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  1. B

    Removing toilet tank from bowl (can't access bolts)

    Hi. Would be really grateful for some help with this. I am trying to replace the fill unit in my toilet and the only way I can see that this would be possible would be if I could remove the tank from the bowl. However I can't seem to access the bolts to remove the tank. It seems to me that the...
  2. D

    Ideal Standard Toilet Seat Bolts - How To Remove Help

    There has been some useful info in other threads on how to start removing an Ideal Standard toilet set. There's no push release on this model, the seat mechanism so has two rusted hex screws attaching the seat that were a pain to get off which then needed some wd40 and heavy force to get the...
  3. L

    Replacing the doughnut and rusted bolts

    The joint between my WC pan and the cistern is leaking - I suspect that the doughnut needs replacing. I imagine that this would be easy enough for a competent plumber. However, the two bolts and the associated nuts holding the cistern to the WC pan have rusted. I have three questions here: Can...
  4. A

    How to remove a Semi Pedestal (no bolts showing)

    Hi I hope you can help me I’m going tomorrow to a house with a semi pedestal basin installation from the photographs sent to me by the tenants I cannot see any bolt fittings to remove the semi pedestal cover. Does this mean that the semi pedestal cover must be supported by spring clips (like...
  5. S

    Flow switch, sheared bolts...

    Hello, failed flow switch on potterton precision boiler. British gas, sealed system. There had been some water escaping and the bolts retaining the flow switch to side of boiler became seized, I tryed penetrating oil (wd40) and they began to come out... Then sheared. They are protruding maybe...
  6. R

    Rusted bolts under toilet cistern

    How would you remove seriously rusted toilet cistern bolts? (under cistern) they are beyond help from a spray, the rust has grown. I thought small angle grinder or multi tool.
  7. L

    Rayburn 460K mk 3 nuway burners

    c'mon you lot, never had to do one yet in 8 years of avoiding them. How easy is it to replace the oven protector plate on these, old lass called me saying her engineer of 12 years just advised her to call in an expert as he has no idea. So I suspect it is badly warped and he has flown the...
  8. T

    Leaking cistern on close coupled wc

    We've installed a new close coupled wc in the bathroom. It is the type which have a rubber doughnut washer on the flush valve outlet to seal the flushing water flowing from the cistern flush valve to the pan, and two long plastic bolts which feed through two holes in the cistern bottom through...
  9. A

    Cast iron 21/2 inch access pipe

    This is a brand new pipe, but the access plate can't tighten as the bolt thread seems to be miscast. Any remedy or should I get co back?
  10. S

    Ideal he 30 burner

    While doing an annual service on my 6 year old boiler the engineer advised me that 2 of the 3 screws at the rear of the cover of the burner had snapped due to corrosion, he then shut the boiler down leaving us with no hot water or heating. He also advised me that the whole heat exchanger unit...
  11. P

    Best Way To Stop Leaks From Securing Bolts On Close-Coupled Cistern?

    I started to get the odd drip from the close coupled cistern securing bolt one one side. It's now got much worse. The bolts are the type that pass through holes in the bottom of cistern. Can anyone advise the best way of sealing these? Many thanks for any advice.
  12. D

    Rachet Spanners

    Does anyone ever find the need or a job that you'd need a ratcheting spanner for, I like the look of the wera joker 4 piece set..
  13. P

    Loosening stiff bolts, nuts, stopcocks etc

    Hi Can anyone advise something that is good for loosening stiff stopcocks, bolts etc. I do not want to use WD40 in a water system for obvious reasons. Many thanks Paul
  14. D

    Rusty Cistern Bolts

    Last job of the day and it was the dreaded syphon change with very rusty cistern bolts. Tiny downstairs bathroom and no room whatsoever. One of my worst jobs to take on normally. But i thought id try out the new Makita Multi tool for the first time. New Bosch Metal blade and woosh. Each bolt...
  15. D

    washing machines

    I went to a job today, following a visit from a retailer ( not sure which one didnt ask) who had installed a washing machine, on installing the machine he diagnosed insufficient water inlet flow and advised calling a plumber ie me. The existing cold feed was run under a concrete floor in 15mm...
  16. T

    Close couple bolts

    Anyone know where I can get replacement bolts and washers for a bolt through close couple cistern? Got a toilet to repair and the old bolts are rusted up to the max. Local suppliers no good and can't even find them on Plumbfix
  17. W

    Large securing bolts on fancy-schmancy taps.

    I've done hundreds of monoblocs but at least twice have come across - usually all singing and dancing - ones that have a securing bolt too big for the largest spanner in the monobloc set. Mine go up to '13' and have usually had to fight with pair of grips to get it sorted instead. I've heard...
  18. S

    washing machine installation

    Probably a stupid question but Ive got a job to fit a washing machine in an outside shed. There is a drain right next to it. Is the reason you fit a trap on a washing machine purely to stop smells from comming back up? If so I could just run the washing machine waste into a piece of inch and a...
  19. J

    Toilet seat hinge HELP- am i a morron?!!

    I am having the most painful experience trying to put my toilet seat back on. It has been loose for a long time, so i managed to get it off to have a look...but can't get it back on! its a top fixing toilet seat, with no access to the underside. it has plastic hinges, where the seat slides on...
  20. A

    fixing combi boiler to termalite wall

    hi everyone, just wondered which fixings you use to fit combi boilers in new houses when the walls are built with termalite blocks ? cheers