Blockage discount is an art-business-related and legal term of art for referring to the money discount assigned to a group of artworks by a single artist when that group of works is to be released to market as a group rather than individually. A blockage discount adjusts the fair market value of the works downward because of the risks of depreciation when a large volume of art is released into the market all at once.

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  1. C

    Sink pipe blockage issue

    Had the plumber replace the pipes less than 2 month from the sink that lead into a cast iron pipe. They also unblocked gunk from the start of the cast iron pipe. The gunk is in the photo I've attached. The pipe work is also attached(it's disconnected as we cleared the u bend to clear it out)...
  2. P

    Bloc Feed pipe to radiator

    I have a badly blocked feed pipe to kitchen rad, was running very slowly but I’ve made it much worse trying to clear blockage with curtain wire, pushing the blockage to the manifold I think now totally blocked. Return pipe is clear. Exposing manifold is major as it’s between floors and involves...
  3. M

    white crystals in filter not limescale

    I have repeatedly low water pressure from my taps and shower - but only on my first floor - due to having filters blocked by some substance that is not sediment or limescale. The crystals are easily crushed and slightly waxy,slimey. I had their chemistry analysed at work. It is not sediment...

    Drain blockage downstairs toilet twice in 6 months

    Hi We have been in our property for about 6 months. It was built in 2019. After about a month the downstairs toilet was blocked so we called Dyno-rod who did their stuff and about £200 later it was fixed! 5 months later and it has happened again - I can't afford to keep paying for the fix...
  5. d36csr

    Mysterious Toilet Blockage

    Hi there, I have a commercial customer who asked me a few months ago to investigate a toilet that kept blocking. They'd just had the blockage professionally pressure washed out, but wanted me to see what I could do to avoid it happening again. On inspection, I found that the soil pipe leading...
  6. B

    HELP -Can not locate inspection Cover? Blockage

    Hi All I own 2 flats and the upstairs/first floor tenant has contacted me to say that the toilet and basin are slow at draining and she thinks there is a blockage. She stated she has tried various shop boought unblockers but nothing worked.... I went there and gained access to downstairs to...
  7. M

    Possible Cylinder or blockage problem

    We had three radiators changed and after this the boiler wouldn't fire. Now we have heating but the no hot water. We have had the Baxi man out and he said we are not covered for the problem. Which he thinks is either the cylinder (which he said may be difficult to obtain the part) or a blockage...
  8. A

    Stormwater issue and blockage

    I have a serious issue with my stormwater. Within 6 months of purchasing my house we had stormwater backing up and flooding our garage. When a plumber came to look we found out that the townhouse behind mine has stormwater coming into and through my property. I contacted council and they...
  9. J

    Durgo(AAV) Vertical Stack - Where would a blockage have to be?

    Hi all, The short version of my question is: Where in a 4 story vertical stack would a blockage have to be for sewage gases to come back out of a sink on the 4th floor? See below: The Durgo valve is brand new but bad smells are coming out of the kitchen sink (1m away) and the cavity wall itself...
  10. B

    Grey water flowing back into toilet at the end of the system?!?

    help/advice required... two toilets on the ground floor, when the toilet furthest from the soil stack is flushed, the toilet nearest the soil stack (right next to the soil stack) collects waste matter in the toilet bowl. Neither toilets are low flow (modern systems) both ball cock old school...
  11. M

    Megaflo water tank- no hot water

    Hi everyone, The water in the apartment is not heating up hot, it’s either freezing cold or lukewarm. The red and yellow lights on the grundefos pump suggest in the manual that there’s a blockage. We’ve tried resetting the tank and the grundefos but to our dismay, we thought after doing all...
  12. A

    Are these toilet blockage clearers any good

    I am thinking of buying Rothenberger-Force-Pump to clear a blocked toilet ( when needed) but as its a bit on the pricey side I wondered if someone has any information on them before I buy Thanks
  13. R

    Waste pipe blockage because of drop?

    Hi, I'm not a plumber so I need some info/advice... I recently renovated a bungalow, which has all gone well and isn't the problem, but since moving in our drains block. The first time severn Trent came out and unblocked them, but said they shouldn't really be doing it as its on our driveway...
  14. M

    Cold feed blockage

    Hi all, Quick one (I hope). I have a gravity fed heating system with a glow worm flexicom boiler in the kitchen. A tank in the airing cupboard with a Grundfos Alpha 2 pump. For the last month or so I've had lukewarm water and no heating, have been taking advantage of the immersion but my...
  15. M

    Toilet unblocked itself

    I have a weird question. I went into my bathroom and found my partner had put so much toilet paper in the toilet that it was blocked. I tried flushing it and the water filled up almost to the top of the bowl before slowly going back down to a normal level. The flush had completely finished but...
  16. V

    Any clever ideas for cleaning soot blockage from Grant Condensing Heat Exchanger?

    Anyone got any suggestion on how, if possible you could clear soot from the condensing heat exchanger of a Grant Vortex. Have many of you encountered blockages like this? Have any of you been able to avoid condemnation of the boiler the due to the stainless heat exchanger being blocked? What can...
  17. A

    Power Flush advice needed

    Dear all I’m a home owner looking for advice. I recently had a power flush which was unsuccessful at clearing a blocked pipe. I do appreciate these things are not guaranteed. My question is does time taken reflect on outcome? The reason I need to understand this is the company employed...
  18. J

    Best solution to slightly rising waste pipe problem

    Hi guys. I moved into a house where the kitchen was moved from an upper floor to the ground floor, at the back of the house, so there was no existing soil pipe near to the kitchen double sink and dishwasher. In their infinite wisdom, the plumbers who set this up ran a very long length of waste...
  19. H

    Blockage in waste pipe

    Hi folks, Few weeks back i had a blockage causing water to backfill in the upstairs toilets. I unscrewed the cap at the 'service' port outside & removed the blockage ok. Few weeks later the exact same issue (had been fine for years) This time when removing the waste I noticed this white piece of...
  20. F

    Blockage at end of waste pipe

    I have a blockage running from my shower to sink and out to the waste pipe. I think I need to unscrew this section of the end of pipe to get rid of the blockage, probably hair. I ran a long bendy pipe unblocker from the shower and that didnt work so im assuming the blockage is happening at this...
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