  18. G

    Black cable on stat

    Hi all was fitting a new boiler today but when I was taking the old boiler out there was this black cable which went straight out the boiler to the the room stat. The room stat already had a live, neutral and earth from the boiler but don't know what that other black cable was for. Is it a...
  19. T

    Combi 30 HE Fault on Fan or flue

    Ok so im having issue where our Combi 30 HE doesn't fire up all the time, the issue i have is the Fault On Fan or Flue light wil start to flash, we called someone out to fix this over a year ago, since then the problem has arrisen over the christmas period so we called our landlord who called...
  20. M

    Need a short length of 10mm HEP2O pipe.

    Situation, new house 15 months ago, when an odd job man was fitting fixtures in cloakroom he drilled through a central heating pipe. He did check with a pipe detector for pipes but builders had only put foil behind pipes and it did not show up (dot and dab plasterboard). He cut out plasterboard...

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