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  1. MattB

    Pump assistance for thermosyphon?

    I hope someone can help, as my thermosyphon powered hot water tank has been moved, it takes ages to heat up and the boiler keeps cycling. I can only assume that the narrow pipes and long horizontal run have stopped this working well. I do not want to disturb the pipework much, so adding a pump...
  2. J

    Toilet/ WH Pan Assistance for a colleague in USA

    Hi from the USA- I'm a plumbing engineer and master plumber in the USA who is going to be building a new home and plan on using European wall-hung pan toilets with a concealed (in-wall) cistern. I intend to purchase these in the UK and have shipped here. I would really appreciate some input to...
  3. S

    Need assistance with cylinder config

    Hi all I have a screw that's gone through a pipe under some flooring. I've got everything up and I'm trying to figure out which pipe it has actually gone through. This is on my folks old open vented system. I've attached some photos so you hopefully know what I'm on about. I can't tell...
  4. James Cullinane

    Washer on toilet assistance needed

    Hi I have a leaking toilet where the water inlet is. It is at the top of this inlet (where the white nut looking thing is). I presume the washer on the inside has gone but I don't know what one to buy to replace it (seems to be a confusing item to search for online for a novice DIYer) Any help...
  5. D

    Qualified Plumber seeking Assistance in Midlands Area

    Qualified NVQ Level 2 Plumber with plenty of onsite experience with CSCS, Own Tools and Van. Just finished Gas Foundation Courses at college and am currently working on my Portfolio prior to going for ACS. looking for assistance with my portfolio out there in the big wide world. If you are...
  6. M

    Mira Miniduo flow problems

    Hi all, I have just installed a Mira Miniduo EV mixer shower and have encountered the following issue: 1. When you first turn on the water flow, it starts fine and then within 3 seconds, all water flow ceases. 2. You then have to turn the shower off and on again and then the water flow...
  7. M

    gas boiler need a bit of assistance

    i went to look at a house 2day and they what to fit a wood burning stove with a back boiler. now the heating system is pressurised and there is a gas boiler system boiler with a vented cylinder upstairs since the heating system is pressurised i would like to change it to a open vent system and...
  8. S

    Heating problem

    Hi I have a friend has no hot water but heating would it be either a MV problem if a system boiler or a diverter Vv if he has a combi ?? If anyone can advise I'd be very grateful Kind regards
  9. C

    Mira Magna Digital shower installation

    Hello I have been a reader of these forums for some time and found them very useful. I now find I need to post a question. I purchased a Mira Magna Digital Shower (high pressure/combi type) and I have just finished installing it. My problem is that no water is coming from the shower. Power...
  10. K

    under sink water heater

    i need some pointers to a decent under sink electric water heater, it will only feed one outlet but i want under rather than over sink, due to constraints of space, also just to make your life more difficult i dont want one that needs a special vented tap, as the sink is very deep with no access...
  11. U

    No heating unless water is heating

    Hi there, My central heating will not work independently of the hot water. In order for my radiators to heat up I have to set my controler to heating & hot water, and turn the hot water cylinder thermostat to its maximum setting to get heat from my radiators. I'm thinking the problem lies...
  12. B

    Indirect Cylinder

    Hi, Pipe from boiler is very hot, but cylinder is tepid as is the return pipe. Could be that the water is not flowing through the coil thus, not letting in more hot water and heating the cylinder. There is a valve on the return pipe and I am wondering if this has anything to do with it? Any...
  13. M


    Hello, a dreaded Diy'er here :D I've been carpetfitting/floorlaying for 17 years and come from a pretty hands on background and can seem to turn my hand to most jobs. nothing too serious but enough to get by. Had an extension built and ran all the plumbing through to the new en-suite and...
  14. E

    Immersion Heater Cylinder (combi) head

    I'm replacing an existing direct copper cylinder. There's no boiler, just an immersion. The old cylinder has a header tank in the loft and there's a pipe which goes from the old cylinder to the loft which is badly sited right under the roof space (touching slate!) and freezes in winter. It's a...
  15. D

    Advice needed on waste sizing etc.

    Hi From a newbie, Sorry about this but I started a thread on this forum and I think I put it in the wrong place so please go here: http://www.ukplumbersforums.co.uk/new-member-introductions/13316-hi-all.html#post84968 Thanks to helpsy for his/her assistance. Thanks.
  16. J

    Hello all, newbie here

    Hi All, I am a keen but amateur plumber but have completed 50% of a C&G 6129 tech course and hope to be able to complete the rest of it when I have time hopefully soon'ish. I enjoy helping people and I currently do a little volunteer work for Age Concern in my area with small and basic...
  17. N

    Trainee plumber

    Hi all I only found this forum today and find it really helpful. I recently passed my NVQ level 1 Heating and ventilation course and am finding it really hard to find a plumber willing to take me on. As you all probably know, You have to be employed to complete your NVQ level 2 and with the...
  18. T

    Hello everyone!

    Hello plumbing forum. I just wanted to say hi and introduce myself - I'm the plumber Guy, living and working around Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, England. I've only been a plumber for a few years, changing profession as a result of losing my job because of a lung infection and I'm really glad...
  19. D

    Shower & Pump Problem - Please Help

    Hi. I'm new to this but need urgent assistance. Its a long story so i''ll bullet the points. Hudson reed stella shower kit installed 4 yrs ago. Approx 2 yrs ago started having problems getting hot water to the main head (Shower has two heads) After several visits from H/R engineer, still no...
  20. 9


    Just joined, I know nothing about plumbing - and it would seem I'm going to be solving a few issues with the new house, we also need new bathrooms, but that may be a step too far. I generally look for answers first but, may ask the odd numpty questions - apologies!

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