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  1. S

    Unvented Cylinder loses pressure when I bleed radiator

    my unvented cylinder system has been losing pressure. So I started the investigation as to whether it is losing pressure due to hot water or heating. So waiting for spring / summer when I don’t run heating much. I can see that only one of the radiators which I need to bleed as it is always cold...
  2. A

    Acova 4 column rad bleed valve

    Hi there I have a 4 column rad and can’t locate the bleed valve. Rad has been warm and not hot for quite some time and wanted to let out the air but not sure how. Please see pics attached and let me know if I’m missing something? thanks.
  3. C

    URGENT Old radiator and no key, how do i bleed or just replace?

    I have a very old radiator for which we cannot find a key for. It desperately needs bleeding, any ideas on how I can do it or is it time for a new radiator?
  4. N

    New bleed valve or new radiator?

    Our radiator is leaking from around the bleed valve. Not sure if the damage around the valve is superficial and it could be fixed by replacing the bleed valve or if we need a new radiator. Would appreciate any advice!
  5. Bogart

    Honeywell EA122 automatic bleed valve

    Am going to fit an automatic bleed valve to replace the knackered manual one. Reading the Honeywell blurb it says it should be fitted on the positive side. Is there any reason for this? and could I not fit it on the negative side?
  6. G

    Which nut to bleed heatslave 12/18?

    Need to bleed the boiler heatslave 12/18. Has a nut above threaded pipe and one below, which one do I loosen.
  7. Simon-7613

    Cast iron radiator with no bleed valve?

    Hello, I’m hoping I can get some advice from those knowledgeable with this type of radiator. I want to bleed several of these but I cannot find a bleed valve anywhere on it, I almost believe that there isn’t one fitted, but I’ve heard all rads should have them. I’ve included some photos showing...
  8. N

    Boiler pressure near 3. How to depressurise boiler system with no bleed key?!

    Hi all, Earlier this week I tried to top up pressure in my boiler. The screws that allow me to do this are buggered but turns out I must have been able to turn it without realising. The pressure has gone up slowly from near zero to near 3! Now I can't turn the screw a particular way. I have no...
  9. C

    Do I have to bleed air out of the water in the boiler?

    Hi.Drained the system today after running for a week or so with radiator flush in. Turned water supply back on but,stupidly only bled upstairs radiators...Now system is not getting warm and boiler only kicks in for short stints. Bled complete system and opened valve by the 3 way / pump.lots of...
  10. R

    Where can I get the right size bleed key?

    I have some Pegler Terrier lock shields with drain off capability. A standard bleed key is too big as it appears they use a smaller square head on their valves. Anyone know where I can get a bleed key to fit. Thanks Graham
  11. T

    Had a Power Flush now looking for a bit of advice

    Hi all, This is in no way a blame thread for the recent work I have had done as the guys were top notch, just looking for a bit of advice on a few puzzling questions I have since. I had a power flush done as two of my 12 radiators were not getting hot in anyway even though the flow pipes were...
  12. A

    How to bleed a radiator like this?

    Hi, we have one radiator in our house that is different to the others, and I can see no obvious way of bleeding. I've included a pic of the top of the radiator, the other side of has the same sort of valve albeit on the other panel. Thanks
  13. T

    How to bleed Y plan system?

    hi everyone, I’ve just changed my circulation pump and I only noticed before re-fitting that the diverting valve was set on HW. So I must’ve drained the HW side to just below pump level? Then I refilled and turned it on. Is there any way I must bleed it now as it’s the HW side? Sorry if...
  14. I

    Slight drip brown water from nut / bleed valve area?

    Hi, we have 2 rads. where there is slight rusting visible around the silver nut around the bleed nipple. water is coming out but evaporates to leave a brown stain. Can I tighten nut...or will this need replacing? Do I need our usual plumber..or diy? thanks.
  15. S

    Is it possible to bleed these rads?

    There’s a finned element along the bottom.
  16. 3

    No bleed valve on radiator?

    Hi, One of my radiators has developed a trickling sound once the heating is on. This used to only happen as it first turned on and then it went away, now it is constant when the heating is on. After some research I understand this to mean there is some air trapped in the radiator (though the...
  17. S

    Bleed Value problem - not vent all air

    I have a problem with a new radiator (badly designed) where I need a bleed value that bleeds from the top instead of the middle of the value. Don't know if there is such a thing, can't find one. The issue is that the radiator has 4 upright columns that are linked at the top by a round pipe. The...
  18. T

    Leaking radiator

    Hi I wonder if someone can help, the pressure in my boiler keeps dropping and I am having to keep adding water to it to bring it up to 1.5, I have discovered that I have a leak on one of my radiators so this seems like a good explanation. I have done loads of reading this morning but most of...
  19. D

    Old Worcester 25Si repress urine after rad bleed

    Hi there, help needed. Moved into our new house which has an old Worcester 25Si. We had a new radiator fitted but the "plumber" didn't repressurise the system so I've bled the rads but the pressure has dropped and I do not know how to top up the pressure. I can't find a tap or indeed a manual...
  20. D

    greenstar junior 28i heating problem

    Got called to this boiler earlier for an issue with the heating. 2 of the 5 rads were luke warm at the top and the other 3 pretty cool. checked at the boiler which was set to max on the temp dial. Boiler sounded like it was full of air while the pump running. Tried to bleed the pump and when...

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