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  1. Roverspete

    Toilet Flush valve brand.

    Hi All, Sorry being really lazy today, has anyone got a clue which brand makes this Flush Valve and fill valve please? Customer could only say it was made by WRAS lol If not it will be Viva’ed up new Friday. Thanks in advance. Pete
  2. M

    Help with mystery seal

    Hello everyone, A few weeks ago I knocked over a 110mm stand pipe for the septic tank in the garden, breaking the seal adaptor. I'm really struggling to work out where to get a replacement from, please help! I've been round a few merchants and googled all the text on the thing in various...
  3. S

    Brand new Burlington Tay mixer with faulty thermostatic cartridge

    Just thought I would share this out of interest. I had a new bathroom installed and for the bath a Burlington Tay wall mounted thermostatic mixer valve (which also has a shower handset on a stand attached to the mixer). Anyway, it worked fine for a week and then it started refusing to change...
  4. M

    Manufacturer of TRV so I can get an adaptor for Evohome

    Hi I am trying to fit the evohome system TRV to this existing TRV but I am struggling to find the manufacturer of the existing TRV to see if they make an adapter.
  5. CorgiDirect

    Professional, Innovative, Quality Tools By Brand For Easy Ordering

  6. J

    Which Brand of Radiator?

    Just wondered if anyone can recommend a decent radiator brand. Just built an extension and need modern radiators. Our plumber has recommended Purmo. Thanks
  7. Rob Burke

    Anyone recognise this brand?

    I need to buy a new cartridge to stop a leaking tap in my bathroom. Which one should I buy? Just moved in to the flat so don’t know what company logo this is. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  8. I

    Brand new diverter valve leaking

    I've just replaced the diverter valve on a Potterton HE (and the motor) and its still leaking out of the top of the valve, is the new valve also faulty or am I missing something? Thanks.
  9. G

    New Boiler Brand Advice

    Hi I have a 2 bed house with 1 bathroom and 6 rads. The boiler is dead so am on the lookout for a decent boiler. What do people recommend for the best branded reliable combi boiler? Was looking at worcester bosch online but not sure people still rate them. Can anyone recommend anything? Many Thanks
  10. J

    Magnetic filter in brand new system?

    Is it necessary to install a magnetic filter on a brand new CH system? (system boiler, UVHWS, rads, towel rails, UFH). If yes which brand do you recommend - there's load's on the market these days??
  11. The Carlton Dance

    Brand New To Forum Hoping For Help

    Hi everyone. I hope this is the right section to post this, so here goes. If not, my apologies, newbie here. I am removing a radiator in my 1995 wimpy house (Im sure that strikes terror into the heart of any experienced builder) for decorating purposes. Let's just say they never mist coated...
  12. Keefy

    Brand new gas fire for sale

    Selling an unopened one of these: Valor Blenheim Brass Inset Gas Fire | Departments | DIY at B&Q £100+Recorded postage.
  13. H

    Which brand of 22mm copper best for bending?

    Hi everyone. What is the best brand of copper pipe for bending. Size 22mm? Screwfix and city plumbing are Wednesbury but found quite a few negative reviews about ripple when bending. Jewsons are Melleur which I can’t find any reviews about. Wicks don’t say which brand but agin lots of bad...
  14. R

    Push Fit Fittings Brand ID

    Could any kind gent (or lady) let me now the what brand/make this is? Looks like 12mm plastic pushfit which is demountable. Cus was unlucky enough to have two leaks from the en suite. The stairs are and the wall around it are in a poor state now. Pretty sure it wasn't the push fit that was...
  15. T

    What's this shower valve? No branding!

    Hello all. Quick question. Does anyone know what brand of shower valve this is (for some reason, the picture seems to turn on its side when I insert it - should show with all valve handles vertical)? There is no branding marked on it anywhere, but it seems high quality stuff. I have spent...
  16. Z

    Ravenheat CSI 85 AAA Boiler enquiry.

    Hey guys, I have a problem with a brand new fitted Ravenheat CSI 85 AAA boiler. I own second property where I fitted this brand new boiler a year and a half ago. The system was never filled until 3 weeks ago and the pressure gauge does not register when filling. This obviously now will be...
  17. Stanios

    Buying a new van

    Seasons greetings! Have just enough saved money now to get a new van going for transit connect swb Found a good deal online built to order 11.5k for trend ex vat but delivery is 10 weeks.. Looked at vans elsewhere that I can buy and drive, even low mileage are over £11000. Im confused why...
  18. A


    Hi all, . I have been out this week to carry out a gsc and had to cap the gas meter leaving no heating and hot water. I am due to do my unvented on 8th October an Having not been involved in any installations before I am unsure of the best cylinder to quote for. any advise would be grateful...
  19. J

    Press tool recommendations

    Hi. Anyone who uses pressfit tools for any recommendations? There seems to be a fair amount of choice so I was wondering how people found then in practice. Battery/ corded Ease of getting them into confined spaces. Ease of use etc. I've got Milwaukee m12 and m28 battery stuff if there's any...
  20. A

    Cast iron 21/2 inch access pipe

    This is a brand new pipe, but the access plate can't tighten as the bolt thread seems to be miscast. Any remedy or should I get co back?