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boiler fault

An electric boiler is a device that uses electrical energy to boil water.

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  1. A

    Boiler thermostat issue

    My boiler will not heat up past 50 degrees. This is the temperature that is registering on the esi thermostat. Radiators have been bled not sure what else I can do
  2. B

    Boiler short cycling in system with hot water tank

    Issue with boiler short cycling in system with hot water tank. We have an ideal heating logic heat2 h15 boiler which feeds a hot water tank upstairs in the house. We have an issue where if the boiler isn’t set to 80c then the boiler will short cycle, the hot water tank thermostat is set at...
  3. B

    Grundfos UPM3 pump won't turn despite being clean

    Hi there, I've got a stuck Grundfus pump again, but this time the usual tricks don't work. I took it out, cleaned it, still won't turn. Hand pressed against the rotating bit, screw pressed in, no movement. Tried the same both plugged and unplugged. The black propeler thing won't budge. Is it...
  4. N

    3 way valve not working got hot water no heating help

    I have an old Potterton suprima boiler with a hot water tank and pump. We have hot water but no heating, the light on the boiler is showing amber (no call to heat) I have been told that this is likely due to the 3 way valve or motor on it (Myson Power Extra). I am wondering whether to try and...
  5. P

    Heating works but not hot water

    I have an Ideal combi isar HE 24. Heating works perfectly but hot water does not at all. Turn any hot tap on and water gets luke warm after about 10 seconds then boiler disengages and water gets cold again. Been told it could be thermistor, or a couple of other things. Can anyone please help?
  6. M

    How to fix power connector to boiler?

    Hey. Got home from Christmas with family to find boiler isn't working, no lights on anywhere. Boiler itself is old but ok. There has been a leak from an upstairs flat and the grey square connector in picture is very wet. Nothing has tripped on main board...I'm guessing either the connector...
  7. M

    Valliant ecofit sustain 618 elastic banging noise

    Hi All New here I've got a problem with our brand new ecofit sustain 618 boiler about 6 months old and seems to have developed a banging noise. Below is a link to a youtube video so you can see what it sounds like. I've had the plumbers around and they can't work out what it is its driving us...
  8. Jasmurphy89

    URGENT Why does my boiler make an exploding noise when using central heating?

    Had a few guys to look at it already and they say it could be the gas valve but asked me to contact Biasi (who in the end refused to help). The engineers cleaned or flushed out some pipes but it still continued to make this horrific exploding sound upon ignition of the central heating (but not...
  9. S

    Keston C36 Combi Errors

    hello good forums Keston C36 combi boiler constantly gives error code e11. (sometimes i see error code E03) From my own research, I found the following information. E03 Boiler overheat - check that any valves to the heating circuit have not been shut down, no air in the system and that the...
  10. L

    URGENT Boiler fault F 20

    Hi everyone, I have problem with my boiler HEAT LINE CAPRIZ PLUS 28 I have error code on screen F 20 In manual instructions is F 20 : Overheating fault , Overheating safety device activated (97°C) What I should to do ? Lukas, Hemel Hempstead
  11. E

    Running pipes above boiler - air trap?

    Hi We installed a combi boiler in an upper flat by taking the pipes up (above the boiler) and into the loft, and then dropped them back down to the radiators in 3 different rooms (as opposed to the normal method of running the pipes under the floor beneath the boiler which was not possible in...
  12. D

    Pressure issues Ideal Logic Combi 30

    Hi, we have an ideal Logic combi 30 and have an issue with the system loosing pressure. We have had an engineer look at the system twice without being able to find a fault. I isolated the boiler last week to determine it was the boiler and not the rest of the system. When the system was warm...
  13. M

    Boiler fault. Gas valve ?

    Evening all, I am the unfortunate owner of a very large gravity fed floor standing gas boiler. A few days ago the boiler decided not to come on when there was demand. The pilot light remained on. After a quick look over and attempted relighting the pilot light went out and would never stay...
  14. P

    Is this Wiring Correct?

    Hi Everyone, Was looking for some advice on the below. Boiler is working and controlling the heating however the hot water diverter valve is not talking to the nest and has been put onto manual override which is causing the hot water to be permanently on and extremely hot. All new parts as new...
  15. chucklepie

    Help diagnose Ariston boiler fault

    Hello, I have a boiler engineer coming out, but it's not till next week, so I was just curious if anyone knew what this fault could be in case it was something obvious, it's the first I've tried heating since May... Ariston Clas HE EVO38 No error messages, hot water is fine, but no heat. Even...
  16. Boiler Faultfinder

    Boiler Fault Finding system for heating engineers

    Genuinely not spamming this forum or system, but thought this fault finding system might be useful to you guys. The boilerfaultfinder system has a lot of technical information for heating engineers and plumbers regarding 'boiler fault finding'. Google A lot of it is free and works well as a...
  17. Pauld1962

    Unvented heating system, unusual boiler fault

    Called to a customer today and the system boiler keeps repressurising on its own ... After I dropped out all the pressure I watched as it refilled ... The filling loop was disconnected at the time ... Customer reports that it's never done it before ... The only way I could stop it was to turn...
  18. T

    Intermittent Boiler Fault

    Boiler Model: Saunier Duval Enviroplus F24e combi Problem: •boiler does not ignite in the morning and requires multiple resets to get it going •once boiler starts it seems to be working fine •boiler fails to ignite after longer periods of no use Hi, We moved in to a new house around 7 months...
  19. D

    Central Heating Loosing Pressure

    We recently had a loft conversion of which our system now constently looses pressure? I have to fill up the system daily. We also have a very old boiler (Worcester 28i) that I'm thinking of replacing but trying to hold off a little due to costs. Additionally our new radiators in the loft take...
  20. J

    Glow worm ultracom 30cxi Combi boiler Fault.

    Hi guys. Wondered if anyone could shed some light on this. I have an ongoing problem with my ultracom 30cxi that was fitted about 7 years ago. (Wish I’d bought a worcester). I lose water pressure when the hot taps run. The boiler dumps the lot through the pressure relief valve. The...
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