Bonding (stylized as BONDiNG) is an American dark comedy streaming television series that premiered on Netflix on April 24, 2019. The series stars Zoe Levin, Brendan Scannell, Micah Stock, Theo Stockman, and Nana Mensah. On January 16, 2020, the series was renewed for a second season which was released on January 27, 2021.Bonding is reported to be loosely based on the personal experience of creator Rightor Doyle. In July 2021, the series was canceled after two seasons.

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  1. F

    Electric Shower With Equipotential Bonding

    Hello, I am in the process of replacing an electric shower for a customer. Iā€™ve come across some equipotential bonding within the shower and was just wondering why this is there? Can it be removed or does it have to stay? Thanks
  2. C


    Could someone take a look at this for me please? Just had a boiler put in our property on a grant scheme. The boiler is great other than him not cleaning the pipework including gas joints before leaving šŸ™. I've cleaned it up and it seems alright. My other main worry though was what the follow...
  3. M

    Bonding present and before and tees, but not within 600mm from meter.

    As the title how would people report this on a Cp12? The bondings present, visible and before any tees. However its is not within 600mm of the meter. Thanks.
  4. P

    Main equipotential bonding to gas supply

    Hi all, electrician from the dark side looking for your views please. Background- We are working on an unusual job, bit of a mini castle converted into flats. Gas has been installed in five flats (not recently) but have never been fitted with main equipotential bonding. Weā€™ve looked at the...
  5. P

    When to use continuity bonding

    Hi, I know when applying flame to a fitting you remove the gas meter and fit bonding upstream and downstream, and if cutting into a gas pipe you use bonding either side of break. Do you use it if replacing and isolation valve?
  6. T

    No earth bonding within 600mm of meter

    Hi guys how would you class no bonding within 600mm on cp12 as now no ncs, AR ?cheers
  7. Eyespy999

    Supplementary bonding new kitchen sink

    Hi there, i have helped a friend fit a new stainless steel sink, replacing the old one that's about thirty years old. all of the new pipe work is new copper pipe with flexible tap connectors. the old sink wasn't bonded, do we need to look at bonding the new sink and if so what are the...
  8. U

    plastic pipe used on new rad earth bonding?

    Hi all, think this might be a stupid question but, I have just used plastic and speedfit to a new radiator am i right in thinking no bonding is needed to that rad ? Thanks for any replies and looking.
  9. M

    Large Bonding Pack

    Thanks for the replies, unfortunately my original thread has been closed, so I am having to re post. I have also registered. My elderly Mum has been quoted Ā£274.40 for "Large Bonding Pack" for a boiler fitted 4 years ago and maintained under contract by British Gas. The notes read...
  10. M

    Large Bonding Pack

    My elderly Mum has been quoted Ā£274.40 for "Large Bonding Pack" for a boiler fitted 4 years ago and maintained under contract by British Gas. The notes read RECOMMENDED GAS METER EARTH BONDING AS CURRENT NCS TO GAS REGULATIONS. Is this necessary, and if so why was it not fitted with the...
  11. T

    Fixing resin shower trays

    How do u fix a resin tray? I morter bed it myself or silicon it down. Keep toying with the idea of flexible tile adhesive.
  12. G

    electrical bonding

    Hi guys. I have question regarding electrical bonding. During inspection I saw bonding cable at meter, but nothing at gas pipe which goes to boiler. I'm not sure, is it correct or I should classified it as NCS. obviously I was suggest to do it, but what about CP12? I should make a notice as it...
  13. J

    External meter bonding.

    Hi People, Sorry if I have misses other posts. Have done some landlords checks with clients. Have had two occasions where concerns for electrical bonding have come up. External meter boxes with no bonding to the pipework in the meter box, but the gas supply pipe, as it enters the property...
  14. C

    Earth bonding, 1 year old building

    Went to a multi-dwelling property the other day to carry out a service, The gas meter is in a purpose built room which houses meters and also the incoming main. Every meter in this room wasn't bonded within the first (600mm or before the first tee), but on closer inspection it seems they are...
  15. K

    Understanding Gas service record

    Hi, We are looking to buy a house and the current owners have a Worcester 30Si boiler. They have recently had it serviced and sent us the record. It all seems fine and it says it is safe to use, but in the section details of any faults/remedial work to be carried out, there are three points...
  16. R

    Bonding a new supply - responsibility?

    property (previously without gas) has a new supply and meter fitted and then a new supply to a cooker. who is responsible for the Bonding i would think whoever installed the pipework from the meter, but is there a reg/rule for that. can new gas supply be turned on to cooker, without bonding in...
  17. P

    Earth bonding on a kitchen sink

    Hi Can anyone tell me if earth bonding is required on a metal kitchen sink. On the instructions it says it should be earth bonded, so I was going to bond it to one of the copper pipes with an earth tag. However there is not a lug on the sink to bond onto which I thought was strange. Any advice...
  18. R

    Earth bonding

    I am a gas enginner from n ireland I have been doing alot of oil to gas conversions . I have an electrician who comes in after me and earths the boiler and meter. i include this on my price as I assumed it was regulation for the gas enginner to ensure this is done. Althought i was speaking...
  19. G

    gas service question

    hi folks i just had the council in today to do the annual gas service and i noticed after he left the worksheet read " annual service. earth bonding after t/branch. blow off above door." anyone know what hes on about with the earth bonding after t/branch. blow off above door? cos i dont have a...
  20. J

    Solderless Copper Bonding.

    Has anyone tried Solderless copper joints? Kalimex make a liquid that is WRAS approved and can withstand 200 psi.
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